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Linked Data Glossary Outdated Wiki Version

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Status of this wiki page

  • Note: This is an example for finding consensus on Linked Data Glossary terms as well as publishing them as Linked Data using the GLD wiki. For the official and most up-to-date publication of the Linked Data Glossary see [1].


This document is a Linked Data distribution of the GLD glossary of terms defined and used to describe Linked Data, and its associated vocabularies and Best Practices. This document published by the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group as a Working Group Note, is intended to help information management professionals, Web developers, scientists and the general public better understand publishing structured data using Linked Data Principles.

This glossary lists terms related to publishing and consuming either Linked Data in the enterprise or Linked Open Data on the public Web.

The entire Linked Data Glossary can be downloaded as CSV (CSV) XML/RDF (RDF) or Turtle/RDF (RDF).

To modify or discuss terms, go to the respective wiki page and add your suggestions. To add new terms to the glossary, see Linked Data term.