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14:00:58 <PhilA2> zakim, this is gld
14:00:58 <Zakim> ok, PhilA2; that matches T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
14:01:03 <PhilA2> zakim, code?
14:01:03 <Zakim> the conference code is 45394 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, PhilA2
14:01:06 <Zakim> +George_Thomas
14:01:27 <Zakim> +Sandro
14:02:04 <Zakim> +PhilA; got it
14:02:24 <bhyland> zakim, aacc is bhyland
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14:03:52 <PhilA> zakim, pick an Austrian victim
14:03:52 <George> zakim, pick a victim
14:03:52 <Zakim> I don't understand 'pick an Austrian victim', PhilA
14:03:54 <Zakim> Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose MHausenblas
14:04:11 <mhausenblas> scribenick: mhausenblas
14:04:28 <Zakim> +??P1
14:04:34 <martinAlvarez> zakim, ??p1 is me
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14:04:39 <martinAlvarez> zakim, mute me
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14:05:22 <mhausenblas> PROPOSAL: Accept minutes from last meeting
14:05:50 <mhausenblas> +1
14:05:56 <DaveReynolds> +1
14:05:57 <George> +1
14:05:58 <gatemezi> +1
14:06:04 <mhausenblas> RESOLVED: Accept minutes from last meeting
14:06:06 <PhilA> +1
14:06:07 <Zakim> +[IPcaller]
14:06:09 <agis> +1
14:06:23 <olyerickson> Zakim, [ipcaller] is me
14:06:23 <Zakim> +olyerickson; got it
14:06:31 <mhausenblas> Agenda:
14:06:38 <mhausenblas> Chair: George
14:07:15 <mhausenblas> DaveReynolds: addressed open issues around ORG
14:07:25 <mhausenblas> … stuff raised by bart re extensions
14:07:46 <mhausenblas> … some more Editorial comments from James
14:08:01 <DaveReynolds>
14:08:25 <mhausenblas> DaveReynolds: propose to go to LC with this version now
14:08:37 <mhausenblas> George: Sandro, what's next?
14:08:56 <mhausenblas> sandro: so, it means everyone in the WG had their say
14:09:08 <mhausenblas> sandro: seems this is the case concerning ORG
14:09:13 <mhausenblas> George: agreed
14:09:42 <mhausenblas> sandro: so, once we go into LC, we elicit feedback from the wider community (non-GLD)
14:11:09 <PhilA> W3C process document ->
14:11:29 <mhausenblas> PhilA: at least three weeks required
14:11:37 <mhausenblas> Michael: I'd suggest 4w+
14:13:31 <PhilA> Suggests Sun 25 Nov as closing date
14:13:48 <mhausenblas> +1
14:13:51 <gatemezi> +1
14:14:12 <olyerickson> +1 to no premature +1-ing
14:14:25 <PhilA> PROPOSED RESOLUTION: That the ORG Ontology at is moved to Last Call with a date of Sunday 25th November as the end of the LC period
14:14:43 <George> +1
14:14:44 <DaveReynolds> +1
14:14:47 <PhilA> +1
14:14:49 <mhausenblas> +1
14:14:58 <gatemezi> +1
14:15:00 <sandro> +1
14:15:12 <bhyland> +1
14:15:16 <agis> +1
14:15:45 <mhausenblas> RESOLUTION: That the ORG Ontology at is moved to Last Call with a date of Sunday 25th November as the end of the LC period
14:16:11 <bhyland> yeah! Well done Dave Reynolds, thank you for your dedication to getting this work done!!
14:16:24 <mhausenblas> Congrats!!!
14:16:26 <bhyland> Topic: ADMS see
14:16:30 <sandro> +1 DaveReynolds !
14:16:52 <mhausenblas> PhilA: I've been updating ADMS doc
14:16:56 <George> +1 DaveReynolds !!
14:17:07 <mhausenblas> PhilA: esp. the high-level review
14:17:37 <mhausenblas> PhilA: Dave mentioned deprecating 'file' everywhere
14:17:45 <mhausenblas> … also incl. the RDF properties
14:18:19 <mhausenblas> PhilA: I'm talking about the REC track document here, btw
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14:18:38 <bhyland> q+
14:18:42 <mhausenblas> PhilA: hopefully next week
14:18:43 <mhausenblas> q?
14:18:49 <mhausenblas> ack bhyland
14:19:17 <mhausenblas> bhyland: so, overall seems stabilizing, so people can start reviewing?
14:19:24 <mhausenblas> PhilA: essentially, yes
14:19:58 <mhausenblas> PhilA: so for this time next week we could decide going FPWD with the ADMS
14:20:12 <DaveReynolds> q+
14:20:28 <bhyland> Note - Gofran Shukair is the co-author who nurtured ADMS from the beginning out of DERI NUIG.
14:20:38 <mhausenblas> q?
