ORG CR Exit Criteria

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The working group intends to submit this document for consideration as a W3C Proposed Recommendation after having met the following criteria:

  • Each term in ORG is demonstrated to have been used in two independent data sources, in conformance with the specification.

The working group has marked one group of terms as At Risk and MAY seek to advance the specification with the removal of these terms if insufficient implementation experience can be gathered. The terms so marked are those in Section 5.6 Historical Information.

Verifying Conformance

To test conformance of a data source with the ORG specification the working group has defined a verification suite. This comprises a set of SPARQL queries which, for each feature of the vocabulary, will extract the relevant information represented by that feature. This is not an automated test suite, human interpretation is required to determine if the query results are as expected for the source data. See ORG Validation Suite.

An on-line tool to ease use of this verification suite is available at

We ask implementers (How to submit an ORG Implementation Report) to:

  • provide us with confirmation that, for the terms in ORG that they use, the verification suite returns appropriate information;
  • provide us access to sufficient data to allow us to record which terms from ORG they have used, this may be done by use of the online-verification tool, by providing an access URL, emailing us a sample file or providing a SPARQL query report.

The working group will analyse the responses and in cases where terms are unexpectedly unused will check whether an alternative vocabulary is being used instead (in violation of the conformance clause "it does not use terms from other vocabularies instead of ones defined in this vocabulary that could reasonably be used").

Usage of terms

For the purpose of recording usage then a data sample will be deemed to have used term T if T occurs in the RDF graph generated by the inference closure step defined in the [validation suite]. In particular this means that:

  • usage of one half of an inverse property pair (such as org:unitOf/org:hasUnit) will count as a usage of both members,
  • usage of terms from an extension ontology which introduces sub classes or sub properties of ORG terms will count as usage of the corresponding inferable ORG term.