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F2F3 +LC comment reviews for DCAT, Data Cube & ORG; BP FPWD comment review; BP to LC  +


Meetings:Telecon2011.07.07 +No specific  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.07.14 +Cancelled  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.07.21 +No specific  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.07.28 +No specific  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.08.04 +No specific  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.08.18 +No specific  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.08.22 +Breakout Data Cube vocabulary discussion  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.09.01 +No specific  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.09.08 +No specific  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.09.15 +Geospatial and LOV vocabs  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.09.22 +Open Government Data, Deliverables Status  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.09.29 +Open Government Data, Deliverables Status  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.10.06 +Open Government Data, Deliverables Status  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.10.13 +SEMIC.EU, GLD Standard Vocabularies  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.10.27 +eGov Activity, Open Government Data Camp 2011 review  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.11.03 +eGov Activity, Events discussion, Deliverable status, F2F planning  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.11.10 +Community Directory, Vocabulary deliverables, F2F2 in DERI Galway  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.11.17 +Community Directory, Vocabulary deliverables, F2F2 in DERI Galway  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.11.28 +Vocabularies, DCAT  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.12.08 +General Updates  +
Meetings:Telecon2011.12.15 +General Updates, end of year review of deliverables, F2F2 planning  +
Meetings:Telecon20120105 +General Updates, review of deliverables, F2F2 planning  +
Meetings:Telecon20120112 +F2F2 planning, general updates  +
Meetings:Telecon20120119 +F2F2 planning, general updates  +
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