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George, Dan, Zach, Benedikt and John will have an initial breakout Data Cube vocabulary discussion this coming Monday August 22nd at 1pm EDT – we'll go until 2pm EDT or more depending on how the meeting progresses and our participants' schedules. 

We'll try out the VoIP features of the webshare [1] software (so it may take a few minutes to get up and running). In the future, I'll see about how to request/schedule Zakim. 

Please do you best to familiarize yourself with this vocabulary [2] prior to our discussion (thanks Richard for this wiki page!).

Other GLD members and IE's are welcome to join in. 

Unfortunately we're likely to miss Richard, Tina, Tope, Gerald and Simon, who've each expressed an interest (and most completed the Doodle poll) in this call – apologies to each of you. I'm sure we'll have subsequent discussions, where I'll endeavor to find a time that will work for all. 


  • Statistical Cube Data
  • As the name suggests, similar to Data Cube used in Business Intelligence/Decision support
  • We have been using vocab to automate Extraction Transforming Loading - Process to load Data into a Data Warehouse and then let it analyse through OLAP.
  • Statistical "Cube" Data. The group will produce a vocabulary, compatible with SDMX, for expressing some kinds of statistical data. This need not be as expressive as all of SDMX, but may provide a subset as in the RDF Data Cube vocabulary. It may also include ways to annotate data to indicate its assumptions and comparability.
  • Overview



  • initial breakout Data Cube vocabulary discussion
  • also there John Erickson, John Sheridan, George Thomas, Dan Gillman, Zachary Whitley
  • General aim: Recommendation of how to publish Governmental Linked Data containing statistics; does not need to as expressive as SDMX. What exactly it shall fulfill is still an open question.
  • Showed a link to a list of datasets reusing the vocab that we created:
  • John Sherridan has shared his experiences in using QB for They created a specialised version of the vocab for modelling COINS (Combined Online Information System) - financial information from the uk. Unfortunately further dev stopped...
  • Further topics:
    • Consumption, one way to analyse statistical LD reusing QB is Online Analytical Processing.
    • Question, is QB suitable for publishing of sensor data?
    • Talked about what the Cube Vocab maybe lacking somehow: e.g., how to check whether different datasets can be combined. codelist.
  • very interesting call


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