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About John S. Erickson

What I Care About

Dedicated to providing high-impact technical leadership to teams that share a deep respect for the individual, a commitment to community responsibility, and an ambition to make technical contributions for the advancement and welfare of humanity.


  • (2010-present) Research engineer and project leader with the Tetherless World Constellation (TWC) at RPI
  • (1999-2009) Principal investigator on research projects at Hewlett-Packard Labs focusing on policy-based management and personalization of distributed, heterogeneous digital object repositories, content processing architectures and collaboration systems.
  • (1997-1999) Co-founder of Yankee Rights Management (YRM); architect of Copyright Direct(tm), the first real-time, Internet-based service to fully automate the complex copyright permissions process for a variety of media types
  • (1995-1997) Co-founder of NetRights, LLC; architect of LicensIt(tm)/@ttribute(tm), the first digital rights management (DRM) technology to facilitate dialog between content creators and users through the dynamic exchange of metadata.