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Connecting with GLDers

Possible Monument Walk

Since those of us meeting in DC are planning to wrap up at 15:00, it would be fun to do something for a couple hours before dinner if you're interested.

I bet there are some of us who work in the DC/VA area who haven't been on a walking tour of the monuments in a while, see http://dc.about.com/cs/sightseeing/a/Monuments.htm Plus, it is a nice way to get exercise. Wear comfortable shoes. The weather will be mild, about 50F. Anyone interested?

  1. Bernadette
  2. Yigal

Dinner Wed 25-Jan-2012 @ 18:00

The US based GLD'ers are planning to share dinner at a family run restaurant with good music.

Restaurant: Johnny's Half Shell

My review: Good lighter fare (soups, salads, stews) that are reasonable, as well as full dinner seafood & steak. Good music and service. On Capitol Hill near our meeting location.

Their review: "Opened in 1999, and chosen by Gourmet Magazine in 2000 as one of 'America's Best Restaurants,' Johnny's Half Shell relocated to its present Capitol Hill location in September 2006. Renditions of Chesapeake and Gulf Coast Seafood remained the kitchen's focus, and the restaurant's new home maintained its homespun conviviality."

  Location:  400 N. Capitol St. NW, Washington, DC 20001, tel. 202-737-0400

If you're interested in attending, please put your name down for a reservation. Thanks!

  1. Bernadette
  2. Yigal