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14:03:29 <olyerickson>
14:03:31 <Zakim> + +1.301.943.aadd
14:04:20 <bhyland> zakim, aadd is mike_pendleton
14:04:20 <Zakim> +mike_pendleton; got it
14:04:25 <bhyland> zakim, who is on the call?
14:04:25 <Zakim> On the phone I see bhyland, PhilA, HadleyBeeman, boris (muted), gatemezi, olyerickson, BenediktKaempgen, martinA, mike_pendleton
14:04:31 <Zakim> +??P28
14:04:35 <olyerickson> ha ha
14:04:44 <JoaoPauloAlmeida> Zakim, ??P28 is me
14:04:44 <Zakim> +JoaoPauloAlmeida; got it
14:05:29 <PhilA> scribe: PhilA
14:05:58 <PhilA> chair: Bernadette
14:06:21 <PhilA> agenda:
14:06:23 <JoaoPauloAlmeida> Zakim, mute me
14:06:23 <Zakim> JoaoPauloAlmeida should now be muted
14:06:36 <bhyland> Last week's minutes:
14:06:44 <BenediktKaempgen> +1
14:06:47 <HadleyBeeman> +1
14:07:11 <gatemezi> +1
14:07:14 <olyerickson> Woot!
14:07:16 <PhilA> bhyland: key things were the resolutions to go to LC for DCAT and QB
14:07:36 <PhilA> bhyland: Anyone from the DCAT call on Friday want to comment?
14:07:51 <HadleyBeeman> DCAT breakout session minutes:
14:07:53 <bhyland> q?
14:08:30 <HadleyBeeman> s / /
14:08:47 <HadleyBeeman>
14:08:48 <PhilA> PhilA: We got through a lot of things quickly and efficiently
14:09:15 <PhilA> QB LCWD is at
14:09:37 <PhilA> DCAT LCWD is at
14:10:03 <PhilA> bhyland: Discusses new PubRules about LCWD and FPWD...
14:10:27 <PhilA> ... there was some discussion about parts being automated from Mercurial
14:11:09 <PhilA> HadleyBeeman: In going through everything, I was looking for the announcement for getting ORG to Last Call. I can't find it - we didn't announce to W3C Chairs that we'd done this
14:11:17 <PhilA> bhyland: This is on you PhilA
14:11:23 <PhilA> PhilA: Yes, I rememebr doing this
14:11:42 <PhilA> HadleyBeeman: Need to send something to W3C Chairs about QB and DCAT
14:11:54 <PhilA> HadleyBeeman: I need to state what our dependencies are
14:11:58 <gatemezi> q+
14:12:09 <PhilA> We can't hear you HadleyBeeman
14:12:21 <bhyland> So this was a step we missed back in October ...
14:12:53 <PhilA> HadleyBeeman: We missed this step in October, we need to do it now. I need to know what dependencies we have. There were discussions with PROV
14:13:04 <olyerickson> yes
14:13:30 <PhilA> Charter
14:14:09 <MariosMeimaris> MariosMeimaris has joined #gld
14:14:47 <PhilA> HadleyBeeman: We need to explicitly put it in the e-mail to the other chairs those chairs listed in the charter
14:14:57 <Zakim> +[IPcaller]
14:15:13 <MariosMeimaris> zakim, IPcaller is me
14:15:13 <Zakim> +MariosMeimaris; got it
14:16:04 <Zakim> -gatemezi
14:16:09 <olyerickson> But we only MUST notify the LISTED dependencies, is that correct?
14:16:16 <PhilA> PhilA: Offers advice on others to write to (OKFN, Jeanne etc.)
14:16:27 <PhilA> bhyland: LC closing date is 8th April
14:16:34 <HadleyBeeman> Yes, Olyerickson.
14:16:40 <olyerickson> k, thx
14:16:48 <HadleyBeeman> Though its in our interest to notify others too, because we want lots of comments :)
14:16:55 <Zakim> + +
14:17:03 <danbri> danbri has joined #gld
14:17:14 <gatemezi> Question regarding DCAT vocab, what about the updateed file of the vocab?
14:17:26 <bhyland> zakim, who is on the call?
