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14:52:43 <trackbot> Meeting: Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference
14:52:43 <trackbot> Date: 10 November 2011
14:53:26 <Yigal> scribe:Yigal
14:53:46 <Yigal> zakim, scribe:Yigal
14:53:46 <Zakim> I don't understand 'scribe:Yigal', Yigal
14:54:31 <Yigal> agenda:
14:55:22 <Yigal> agenda:
14:55:32 <Yigal> Thanks!
14:55:44 <Yigal> scribe: Yigal
14:56:00 <HadleyBeeman> Hi all!
14:57:18 <Yigal> chair: bhyland
14:58:22 <HadleyBeeman> zakim, this is gld
14:58:23 <Zakim> ok, HadleyBeeman; that matches T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
14:58:34 <olyerickson> zakim, who is on the call?
14:58:34 <Zakim> On the phone I see [IPcaller], +1.440.389.aaaa, bhyland, ??P18
14:58:36 <bhyland> zakim, who is on call?
14:58:37 <Zakim> I don't understand your question, bhyland.
14:58:42 <HadleyBeeman> zakim, aaaa is me
14:58:42 <Zakim> +HadleyBeeman; got it
14:58:43 <bhyland> zakim, who is on the call?
14:58:44 <Zakim> On the phone I see [IPcaller], HadleyBeeman, bhyland, ??P18
14:58:57 <olyerickson> Zakim, ??p18 is me.
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14:59:43 <Yigal> zakim, [IPcaller] is Yigal
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15:00:39 <BartvanLeeuwen> hmm my sip client fails to work :(
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15:00:53 <PhilA2> zakim, code?
15:00:57 <Zakim> +cygri
15:01:05 <mhausenblas> Zakim, cygri really is me
15:01:11 <Zakim> the conference code is 45394 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, PhilA2
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15:01:25 <Zakim> I don't understand 'cygri really is me', mhausenblas
15:01:32 <mhausenblas> Zakim, I am cygri 
15:01:35 <olyerickson> mute me
15:01:35 <BenediktKaempgen> Zakim, aacc is BenediktKaempgen
15:01:47 <Zakim> ok, mhausenblas, I now associate you with cygri
15:01:49 <olyerickson> zakim, mute me.
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15:01:56 <mhausenblas> Zakim, cygri is with me
15:02:01 <BenediktKaempgen> zakim, who's here?
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15:02:29 <Zakim> On the phone I see Yigal, HadleyBeeman, bhyland, olyerickson (muted), Sandro, BenediktKaempgen, +1.757.604.aadd, cygri
15:02:36 <Zakim> cygri has cygri, cygri
15:02:37 <olyerickson> zakim, what wine would you recommend with a roast duck? 
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15:02:40 <PhilA2> zakim, ipcaller is me
15:02:51 <GeraldSteeman> Zakim, aadd is me.
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15:03:02 <PhilA2> zakim, please work a little faster
15:03:04 <Zakim> On IRC I see GeraldSteeman, cygri_, annew, PhilA2, Zakim, RRSAgent, HadleyBeeman, olyerickson, Yigal, mhausenblas, bhyland, MacTed, BenediktKaempgen, BartvanLeeuwen, cygri,
15:03:11 <Zakim> ... trackbot, sandro
15:03:13 <Zakim> +Cory
15:03:27 <Zakim> I don't understand your question, olyerickson.
15:03:29 <Zakim> +PhilA2; got it
15:03:30 <sandro>
15:03:49 <Zakim> +GeraldSteeman; got it
15:03:59 <Zakim> I don't understand 'please work a little faster', PhilA2
15:04:18 <rreck> echo is often a product of noise cancellation math
15:04:21 <Yigal> bhyland: Sending email re community directory
15:04:26 <Zakim> + +1.703.292.aaee
15:04:38 <olyerickson> +1 to starting...
15:04:40 <Zakim> + +1.218.296.aaff
15:04:59 <bhyland> zakim, who on the call?
15:05:04 <rreck> zakim, +1.218.296.aaff is me
15:05:09 <tgheen> Zakim, aaee is me
15:05:16 <cygri> zakim, who is on the call?
