ISSUE-116: General Comments On Ontology


General Comments On Ontology

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Luc Moreau
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Comments about ontology

Ultimately, all concepts/notions of PROV-DM need to be serializable in RDF, and
most of them are likely to be reflected in the ontology.

At the moment, the document is silent about:
- time
- account
- provenance container (class defined but not illustrated)
- qualifiers
- annotations
- attributes
- all derivation variants
- collections

I would expect all to be discussed in some form. They don't necessarily require a
new concept in the ontology, but we need to be able to see how they are mapped.

Vice-versa, the ontology introduces notions that are not obviously mapped to
- EntityInRole
- provo:Revision differs from provdm:wasRevisionOf
- preceded
- OWL2 annotation properties (e.g. rdfs:label, comment, seeAlos, isDefineBy,
owl:deprecated, versionInfo,priorVersion,backwardCompatibleWith,incompatibleWith ...)

Are they necessary for interoperability? Should they be made explicit in Prov-DM,
or how are they mapped to PROV-DM?

Finally, PROV-DM comes with a set of constraints which do not seem to
have all be captured. As a minimum, the document should state which
ones are not captured by the ontology, but should be enforced by other
means (it's OK to say TBD later).
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