14:17:26 <Zakim> On the phone I see bhyland, PhilA, HadleyBeeman, boris (muted), olyerickson, BenediktKaempgen, martinA, mike_pendleton, JoaoPauloAlmeida (muted), MariosMeimaris, +
14:17:29 <PhilA> bhyland: Congrats to editors and people who worked to get the vocabs out of the door
14:17:42 <bhyland> zakim, aaee is gatemezi
14:17:42 <Zakim> +gatemezi; got it
14:18:04 <PhilA> topic: Glossary
14:18:14 <PhilA> bhyland: Agreed that it will be a Note
14:18:17 <boris>
14:18:18 <olyerickson> YES to glossary
14:18:23 <PhilA> ... thanks to Ghislain for his help
14:18:33 <JoaoPauloAlmeida> Zakim, unmute me
14:18:33 <Zakim> JoaoPauloAlmeida should no longer be muted
14:18:40 <JoaoPauloAlmeida> +q
14:18:41 <bhyland> q?
14:18:44 <PhilA> bhyland: I'll add 5 start linked data. We're up to 115 terms
14:18:48 <PhilA> ack gatemezi
14:18:59 <PhilA> ack JoaoPauloAlmeida
14:19:07 <olyerickson> One minor issues: "conneg" is a common synonym to Content Negotiation (but is not listed)
14:19:21 <PhilA> JoaoPauloAlmeida: The issue I mentioned about closed world assumptions - it still looks wrong to me
14:19:35 <PhilA> bhyland: I'll look at that - and pass the wording past you
14:19:39 <Zakim> -JoaoPauloAlmeida
14:20:20 <Zakim> +??P6
14:20:28 <JoaoPauloAlmeida> my call always drop after a while… sorry about that.
14:20:29 <olyerickson> Q
14:20:36 <JoaoPauloAlmeida> Zakim, ??P6 is me
14:20:36 <Zakim> +JoaoPauloAlmeida; got it
14:20:39 <PhilA> bhyland: conneg, got it. I can take it from the linked data book unless you have an alternative olyerickson
14:21:15 <PhilA> olyerickson: My point was that you have content negotiation - and the wording is fine. It's just the term 'conneg' that needs to be in there, perhaps referring to conent negotiation
14:21:21 <PhilA> bhyland: Got it, thanks olyerickson
14:21:35 <PhilA> rrsagent, make logs public
14:22:09 <PhilA> bhyland: V grateful to Ghislain for putting in the links/references
14:22:18 <bhyland> Request- Make Linked Data Glossary a Working NOte
14:22:41 <olyerickson> As long as the W3C wonks are happy, I'm happy with it being a "WG Note"
14:22:52 <PhilA> bhyland: PROPOSED RESOLUTION That the Glossary be published as a Working Group Note
14:22:54 <HadleyBeeman> Definition of a working group note:
14:23:29 <bhyland> PhilA: All Working Group Notes are subject to revision.  Publishing this version doesn't stop us from later updating it.
14:23:46 <bhyland> … there is no last call period. People are welcome to comment & editors will update it.
14:24:15 <bhyland> By reference, the PROV Group did a heap of Notes, see
14:24:22 <PhilA> bhyland: I saw a lot of Notes from the PROV WG
14:24:36 <PhilA> bhyland: PROPOSED RESOLUTION That the Glossary be published as a Working Group Note
14:24:36 <olyerickson> They also don't have lives... ;)
14:24:39 <bhyland> +1
14:24:41 <boris> +1 to publish it as WG Note
14:24:46 <gatemezi> +1
14:24:49 <martinA> +1
14:24:51 <BenediktKaempgen> +1 (if @@TODO  is done)
14:24:52 <PhilA> RESOLUTION That the Glossary be published as a Working Group Note
14:25:01 <PhilA> RESOLUTION: That the Glossary be published as a Working Group Note
14:26:11 <PhilA> topic: Best Practices document
14:26:15 <bhyland> See
14:26:33 <PhilA> bhyland: There was a lot of work done a year ago nad it's lain dormant since then.
14:26:56 <PhilA> bhyland: I want to tidy up some of the language etc. and there's more that needs to be added
14:27:07 <PhilA> ... I'm hoping I can make it more readable
14:27:33 <PhilA> ... if this WG doesn't move it to FPWD soon then we won't be on a firm footing  to get this through the rec track
14:27:40 <PhilA> ... which I'm keen to do
14:28:03 <PhilA> ... it's up to the WG to decide what it wants to do and what it wants to achieve
14:28:24 <PhilA> ... lengthy mail from Dave Reynolds about procurement (suggesting it shouldn't be there)
14:28:40 <bhyland> q?