15:05:20 <rreck> zakim seems slow today
15:05:24 <Zakim> I don't understand your question, bhyland.
15:05:26 <Zakim> +rreck; got it
15:05:30 <Zakim> +tgheen; got it
15:05:40 <Zakim> On the phone I see Yigal, HadleyBeeman, bhyland, olyerickson (muted), Sandro, BenediktKaempgen, GeraldSteeman, cygri, PhilA2, Cory, tgheen, rreck
15:05:43 <Zakim> cygri has cygri, cygri
15:06:01 <cygri> zakim, cygri is mhausenblas
15:06:01 <olyerickson> Zakim, who is muted?
15:06:04 <rreck> zakim, mute me
15:06:07 <Zakim> +mhausenblas; got it
15:06:09 <Zakim> I see olyerickson muted
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15:06:16 <cygri> zakim, who is with mhausenblas?
15:06:19 <Zakim> mhausenblas has cygri, cygri
15:06:37 <cygri> zakim, i am with mhausenblas
15:06:37 <Zakim> cygri was already listed in mhausenblas, cygri
15:08:09 <Yigal> bhyland: Think about relevance of this wg
15:08:31 <olyerickson> Minutes link? 
15:08:34 <bhyland> Move to accept minutes from last week,
15:08:43 <mhausenblas> +1
15:08:52 <Yigal> +1
15:09:13 <bhyland>
15:09:15 <HadleyBeeman> +1
15:09:19 <HadleyBeeman> (for the minutes)
15:10:12 <olyerickson> unmute
15:10:17 <Yigal> TOPIC: Review action items
15:10:20 <sandro> zakim, unmute olyerickson 
15:10:20 <Zakim> olyerickson should no longer be muted
15:10:53 <Yigal> olyerickson: Has only spoken locally, so slow on action items
15:10:54 <olyerickson> Yes please continue bugging ,e
15:11:05 <olyerickson> s/,e/me/
15:11:18 <olyerickson> Yes please keep my action open
15:11:32 <olyerickson> zakim, please mute me.
15:11:32 <Zakim> olyerickson should now be muted
15:13:11 <Zakim> +??P60
15:13:31 <BartvanLeeuwen> Zakim, ??P60 is me
15:13:32 <Zakim> +BartvanLeeuwen; got it
15:13:59 <sandro> cygri: re Action-14 nope, no videoconf facility at DERI
15:14:06 <cygri> zakim, who is noisy?
15:14:17 <Zakim> cygri, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Yigal (25%), bhyland (35%), Sandro (14%)
15:14:39 <olyerickson> +1 to poll
15:14:46 <BenediktKaempgen> +1 to poll
15:14:49 <BartvanLeeuwen> +1 on the poll
15:14:56 <rreck> filled out what?
15:15:05 <GeraldSteeman> +1 did the poll
15:15:12 <sandro>
15:15:19 <sandro> rreck,  fill out
15:15:22 <PhilA2> I've filled it in (if I were American, I might have filled it out)
15:15:30 <Yigal> bhyland: from poll -- 14 people can make f2f, 1 cannot
15:16:57 <Zakim> + +
15:17:18 <Yigal> bhyland: will look into results of poll further
15:17:20 <GeraldSteeman> My "no" is really a "I'm going to try to get to DC, but not sure yet."
15:17:29 <Yigal> sandro: looks like won't be better to move f2f to dc
15:18:10 <Yigal> sandro: default would seem to be galway
15:18:34 <Yigal> sandro: details would determine if we make dc secondary site
15:18:39 <rreck> i responded but it still regards me a non-responder
15:19:18 <Yigal> TOPIC: f2f planning (should have come earlier)
15:19:30 <sandro> rreck, it has your response, it's just cacheing too much in showing you.
15:19:53 <olyerickson> zakim, who is on mute? 
15:19:53 <Zakim> I don't understand your question, olyerickson.
15:19:54 <bhyland> q?
15:20:03 <olyerickson> zAKIM, WHO IS MUTED? 
