How to submit a Data Cube Implementation Report

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The GLD Working Group would like to know about all efforts to make use of the Data Cube vocabulary. If you are involved in such an effort, please send e-mail to (subscribe, archives), and we will summarize it on our Implementations page. This information will help the Working Group (and others) determine when the Data Cube specification is ready to become a W3C Recommendation.

Reports of implementations such as visualizations or other consumers of Data Cube data are very welcome, as well as reports of publication of data (public or intranet) which uses the Data Cube vocabulary.

In your report, please include the following information:

  • Your name, affiliation, and (optionally) the names of other people who helped with the implementation.
  • A short summary of your implementation.
  • If you are publishing data:
    • Does the implementation pass all the defined integrity constraints?
    • In not, which constraints are not passed? Is this due to a technical error in the constraint? Do you regard the constraint as inappropriate?
    • Does the data use abbreviated cubes?
    • Do you use any of the optional terms?
    • If available we would appreciate URLs to a data dump, or a SPARQL endpoint or a Linked Data browsable publication of the data. However, it is not necessary for the data to be public in order to submit an implementation report.

To assist with validation of Data Cube samples during this CR period we have provided an online implementation of the integrity checks at There is no requirement to use this tool, it is simply provided as an convenience.

Implementer's note: The WG is considering a change to the normalization algorithm to improve the coverage of the integrity checking rules. Please see [1] for details and respond if this would cause problems.

Reports of work-in-progress, and incomplete reports, are okay; just send an updated report when you're ready.

Any questions just ask on the list.