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Here we propose the GLD life cycles

Hyland et al.


Hausenblas et al.


Villazon-Terrazas et al.


The process of publishing Government Linked Data must have a life cycle, in the same way of Software Engineering, in which every development project has a life cycle. According to our experience this process has an iterative incremental life cycle model, which is based on the continuous improvement and extension of the Government Linked Data resulted from performing several iterations.

Next, we list the activities and tasks involved

  • Specify
    • URI Design
    • Define/describe the Provenance information
    • Analyze the data sources
  • Model
    • Search for suitable ontologies/vocabularies that model the data sources
    • Create the model by reusing the ontologies/vocabularies selected
  • Generate
    • Transform the data source to RDF
    • Clean the Data
    • Link
      • Identify datasets that may be suitable as linking targets
      • Discover relationships between data items of government dataset and the items of the identified datasets in the previous step
      • Validate the relationships that have been discovered in the previous step
  • Publish
    • publish dataset
    • publish metadata
    • enable effective discovery
  • Exploit

DataLift Vision

Datalift vision.png

In this vision, the process is divided into two principal phases, Opening the data and publishing the dataset

  • Opening the data consists of:
    • supporting the data selection,
    • identifying the relevant vocabulary
    • defining a schema pattern for the URIs
    • converting between formats,
    • Storing the data in a triple store
    • interconnecting the data
  • Publishing the dataset consists of :
    • attaching provenance
    • managing access right to the dataset.

LOD2 Linked Open Data Lifecycle

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Taken from

'Poster of LOD2 Linked Open Data Lifecycle, done for ESWC2012 Crete. Lifecycle taken from Sören Auer "The Semantic Data Web" (Slides)'

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