15:20:03 <Zakim> I see olyerickson, rreck muted
15:20:07 <Yigal> TOPIC: review of deliverables
15:20:47 <GLD> GLD has joined #gld
15:20:51 <sandro>
15:20:57 <sandro>
15:20:57 <Yigal> bhyland: worked on getting community directory on w3c domain. it's now up.
15:21:31 <Biplav> Biplav has joined #gld
15:22:14 <Yigal> bhyland: wants more input from those with relevant experience, so doesn't consider it done
15:22:29 <Yigal> bhyland: 5000 hits within short time
15:23:18 <Yigal> bhyland: ~6 people asked for logins
15:23:50 <rreck> i have an approach but dont know how it could run on w3 machines
15:23:53 <Yigal> bhyland: still figuring out how to best handle that matter
15:24:10 <rreck> i can discuss it with you offline. it should be pretty simple to do.
15:24:24 <olyerickson> FYI, David Wood's email announcement:
15:24:37 <Yigal> bhyland: opinions and thoughts on this are welcome.
15:24:59 <rreck> i can talk to you at Semtech if you want.
15:25:30 <bhyland> q?
15:25:33 <rreck> i have thoughts but dont want to digress
15:25:50 <olyerickson> How may subscribers on the pubic-lod list? 
15:26:04 <olyerickson> s/pubic/pubic/
15:26:04 <PhilA2> I really like the directory and I'm looking forward to seeing it evolve
15:26:20 <olyerickson> s/pubic/public/
15:26:50 <Yigal> HadleyBeeman: It's helpful to have a sense of who's involved. More important to be clear to outside world about our goals and accomplishments.
15:26:52 <olyerickson> +1 to directory concept, but it can't be the only thing
15:27:08 <rreck> +1 hadley's idea of a plan
15:27:17 <olyerickson> the break-out topics are the "small conversations" that held build the community
15:28:03 <olyerickson> zakim, unmute me
15:28:03 <Zakim> olyerickson should no longer be muted
15:28:09 <olyerickson> q+
15:29:21 <Yigal> HadleyBeeman: Need to be clear on who our target audience is, and that we're building something that will be picked up and used.
15:31:19 <Yigal> bhyland: Believes best practices is for people who want to get started. It's not targeted at information managers, at department and CIO level.
15:31:47 <olyerickson> q?
15:32:01 <sandro> q+
15:32:18 <PhilA2> ack olyerickson
15:33:25 <PhilA2> q+
15:33:56 <Cory-c> Cory-c has joined #gld
15:34:44 <HadleyBeeman> Point of clarification: are we reassessing our charter, or checking on details/emphases within it?
15:34:57 <bhyland> olyerickson: I'm concerned that the work of the GLD WG is too narrowly focused.  We're not focusing on the low hanging fruit, the people who want to supply 1 star data & get it discovered.  Has to do with data set catalog, listing data sets, using other forms of semantic markup.  
15:36:09 <olyerickson> I hear you ;) 
15:36:17 <Yigal> bhyland: WG focus is on explaining the value proposition.
15:36:41 <Biplav> Sorry for ignorance, but what is ADMS?
15:36:47 <bhyland> This working group is focused on 4 & 5 star Linked Data and clearly articulating the value proposition, along with best practices to achieve that.
15:36:55 <bhyland> q?
15:37:12 <PhilA2> acl sandro
15:37:18 <PhilA2> ack sandro
15:37:45 <olyerickson> sandro: GLD WG is about the how, not the why
15:37:50 <Yigal> sandro: Key thing we should do is the "how" not the "why". We need to decide how to do it in cases where that has not been determined.
15:37:56 <Biplav> What does the acronym ADMS stand for?
15:37:57 <bhyland> Sandro: I think the group should be the "how", not the why.  We have decide & document the *hows*, especially when not documented.
15:38:26 <mhausenblas> re ADMS, see
15:38:29 <Yigal> bhyland: The areas she's agreed to facilitate are community directory and best practices.
15:39:18 <Yigal> bhyland: NIEM is XML vocabulary for allowing local agencies to exchange information.
15:39:33 <Cory-c> and one that can map to RDF
15:40:01 <rreck> I am interested in NIEM and RDF
15:40:07 <HadleyBeeman> q+
15:40:18 <Yigal> Cory-c: Will map easily to RDF. Working on proof of concept.