14:20:58 <Zakim> +Mike_Pendleton
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14:21:21 <bhyland> Per Deirdre: Gofran will be presenting ADMS at ISWC in Boston in November.
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14:21:26 <mhausenblas> DeirdreLee: Gofran will be around next week as well
14:21:33 <DaveReynolds> ack me
14:21:52 <Zakim> -olyerickson
14:21:54 <mhausenblas> DaveReynolds: the relationship to DCAT should be clarified
14:22:09 <mhausenblas> PhilA: I have extended the intro for that, ye
14:22:12 <Zakim> + +1.703.201.aaee
14:22:21 <George> q?
14:22:35 <tinagheen> Zakim, aaee is me
14:22:35 <Zakim> +tinagheen; got it
14:22:46 <Zakim> +??P25
14:22:53 <mhausenblas> Topic: DCAT requirements for LC discussion
14:22:58 <olyerickson> Zakim, ??P25 is me.
14:22:58 <Zakim> +olyerickson; got it
14:22:58 <bhyland> See
14:23:32 <PhilA> q+ to say that I would like to removed as a listed editor - it's Fadi's baby
14:23:41 <mhausenblas> olyerickson: not sure where we are re the process
14:23:54 <mhausenblas> DeirdreLee: Fadi will soon join us here on the call
14:24:27 <bhyland> Action: Remove Phil Archer as an editor on the FPWD because he hasn't been involved.
14:24:27 <trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find Remove. You can review and register nicknames at <>.
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14:25:04 <bhyland> Action: Remove PhilA as an editor and instead acknowledge him as a "Contributor"
14:25:04 <trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find Remove. You can review and register nicknames at <>.
14:25:39 <mhausenblas> ACTION: PhilA to change PhilA and olyerickson as an editor and instead acknowledge him as a "Contributor"
14:25:39 <trackbot> Created ACTION-82 - Change PhilA and olyerickson as an editor and instead acknowledge him as a "Contributor" [on Phil Archer - due 2012-10-25].
14:25:41 <bhyland> q+
14:25:44 <mhausenblas> q?
14:25:48 <PhilA> q-
14:25:52 <olyerickson> +1 to olyerickson and PhilA being demoed to "Contributor"
14:26:01 <olyerickson> s/demoed/demoted/
14:26:03 <mhausenblas> fadmaa: 5-6 issues are still unresloved
14:26:16 <mhausenblas> fadmaa: will address them in the next two days or so
14:26:27 <mhausenblas> fadmaa: and then there is the conformance section
14:27:59 <mhausenblas> bhyland: there is a lot of work here and fadmaa was certainly the main driver - but weren't there others that contributed as well (from an historic perspective)
14:28:28 <PhilA> +1 to olyerickson
14:28:42 <mhausenblas> sandro: for a period the IG under Richard maintained it
14:29:05 <mhausenblas> olyerickson: fadmaa was the main driver and did the main work
14:29:37 <bhyland> Open Issues for DCAT, see
14:29:45 <mhausenblas> fadmaa: Richard C certainly also contributed and in total there where some 10 people that contributed
14:30:33 <mhausenblas> q?
14:30:41 <mhausenblas> ack bhyland
14:30:55 <PhilA> q+ can add to it...
14:31:23 <mhausenblas> Topic: AOB
14:32:16 <bhyland> Topic: Linked Data Glossary, see
14:32:47 <DaveReynolds> q+
14:33:12 <olyerickson> Background on bhyland's "Tom Heath" comment: Glossary at is weak...
14:33:18 <mhausenblas> bhyland: might have more impact if it's an WG Note than as Wiki page
14:33:32 <mhausenblas> q?
14:34:00 <olyerickson> Tom Heath's "glossary" is at
14:34:38 <mhausenblas> BTW, that's not Tom's … it's collective, for example, I have an Drupal account there and did add to it ...
14:35:36 <mhausenblas> Michael: +1 for
14:35:47 <mhausenblas> q+ to suggest a different venue
14:36:42 <DaveReynolds> ack me
14:36:45 <mhausenblas> ack me
14:36:45 <Zakim> mhausenblas, you wanted to suggest a different venue
14:37:18 <PhilA>
14:39:00 <mhausenblas>
14:39:18 <PhilA> the main driver at W3C has been Doug Scheppers
14:42:11 <PhilA> Press release
14:43:22 <bhyland> Linked Data should *absolutely* be part of any discussion about Web Platform!!!
14:43:57 <olyerickson> Excuse me, but...could someone please summarize what we're looking at, why we are looking at it, etc
14:44:34 <PhilA> q+
14:44:54 <bhyland> Per Sandro, the Web Platform is about what Web developers do ...
14:45:54 <olyerickson> HELP! I don't understand the context for this...
14:46:24 <PhilA> ack me
14:46:53 <mhausenblas> q?
