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Civil Society Outreach

Today (2011), as government budgets continue to shrink, the role played by civil society has become even more vital to achieving the common good. Engagement with civil society will serve to a) allow the Government Linked Data Working Group to better understand how to achieve the vision of Government Linked Data through social production; and b) identify how to remove obstacles to the adoption of Linked Data by governments where budget constraints prevent direct funding.

Guideline: Civil society is composed of the totality of voluntary social relationships, civic and social organizations, and institutions that form the basis of a functioning society, as distinct from the force-backed structures of a state (regardless of that state's political system) and the commercial institutions of the market. #1

Civil Society Points of Contact

NameHome CountryTopics
Sunlight FoundationUSAdoption
Code for AmericaUSAdoption
Civic CommonsUSAdoption
My SocietyUKAdoption
Open Source for AmericaUSAdoption