14:28:41 <PhilA> ... procuremetn may be a topic for a CG or similar
14:29:32 <bhyland> See the timeline summary chart for our group:
14:29:38 <PhilA> bhyland: When Hadley joined, she worked back and said, right, the docs we hope to be CR by the end of May, need to be at stage X by date Y
14:30:02 <PhilA> ... if things don't make FPWD today and then to LC at the end of March we won't make it
14:30:42 <PhilA> bhyland: FPWD means we as a group feel good enough about the doc that it should be released to the public
14:30:46 <PhilA> ... it's not last call
14:31:02 <PhilA> ... if we don't get it in the pipeline it won't come out the other end
14:31:24 <PhilA> ... arguing over the doc can then be used as part of the extension discussion
14:32:12 <bhyland> PhilA: Promised URI wording but fine to see the current BP doc move to FPWD status today.
14:32:28 <boris> zakim, unmute me
14:32:28 <Zakim> boris should no longer be muted
14:32:33 <boris> q+
14:32:43 <olyerickson> "Policy" is a pretty strong word
14:32:44 <PhilA>
14:33:06 <olyerickson> Q+
14:33:31 <PhilA> action: PhilA to make good on promises to add wording to URI persistence section etc.
14:33:31 <trackbot> Created ACTION-104 - Make good on promises to add wording to URI persistence section etc. [on Phil Archer - due 2013-03-21].
14:33:52 <PhilA> Mike_Pendleton: What you;re saying makes sense - let's do it
14:34:15 <PhilA> boris: I just wanted to say that yes, we can push it to FPWD and we can get some feedback from the community
14:34:25 <PhilA> boris: And thank you Bernadette for your recent changes
14:34:54 <PhilA> bhyland: I didn't want people not to recognise it, but I cut some stuff out where people had asked questions but not offered answers
14:35:02 <PhilA> bhyland: Happy to put stauff back in
14:35:03 <JoaoPauloAlmeida> Shouldn't the title of the document be: Best Practices for Publishing *Government� *Linked� Data?
14:35:19 <olyerickson> Q?
14:35:23 <olyerickson> Q?
14:35:28 <olyerickson> Q?
14:35:30 <olyerickson> Q?
14:35:33 <PhilA> PROPOSED RESOLUTION: That the Best Practices document be prepared and published as a first public working draft
14:35:38 <Zakim> -JoaoPauloAlmeida
14:35:45 <boris> zakim, ack boris
14:35:45 <Zakim> I see olyerickson on the speaker queue
14:35:46 <olyerickson> Q?
14:35:49 <olyerickson> Q?
14:35:54 <PhilA> ack olyerickson
14:35:56 <Zakim> +??P0
14:36:07 <JoaoPauloAlmeida> Zakim, ??P0 is me
14:36:07 <Zakim> +JoaoPauloAlmeida; got it
14:36:11 <PhilA> olyerickson: There were a couple of questions I had around persistent URIs
14:36:26 <PhilA> ... do we really mean *policy* or do we mean something a little less formal?
14:36:38 <PhilA> ... I'm not sure we need *policy*
14:36:39 <PhilA> q+
14:36:49 <bhyland> q+
14:36:56 <PhilA> olyerickson: I've got some wording on persistent IDs that I wrote for a different project
14:37:04 <PhilA> I'll send that to you back channel that might be useful
14:38:57 <olyerickson> ack]\
14:38:59 <olyerickson> ack
14:39:00 <bhyland> q?
14:39:06 <bhyland> ack PhilA
14:39:40 <olyerickson> phila: People meeting at a pub can have a "policy"
14:40:56 <bhyland> I offer to explain what I mean by use of the word "policy"
14:41:41 <PhilA> bhyland: I can suggest that there's a URI policy within an organisation, and everyone will tailor their policy to their needs
14:42:02 <PhilA> ... e.g. NCBO has a different policy to Astra Zeneca for example
14:42:11 <PhilA> ... I'd say you need one, they're good and here's why they matter
14:42:41 <PhilA> ... purlz suffers from the name being a project and an acronym
14:43:07 <PhilA> ... really just want to flag to include 'this is why they matter'
14:43:19 <PhilA> ... want to include that Purls are useful for governments
14:43:22 <gatemezi> gatemezi has joined #gld
14:43:33 <PhilA> ... then URI design principles are more like edicts
14:43:50 <olyerickson> k
14:44:03 <olyerickson> decrapulate
14:44:28 <olyerickson> +1 to hg hate
14:44:38 <PhilA> PROPOSED RESOLUTION: That the Best Practices document be prepared and published as a first public working draft
14:44:43 <HadleyBeeman> +1
14:44:46 <gatemezi> +1
14:44:48 <bhyland> +1
14:44:53 <PhilA> RESOLUTION: That the Best Practices document be prepared and published as a first public working draft
14:45:04 <boris> +1
14:45:07 <martinA> +1
14:45:34 <olyerickson> Spring skiing is pretty icy and fast ;)
14:46:14 <Zakim> -boris
14:46:26 <bhyland> PhilA: I think you can go to first LC directly.