14:46:53 <mhausenblas> ack PhilA
14:46:55 <olyerickson> +1 to resolving the issues we need to
14:47:15 <mhausenblas> mhausenblas has joined #gld
14:47:27 <bhyland> For the record, I think that Linked Data has a tremendous amount to do with what Web developers do.  Best practices for describing data, per the W3C RDF family of standards, is central to what we do, IMO.
14:47:31 <mhausenblas> PhilA, that reminds me of
14:48:50 <bhyland> Sandro: A Working Note is appropriate to convey new concepts or terms.
14:49:11 <bhyland> A wiki is more appropriate for non-original source material.
14:49:24 <bhyland> Web platform is more of an outreach tool, not a place to put specifications.
14:49:31 <mhausenblas> sandro: Wiki/WP is more outreach than original stuff
14:50:37 <olyerickson> Opinion: Linked Data "glossary" should be on a wiki-ish platform, with no "official" status. glossary should link to that. should link to that or host to that. W3C wiki *could* host it.
14:50:57 <PhilA> s/Opinion:/Opinion - /
14:51:16 <olyerickson> * "Glossary" should NOT have any "official" status
14:52:19 <mhausenblas> Topic: Topic: Core Business Vocabulary renamed to Legal Entity
14:53:04 <mhausenblas> PhilA: covers the basics of legal entities, internationally
14:53:17 <bhyland> Legal Entity means it established by a local business register, different in every jurisdiction, that is what establishes your organization as legal entity.
14:53:38 <sandro> I'm thinking "registered organization"
14:53:49 <sandro> reg-org
14:53:52 <PhilA> Registered Legal Entity
14:53:52 <PhilA> Registered Organization Vocabulary
14:53:52 <PhilA> Registered Corporate Entity
14:53:52 <PhilA> Registered Business Entity
14:54:01 <bhyland> PhilA: Renaming it from formal business organization is OK but we need something more accurately reflecting the type of organization
14:54:30 <sandro> +1 Registered Organization
14:54:30 <bhyland> I vote for "Registered Business Entity"
14:54:58 <mhausenblas> Michael: I have a question - are you talking LE in the sense of ...?
14:55:07 <DaveReynolds> As I put on email, I'm OK with all of those, slight preference for Registered Organization Vocabulary
14:55:09 <gatemezi> +1 Registered Organization Vocab
14:55:40 <DeirdreLee> +1 Registered Organisation
14:55:47 <mhausenblas> Michael: I think I don't care but important to maintain the difference between a natural person and a legal person
14:55:53 <olyerickson> +1 to {Registered Entity | Registered Legal Entity}
14:58:14 <mhausenblas> Michael: I go with whatever makes PhilA happy (on this point and this point only ;)
14:58:49 <George> +1 :)
14:59:25 <bhyland> +1 Registered Organization Vocabulary
14:59:29 <DeirdreLee> But if we have Registered Organization and ORG, may this imply that Org is only for unregistered Organisation? (even thought this isn't the case)
14:59:44 <PhilA> ROV
14:59:52 <olyerickson> Bonus prize, that RegOrg fits under ORG
15:00:02 <olyerickson> RegORG and ORG
15:00:12 <olyerickson> Bazinga
15:00:13 <PhilA> regORG
15:00:18 <mhausenblas> BORG?
15:00:19 <DeirdreLee> q+
15:00:40 <mhausenblas> ack DeirdreLee
15:00:46 <bhyland> Agreed - Registered Organization (shortname: RegOrg)
15:00:59 <mhausenblas> DeirdreLee: not totally sure how it is difference from ORG, though
15:01:02 <gatemezi> +1 to have RegOrg
15:01:21 <bhyland> We're agreed to describe the relationship between the two vocabs
15:01:25 <olyerickson> No, a RegORG is subclass of something described by ORG
15:01:25 <DaveReynolds> To me RegORG is an ORG profile with enriches the description of registration identifiers
15:01:36 <bhyland> Thanks all for a very productive discussion & mtg.
15:01:40 <bhyland> Thanks George
15:01:42 <PhilA> +1 to DaveReynolds comment there
15:01:43 <Zakim> -Mike_Pendleton
15:02:13 <bhyland> Just follow the directions …
15:02:18 <Zakim> -olyerickson
15:02:21 <DaveReynolds> bye all, thanks
15:02:27 <Zakim> -bhyland
15:02:28 <Zakim> -DaveReynolds
15:02:30 <Zakim> -tinagheen
15:02:32 <Zakim> -George_Thomas
15:02:33 <Zakim> -agis
15:02:33 <Zakim> -MHausenblas
15:02:34 <Zakim> -Sandro
15:02:34 <Zakim> -gatemezi
15:02:36 <Zakim> - +3539149aabb
15:02:36 <Zakim> -PhilA
15:02:36 <Zakim> -martinAlvarez
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