15:40:33 <bhyland> NIEM = National Information Exchange Model, see
15:40:57 <bhyland> Per the website, "NIEM makes it possible for organizations to share critical data; as a result, people are empowered to make informed decisions that improve efficiency and help organizations advance their missions."
15:41:05 <Yigal> Cory-c: If people are interested in RDF representation, would like to get together with them.
15:41:29 <rreck> please include me
15:41:32 <rreck> Darth
15:41:35 <Biplav> I will be interested
15:41:36 <rreck> yes
15:41:40 <rreck> Vadar
15:41:47 <HadleyBeeman> zakim, who's speaking?
15:41:58 <Zakim> HadleyBeeman, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Yigal (19%), bhyland (100%), PhilA2 (4%)
15:42:22 <olyerickson> Darth: zakim, I am your father...
15:42:33 <PhilA2> zakim, mute Yigal
15:42:33 <Zakim> Yigal should now be muted
15:42:34 <rreck> use the src
15:42:44 <PhilA2> zakim, unmute Yigal
15:42:44 <Zakim> Yigal should no longer be muted
15:43:03 <BartvanLeeuwen> I'm interested in the emergency management ofcourse
15:43:06 <HadleyBeeman> +1 to internationalisation of vocabularies
15:43:13 <bhyland> q?
15:43:32 <PhilA2>
15:44:43 <Yigal> PhilA2: Interested in the vocabulary work. 
15:44:55 <PhilA2> ADMS is here
15:45:09 <olyerickson> See also the draft:
15:45:19 <PhilA2> Asset Description Metadata Schema
15:46:00 <Yigal> PhilA2: ADMS is concept scheme not namespace.
15:46:18 <Cory-c> I would like to add that there is a strong push for NIEM to expand past the U.S., this is going on now.
15:46:48 <rreck> i did GJXDM too
15:47:05 <olyerickson> zaim, unmute me.
15:47:12 <olyerickson> zakim, unmute me.
15:47:12 <Zakim> olyerickson was not muted, olyerickson
15:47:27 <Yigal> bhyland: PhilA and Cory, will one take an action item to form a task group to work on this?
15:47:36 <olyerickson> I'm like to be involved in that
15:47:41 <olyerickson> q+
15:47:50 <PhilA2> q-
15:48:36 <olyerickson> I suggest we start by adding "and ADMS" where ever "DCAT" is mentioned...
15:48:36 <Yigal> bhyland: Just start modifying a wiki page, put together an outline, call a meeting with the task force using zakim.
15:49:01 <rreck> i think an initial  paragraph that scopes the topic helps. (my 2 cents)
15:49:51 <Yigal> bhyland: Happy to be a catalyst.
15:50:11 <cygri> q+
15:50:22 <bhyland> ACTION: Cory-c agreed to facilitate NIEM discussion and get outline started working with bhyland.
15:50:22 <trackbot> Created ACTION-16 - Agreed to facilitate NIEM discussion and get outline started working with bhyland. [on Cory Casanave - due 2011-11-17].
15:51:14 <bhyland> ACTION: PhilA2 agreed to be catalyst for drafting wiki page on relevant vocab work on Person, Address, Business.
15:51:14 <trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - PhilA2
15:51:17 <Yigal> Cory-c: Will add relevant content to the wiki. Working on person, address, business.
15:51:42 <bhyland> ACTION: Archer agreed to be catalyst for drafting wiki page on relevant vocab work on Person, Address, Business.
15:51:42 <trackbot> Created ACTION-17 - Agreed to be catalyst for drafting wiki page on relevant vocab work on Person, Address, Business. [on Phil Archer - due 2011-11-17].
15:52:15 <bhyland> ACTION: olyerickson agreed to facilitate initial wiki draft on Vocab page on VCAT.
15:52:16 <trackbot> Created ACTION-18 - Agreed to facilitate initial wiki draft on Vocab page on VCAT. [on John Erickson - due 2011-11-17].
15:52:25 <HadleyBeeman> +1 to building a wiki page compiling the existing vocabularies and what actions we need to take on them.
