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Agenda GLD-WG telecon 31 May 2012

  Thursdays 15:00-16:00 UTC (10:00-11:00 Boston, 7:00-8:00 San Francisco, 
  15:00-16:00 London, 16:00-17:00 Paris).
  Teleconferences  (official participants and invited guests only):
  Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, or then 
  conference code 45394#  ("GLDWG")
  IRC channel: #gld on on port 6665
  An agenda is sent 24 hours in advance; minutes follow within a day.
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Preliminary Items (~10 minutes)

  1. Determine scribe volunteer for today's telecon
  2. Proposal to accept the minutes from the 24-May-2012 where discussed noteworthy government Linked Data projects for inclusion in the SemTech West talk in SF in early June.
  3. Discuss any important and timely matters and opportunities to liaise with other WG/CG/IG
    • Provenance WG has announced 5 working drafts for review including a primer, ontology and data model. Per Sandro:

These drafts define a model for interchanging provenance on the Web. They are looking for our input.

Main Agenda: Publishing 5-Star Linked Data for Tax, Legal & Regulatory Publishers

  • 31-May-2012, Publishing Industry Guest Speaker John Barker, Wolters Kluwer

Per John Barker, VP Wolters Kluwer Global Platform Organization, "Digital aggregation is challenging because government sources of law, including legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government, make their data available in different formats according to their own schedules. If these different government entities could make their data available using uniform standards, private publishers would be able to aggregate primary sources of law more quickly. Of course, that would mean that explanations, linking, and topical organization could occur more quickly."

Blog post on "5 star Linked Data for Tax, Legal and Regulatory Publishers" published 29-Nov-2011

Also of interest, post on "Google's Knowledge Graph: Key Take Aways from the New Search Functionality" published 29-May-2012

Upcoming Meeting Agenda Planning (~5 minutes)

  • reminder: 06-June-2012 telecon is cancelled
  • Agenda, Announcements, Scribes
  • Update Scribes and Regrets pages


  1. SemTech West 2012, San Francisco, 3-7 June 2012, see See also Semantic Startup competition, see There is also a semantic start-up competition happening at SemTech West in June, see
  2. European Data Forum 2012 EDF2012, 6-7 June 2012, Copenhagen DK
  3. Using Open Data: 19-20 June 2012, Brussels Using Open Data: policy modeling, citizen empowerment, data journalism. Held 19 - 20 June 2012, European Commission Headquarters, Brussels.
  4. AAAI-12, focus on "Semantic Cities", 22-July-2012. The idea of the workshop is to discuss open data and how semantics can provide a foundation to facilitate high-value analytics. See:
  5. TPAC 29 Oct - 2 Nov 2012 in Lyon, France at the Cité Centre de Congrès de Lyon
  6. SemTechBizSF, see June 2012 in San Francisco, US.
  7. IOGDC 2012, Washington DC July 10-12
  8. Other announcements?



  • Chair: Bernadette
  • Scribe: Tina
  • Alternate: Boris
  • Regrets: George Thomas (project conflict), Dan Gillman (travel), Dave Reynolds

Scribe's Pre-Meeting Checklist

  1. Scribe's Pre-Meeting Checklist:
    • Bots in a nutshell: Zakim handles the telecon IRC attendance & queuing; trackbot any logged Action Items; RRSAgent produces nicely formatted minutes from the IRC channel.
    • If necessary, invite bots to the channel (#GLDWG) by typing 'trackbot, start telecon'
    • From within the GLDWG IRC channel, please confirm:
    • Zakim is present. If not, /invite zakim
    • RRSAgent is present. If not, /invite rrsagent
    • trackbot is present. If not, /invite trackbot
    • Enter the following information:
    • Meeting: <name>
    • Chair: <Person's name>
    • Agenda: <URL>
    • Scribe: <Person's name>
    • ScribeNick: <IRC nick>
    • Agenda: <link to the agenda>

Chair's Checklist

  1. Chair's Checklist:
    • Scribe present, bots "on", Scribe and Chair named in IRC.
    • Who's present?
    • Who has sent regrets?
    • Review meeting agenda
    • Announcements
    • Call for next week's agenda items
    • Adjourn

Scribe's End of Meeting Checklist

  1. Scribe's End of Meeting Checklist:


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