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14:59:59 <trackbot> Zakim, this will be GLD
14:59:59 <Zakim> ok, trackbot, I see T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM already started
15:00:00 <trackbot> Meeting: Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference
15:00:00 <trackbot> Date: 12 January 2012
15:00:12 <Zakim> + +1.703.860.aabb
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15:00:44 <BenediktKaempgen> zakim, who's here?
15:00:44 <Zakim> On the phone I see George_Thomas, +1.267.481.aaaa, BenediktKaempgen, +1.703.860.aabb, mhausenblas, sandro
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15:01:17 <Zakim> +davidwood
15:01:27 <rreck> hello david
15:01:42 <bhyland1> zakim, davidwood is me
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15:02:00 <Cory> Zakim, I am aabb
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15:02:30 <bhyland1> I can scribe George
15:02:38 <rreck> whew
15:02:43 <Luis> Zakim +1.267.481.aaaa
15:02:49 <fadmaa> Zakim, aacc is fadmaa
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15:03:08 <bhyland1> Scribe: bhyland
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15:03:28 <rreck> zakim, mute me
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15:04:04 <bhyland1> George, the minutes from last week don't look linked?
15:04:18 <bhyland1> 404's
15:04:43 <Zakim> +MikePendleton
15:04:44 <rreck> we found them after the meeting
15:04:51 <Zakim> + +
15:05:07 <rreck>
15:05:34 <Zakim> +HadleyBeeman
15:05:47 <gatemezi> hi everyone! 
15:05:52 <HadleyBeeman> Hi!
15:06:17 <rreck> can you provide a link?
15:06:21 <George>
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15:07:13 <mhausenblas> q+
15:07:19 <bhyland1> @george - did you want to review/approve minutes from last week & tracker actions?
15:07:32 <rreck> can you provide a link to the minutes?
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15:07:57 <George> q?
15:08:00 <Yigal> Yigal has joined #gld
15:08:04 <sandro> rreck,   (but they need more cleanup)
15:08:11 <Zakim> + +1.202.691.aaee
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15:08:30 <rreck> ok, that is the link i posted
15:08:54 <gatemezi> zakim, who's here?
15:08:55 <Zakim> On the phone I see George_Thomas, Luis, BenediktKaempgen, Cory, mhausenblas, sandro, bhyland1, fadmaa (muted), rreck (muted), BartvanLeeuwen, MikePendleton,
15:08:59 <George> Topic: F2F2 Agenda
15:08:59 <Zakim> ... +, HadleyBeeman, +1.202.691.aaee
15:09:02 <Zakim> mhausenblas has mhausenblas, cygri
15:09:04 <Zakim> On IRC I see DanG, Yigal, Biplav, Cory, Mike_Pendleton, gatemezi, HadleyBeeman, rreck, cygri, BenediktKaempgen, BartvanLeeuwen, Zakim, RRSAgent, fadmaa, Luis, mhausenblas,
15:09:07 <Zakim> ... George, MacTed, bhyland1, trackbot, sandro
15:09:07 <Zakim> +[IPcaller]
15:09:14 <George> bhyland1: 30 mins likely all that's required for CD
15:09:29 <Yigal> zakim, IPcaller is me
15:09:29 <Zakim> +Yigal; got it
15:09:38 <George> ack mhausenblas 
15:09:54 <sandro> mhausenblas
15:10:37 <bhyland1> Topic: F2F Planning
15:11:31 <mhausenblas>
15:11:37 <mhausenblas>
15:11:55 <George> mhausenblas: sync wiki and editors draft
15:14:44 <sandro> +1 best to create slides, to help make sure everyone can get up to speed
15:15:05 <sandro> (don't assume everyone is up on every topic.  :-)
15:15:25 <bhyland1> Discussed: Produce slides to highlight deliverables & plan to speak to slides for not more than 10 minutes.
15:15:25 <HadleyBeeman> +1 to slides… also makes it easier to catch up if you miss part of the discussion
15:15:44 <bhyland1> Please link PDF version of slides to the F2F page
15:16:03 <sandro> (please don't assume people can use powerpoint.)
15:16:18 <bhyland1> People are also welcome to point to URL on slidy or slideshare.
15:16:20 <HadleyBeeman> Yep, pointers on the F2F page are good.
15:16:53 <Zakim> +raphael
15:16:54 <sandro> You can link to an attachment in the WG email archives...
15:16:59 <mhausenblas> Michael: slideshare or PDF as attachment on would be good
15:17:06 <rreck> hmm
15:18:06 <bhyland1> RE: Timeframes, is 45 min to cover each topic OK?
15:18:34 <mhausenblas> Michael: Next week I'm at risk for the telecon, so I'll likely have my stuff (slides + HG sync) ready by 2012-01-23 CoB
15:18:44 <rreck> it is a start
15:18:59 <rreck> +1 intial time requirements
15:19:59 <BartvanLeeuwen> +1 for a extra break
15:20:30 <George> q?
