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In order to connect to the wider community that may be interested in the deliverables of the GLD WG, we decided to organize so called virtual 'Open Days'. The goal is to not only inform people about the deliverables and the progress we have in general, but show that there are real people behind it that are very interested in feedback.

First Open Day - launch of FPWD

  • Co-ordinator: Michael Hausenblas
  • Where? yet to be defined medium, preferably with audio-visual capabilities (IRC as fall-back) - Sandro's has an action to figure what we can use
  • When?
    • Day: right after we've published the first batch of FPWD by end of Feb 2012, for example 5 March 2012
    • Time: see time frames
  • Who?
    • Team America: ???
    • Team Europe: DERI (Michael, add yourself here), INSTITUT TELECOM (Ghislain), Boris Villazón-Terrazas