14:47:00 <bhyland> PhilA: I prefer to see Tuesday's release be deemed FPWD, followed by LC if ready by end of March
14:47:16 <Zakim> +boris
14:47:19 <PhilA> All agreed
14:48:26 <HadleyBeeman> To confirm: FPWD to be published Tuesday;  Last call transition discussion next week and (hopefully) last call publication on the 26th.  (For Best Practice)
14:48:33 <PhilA> bhyland: So, we have the glossary through and the BP doc
14:48:47 <olyerickson> ????
14:49:43 <PhilA> topic: Future meeting agendas
14:50:21 <HadleyBeeman> i will
14:50:55 <bhyland> Anyone available to formally review the BP doc in FPWD state
14:51:11 <olyerickson> I'm not sure what the "ask" is...for BP reviewers?
14:51:19 <PhilA> PhilA: I suggest we ask Michael Hausenblas
14:51:21 <Zakim> -JoaoPauloAlmeida
14:51:23 <MariosMeimaris> i can do it as well
14:51:43 <PhilA> bhyland: and some from the GLD. We need people who are not editors
14:51:53 <bhyland> Suggested MichaelH but there should others in the GLD WG
14:52:09 <HadleyBeeman> PhilA will review the parts he's not writing
14:52:09 <PhilA> PhilA: I'll review that which I'm not writing
14:52:21 <bhyland> Agreed - MichaelH, Marios, Hadley, Phil, MikeP
14:52:21 <PhilA> bhyland: and you Mike_Pendleton?
14:52:30 <Mike_Pendleton> yes
14:52:34 <olyerickson> I will look at Phila's P-URI stuff and the URI design stuff (which is changed from what I contributed)
14:52:58 <Zakim> +??P0
14:53:00 <PhilA> bhyland: It's not that long and not that techie
14:53:02 <JoaoPauloAlmeida> Zakim, ??P0 is me
14:53:02 <Zakim> +JoaoPauloAlmeida; got it
14:53:09 <PhilA> topic: Face to face meeting
14:53:33 <PhilA> bhyland: Did anyone get anything accepted at the European data Forum
14:53:34 <bhyland> q?
14:53:38 <bhyland> ack bhyland
14:53:38 <boris> I think Ghislain
14:53:49 <gatemezi>
14:53:52 <PhilA> gatemezi: I had something accepted
14:54:34 <boris> Open Data Session
14:54:39 <Zakim> -olyerickson
14:54:58 <olyerickson> olyerickson has left #gld
14:56:20 <PhilA> bhyland: Thanks for the pointer
14:56:50 <PhilA> bhyland: I'm going to send round updates on the community directory
14:57:16 <PhilA> ... we're putting quite a bit of effort into getting the distributed model for that
14:57:34 <PhilA> ... people will be able to publish their own .ttl files and we'll pick them up without then having to login etc.
14:57:37 <bhyland> q?
14:57:48 <PhilA> bhyland: I'd like to have that done by the time of he EDF
14:58:02 <bhyland> q?
14:58:50 <PhilA>
14:58:58 <bhyland> Topic: Brief about Vocabulary group
14:59:07 <BenediktKaempgen> For your information: Germany has now published a government data portal. It has been presented at CEBIT. Check it out at: (so far only in German, unfortunately)
14:59:54 <BenediktKaempgen> sorry, wrong topic, thought it to be announcements.
15:00:01 <bhyland> PhilA: Taking Vocabularies our of Rec Track process in WG's
15:00:04 <danbri> danbri has joined #gld
15:00:07 <PhilA>
15:00:39 <bhyland> Topic: Open Data on the Web
15:00:54 <bhyland> Jim King is the headliner, the Adobe PDF spec inventor.  Cool.
15:01:30 <bhyland> Everyone else who submitted & is accepted will get 5 or 10 minutes.
15:01:41 <bhyland> … everyone welcome to come along.
15:01:42 <fadmaa> fadmaa has joined #gld
15:01:47 <Zakim> + +3539149aaff