15:20:33 <rreck> i dont see a lunch break
15:20:38 <HadleyBeeman> Given the amount of time we're covering, three breaks is better, I think.
15:22:37 <bhyland1> Let's come back to food & supply thereof (sponsorship)
15:23:40 <DanG> Bernadette - Do you want to bring food into BLS for breakfast and breaks?
15:25:32 <rreck> +provide advice. it think this topic (URI construction) is critical
15:26:37 <rreck> i would like to see documentation of examples, rather that the usual geek only abstract discussion
15:26:43 <BartvanLeeuwen> +q
15:26:47 <bhyland1> Topic: Relative importance of URI construction and persistence strategy for linked data sets
15:26:51 <mhausenblas> q?
15:26:59 <rreck> +q
15:27:04 <rreck> zakim, unmute me
15:27:04 <Zakim> rreck should no longer be muted
15:27:04 <George> ack BartvanLeeuwen 
15:27:32 <bhyland1> @Dan - let's come back to the discussion of providing food.  We have to determine what is provided by hosts versus requires sponsorships for food.
15:28:23 <bhyland1> From our charter re: URI Construction:
15:28:23 <bhyland1> URI Construction. The group will specify how to create good URIs for use in government linked data. Inputs include,, and Guidance will be produced not only for minting URIs for governmental entities, such as schools or agencies, but also for vocabularies, concepts, and datasets.
15:28:30 <mhausenblas> q+
15:28:35 <bhyland1> Does anyone read persistence into this deliverable?>
15:28:38 <George> ack rreck 
15:29:23 <mhausenblas> ack me
15:29:23 <bhyland1> rreck: Would like to make W3C published documentation emphasize concrete guidance.  Much of the specs published are hard to read.
15:29:28 <George> ack mhausenblas 
15:29:31 <mhausenblas> [[ This document is aimed at assisting government agencies and their contractors, vendors as well as researchers, to publish high quality, consistent data sets using W3C standards to increase interoperability. ]]
15:29:50 <Mike_Pendleton> +1 rreck
15:29:51 <bhyland1> @rreck - much of the W3C specs are for implementors of products and protocols, I think.
15:29:58 <rreck> +1 audience
15:30:09 <bhyland1> +1
15:30:19 <Mike_Pendleton> I can help provide that kind of 'eye'
15:30:19 <George> mhausenblas: asks for gld 'non-techies' to apply a critical eye and lookout for geek talk wrt deliverable highlight
15:30:26 <HadleyBeeman> Happy to have a look.
15:30:34 <HadleyBeeman> (with a non-techie hat on)
15:30:35 <George> q?
15:32:35 <rreck> i think we need to schedule reviewers who are not technical to comment
15:32:40 <bhyland1> RE: W3C policy on re: recommendations & specs.
15:33:02 <rreck> in the overall schedule not the f2f
15:33:10 <Mike_Pendleton> q?
15:33:13 <bhyland1> Sandro: There is no specific policy beyond WG members coming up with the most appropriate language & recommendations.
15:33:45 <Cory> Have to go, bye!
15:33:52 <rreck> bye cory
15:34:32 <rreck> how do we provide that information to you?
15:34:58 <bhyland1> DanG: US attendees must register in ADVANCE of their attendance.
15:35:26 <bhyland1> DanG: Is use of Internet email important to be people? The port for Internet email may be blocked.
15:35:41 <cygri> q+ to say we need port 6665
15:35:43 <bhyland1> DanG: I cannot guarantee that we can open all ports for everybody.
15:35:54 <bhyland1> q+
15:36:33 <bhyland1> Current list of attendees to US location (for security access)
15:36:35 <bhyland1>
15:37:18 <rreck> i just did
15:37:38 <Zakim> -Cory
15:37:47 <George> ack cygri 
15:37:47 <Zakim> cygri, you wanted to say we need port 6665
15:37:49 <bhyland1> People MUST write "confirmed" next to their name for US physical attendance.
15:37:51 <sandro> I need ports: 22 6665 6667 80 443
15:38:06 <bhyland1> Topic: Logistics for US site
15:38:10 <Mike_Pendleton> @ Dan - I'm confirmed on the wiki now
15:38:32 <bhyland1> Port 6665 for IRC cannot be opened per DanG.
15:39:05 <bhyland1> If you tunnel into your office, possibly it will work.
15:39:24 <George> q?
15:39:31 <George> ack bhyland1 
15:40:02 <bhyland1> DanG suggested IRC thru the W3C web site.
15:40:10 <bhyland1> Port 22 is needed for ssh, very important.
15:40:34 <bhyland1> RE: video access, we need wired ethernet.
15:42:26 <bhyland1> DanG: Having a wired ethernet would be difficult ...
15:43:22 <cygri> DanG, skype should work if that port works on the ethernet machine
15:44:34 <bhyland1> DanG: We have a machine set up for skype, he will try to get it for the F2F.
