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Community Directory Discussion Summary

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Community Directory Discussion Summary

This is the main page about discussions, requirements, questionnaires and guidance on the Community Directory application.

Last updated 24-Jan-2012


From section 2.1 of the charter.

The Working Group will construct and maintain an online directory of the government linked data community, containing the following items:

  1. Deployments, at every stage of the effort from initial consideration to maturity, with (when available) success stories, lessons learned, and ongoing challenges (concrete use cases)
  2. Vendors of linked data products and services
  3. Contractors (firms and individuals) offering linked data services
  4. End-User Applications which are available to the general public
  5. Optionally: Research groups, researchers, and sources of research funding
  6. Optionally: Outreach and Advocacy groups, individuals, and funding sources
  7. Optionally: Training materials and programs, including classes, tutorials, and books

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From section 2.1 of the charter.

  • September 2011 for Initial Beta - Done.
  • December 2011 for Stable Operation


  • Bernadette Hyland (3 Round Stones, Washington DC area), work web page
  • Tina Gheen (US Library of Congress, Washington DC)
  • Tope Omitola (University of Southampton, UK)
  • Ghislain (Eurecom, PhD student working on the Datalift Project, French Gov't)
  • Michael Hausenblas (DERI, Galway Ireland)
  • Sarven Capadisli, (DERI, Galway Ireland), personal web page

The goal is to make the CD a 'go to site' for people working on open government data projects. GLD WG members to review the functionality of the Community Directory, named queries, and visualizations, before we open it up to a wider audience.

Beta version available http://dir.w3.org

Members can email GLD chairs to get login credentials. Send a request for log-in with the word "Directory" in subject line to support at 3roundstones dot com.

Current Status (last updated 24-Jan-2011)

24-Jan-2012 - 48 organizations listed. Easy to support new requests. Plan to hold off until Callimachus v.16 is released in Feb 2012 before porting.

14-Dec-2011 - 46 orgs listed as of today. Routine maintenance on app. Fixed missing country entries.

17-Nov-2011- Fixed entry of countries to use controlled vocab, per feedback from community. Directory is up and running using Callimachus v.12 and hosted on the cloud. We 35 organizations with listings and several who have requested logins.

31-Oct-2011 - TGheen prepared a spreadsheet showing which members have yet to enter details. BHyland to circulate to members this week once UI changes completed.

26-Oct-2011 - Sandro organized with W3C Systems to set up a proxy for the CD that 3 Round Stones is hosting at Amazon. You can reach the Community Directory via http://www.w3.org/egov/directory/

20-Oct-2011 - Demo'd Community Directory at the Open Government Data Camp workshop. Had 26 organizations represented. Interest by several participants to get access & add.

4-Aug-2011 - There is a pre-release of Community Directory for discussion purposes, see http://directory.3roundstones.net/ It is styled as a W3 app and is hosted on the cloud. If we go forward with this approach, we'd obviously switch DNS over to have it appear part of W3C to users.

We are still iterating off the requirements specified by the Community Directory task force. It is by no means complete but intended to show preliminary thinking and that we have some running code up, on the cloud, using a FLOSS project that creates triples up & down in a wiki like manner. We can extend controlled vocabularies easily from with the Callimachus framework.

If you'd like login credentials, please email GLD chairs.

2011 June - Initial notes from the 1st F2F (June 2011) on project F2F1 Community Directory Discussion Summary

Action Items

  • (BHyland) Fix up UI so deployments easier to capture along with company info.

Explanation: It looked like people were having a hard time figuring out how to enter deployment details so we have disproportionate weighting of US and Spain based deployments.

Reference Sites

For deployments:

  1. New Zealand, see http://wiki.open.org.nz/Open_Data_Mini_Case_Studies