15:46:19 <bhyland1> s/We have/BLS has
15:46:40 <rreck> i would guess it is unlikely to have ssh ports open
15:47:16 <rreck> i bet teamviewer would work
15:48:02 <George> +1 bhyland1 to DanG :)
15:48:22 <bhyland1> Summary: DanG will check on port 22 access and we the potential for a skype machine on a wired connection.
15:48:48 <Mike_Pendleton> You are making Dan feel better Michael :)
15:49:22 <bhyland1> DERI has a deri guest account that people can use with proper auth. Main ports needed will be opened. Will try to get one machine on wired ethernet to facilitate skype.
15:50:02 <bhyland1> RE: Food / beverages
15:50:31 <bhyland1> There is a cafeteria that can cater food but we have to pay for it.
15:50:49 <rreck> arent we across the street from Union Station?
15:52:39 <rreck> me too
15:53:08 <bhyland1> Any parties/companies willing to fund tea breaks and luncheon?
15:53:25 <bhyland1> DERI is covered.
15:53:57 <rreck> i wont be allowed to bring guinness
15:54:06 <George> q?
15:54:21 <bhyland1> ack bhyland
15:54:50 <Yigal> The fee is a decent idea!
15:54:57 <bhyland1> Sandro suggested we charge a small fee like $40 to cover food & beverage, that happens sometimes.
15:55:35 <sandro> (or... that's a possibility, if no one is sponsoring, and we dont want to talk the time to walk to Union Station during the breaks)
15:56:36 <rreck> i cant make it that early. maybe on the second day
15:56:59 <rreck> +1 minutes
15:58:38 <George> q?
15:58:42 <George> q?
15:58:52 <bhyland1> Action: Sandro agree to clean up unknown references for Mike Pendleton's name in last week's minutes, see
15:58:53 <trackbot> Created ACTION-28 - Agree to clean up unknown references for Mike Pendleton's name in last week's minutes, see [on Sandro Hawke - due 2012-01-19].
15:58:56 <Mike_Pendleton> @ Dan G - can you provide directions on how to get to the venue in BLS
15:58:57 <rreck> i am meeting with Anne tomorrow morning at 10
15:59:00 <bhyland1> zakim, who is on the call
15:59:03 <Zakim> I don't understand 'who is on the call', bhyland1
15:59:15 <bhyland1> zakim, who is on the call?
15:59:17 <Zakim> On the phone I see George_Thomas, Luis, BenediktKaempgen, mhausenblas, sandro, bhyland1, fadmaa (muted), rreck, BartvanLeeuwen, MikePendleton, +,
15:59:20 <Zakim> ... HadleyBeeman, +1.202.691.aaee, Yigal, raphael
15:59:22 <Zakim> mhausenblas has mhausenblas, cygri
15:59:46 <bhyland1> zakim, aadd  is biplav
15:59:46 <Zakim> +biplav; got it
15:59:48 <Zakim> -biplav
16:00:02 <bhyland1> zakim, who is on the call?
16:00:02 <Zakim> On the phone I see George_Thomas, Luis, BenediktKaempgen, mhausenblas, sandro, bhyland1, fadmaa (muted), rreck, BartvanLeeuwen, MikePendleton, HadleyBeeman, +1.202.691.aaee,
16:00:04 <Zakim> ... Yigal, raphael
16:00:09 <Zakim> mhausenblas has mhausenblas, cygri
16:00:21 <bhyland1> regrets from mhausenblas for next week.
16:00:22 <rreck> bhyland: thanks for scribing
16:00:23 <bhyland1> thanks all!
16:00:29 <gatemezi> Thanks!!
16:00:36 <BartvanLeeuwen> thanks bye
16:00:41 <BenediktKaempgen> bye, thanks
16:00:45 <Zakim> -MikePendleton
16:00:45 <rreck> bubye
16:00:49 <Zakim> -fadmaa
16:00:51 <Zakim> -HadleyBeeman
16:00:53 <Zakim> - +1.202.691.aaee
16:00:55 <Zakim> -mhausenblas
16:00:57 <Zakim> -sandro
16:00:59 <Zakim> -raphael
16:01:05 <Zakim> -BartvanLeeuwen
16:01:07 <Zakim> -bhyland1
16:01:09 <Zakim> -BenediktKaempgen
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16:01:11 <Zakim> -Luis
16:01:13 <Zakim> -Yigal
16:01:18 <bhyland1> RRSAgent, set logs world-visible
16:01:27 <bhyland1> RRSAgent, generate minutes
16:01:27 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate bhyland1
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16:05:06 <Zakim> -rreck
16:05:08 <Zakim> T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM has ended
16:05:10 <Zakim> Attendees were George_Thomas, fadmaa, +1.267.481.aaaa, BenediktKaempgen, +1.703.860.aabb, mhausenblas, sandro, cygri, bhyland1, +0525616aacc, Cory, rreck, Luis,
16:05:13 <Zakim> ... BartvanLeeuwen, MikePendleton, +, HadleyBeeman, +1.202.691.aaee, Yigal, raphael, biplav