15:53:11 <PhilA2> s/VCAT/DCAT/
15:53:44 <HadleyBeeman> q?
15:53:45 <olyerickson> q-
15:54:03 <Biplav> q+
15:54:54 <Yigal> HadleyBeeman: Interested in international standards, looking at applicability of English standards.
15:55:29 <Yigal> bhyland: like what Phil described?
15:55:32 <bhyland> HadleyBeeman: Discussed international applicability of meta-vocabularies for English speaking users. Focusing on what we have in common, like what Phil said earlier, without recreating the wheel.
15:55:33 <Yigal> HadleyBeeman: Yes.
15:56:05 <Yigal> bhyland: Would be useful even for things as basic as addresses.
15:56:40 <Yigal> bhyland: If you're into addresses, please comment.
15:56:41 <bhyland> q?
15:56:44 <HadleyBeeman> ack me
15:56:50 <PhilA2> zakim, who is making noise?
15:57:00 <Zakim> PhilA2, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: olyerickson (93%)
15:57:06 <Yigal> cygri: Regarding DCAT and stepping on toes, not to worry.
15:58:12 <PhilA2> Thanks cygri
15:58:15 <bhyland> cygri: We welcome feedback!
15:58:17 <olyerickson> +1 to thanks
15:58:30 <olyerickson> zakim, mute me.
15:58:30 <Zakim> olyerickson should now be muted
15:58:31 <BartvanLeeuwen> +q
15:58:40 <PhilA2> ack cygri
15:58:50 <PhilA2> ack Biplav
15:59:25 <bhyland> biplav: Was looking at vocabulary deliverable and thought it was top down. Discussed entity extraction … comment, are we considering how to use info extractions technologies?
15:59:31 <Yigal> Biplav: Are we considering recommending how to use info extraction to discover vocabularies?
15:59:34 <Yigal> bhyland: No.
16:00:16 <olyerickson> That's eGov IG stuff
16:00:22 <olyerickson> (I believe)
16:00:30 <PhilA2> +1 to olyerickson
16:00:31 <Yigal> Biplav: There are cities that have opened up their data. Will we have a deliverable that is a guideline on a roadmap for this?
16:00:46 <Yigal> bhyland: Best practices is supposed to do that.
16:01:28 <cygri> +1 to olyerickson. that's my understanding too
16:01:48 <olyerickson> q+
16:01:54 <olyerickson> zakim, unmute me.
16:01:54 <Zakim> olyerickson should no longer be muted
16:01:55 <Yigal> bhyland: "Roadmap" is a synonym for what we're contemplating. Should be useful, not a stagnant spec that doesn't get updated.
16:02:29 <bhyland> q?
16:03:15 <Yigal> bhyland: Can we assign Biplav an action item to deal with this?
16:03:27 <Yigal> Biplav: Yes.
16:04:09 <Yigal> BartvanLeeuwen: Would like to be more involved, looking for how he can be of practical help.
16:04:12 <cygri> BartvanLeeuwen: *what* would you like to do? ;-)
16:04:25 <Yigal> bhyland: Bart has experience with use cases.
16:04:37 <bhyland> ACTION: Biplav agreed to document some use cases for "roadmap" scenarios for localities contemplating putting content on the LoD.
16:04:37 <trackbot> Created ACTION-19 - Agreed to document some use cases for "roadmap" scenarios for localities contemplating putting content on the LoD. [on Biplav Srivastava - due 2011-11-17].
16:04:50 <Yigal> BartvanLeeuwen: Would it be good to have fire department data available?
16:05:17 <Yigal> bhyland: Will create a page for Bart and Diplav to work on.  Bart can drive some of the use cases -- has great ones.
16:05:24 <olyerickson> +1 to BartvanLeeuwen and Biplav working together on the "real, useful" stuff
16:05:29 <olyerickson> Bart needs to mute
16:05:40 <bhyland> ACTION: Bhyland to mint wiki page for localities use cases, linked off the Best Practices deliverable.
16:05:40 <trackbot> Created ACTION-20 - Mint wiki page for localities use cases, linked off the Best Practices deliverable. [on Bernadette Hyland - due 2011-11-17].
16:05:48 <BartvanLeeuwen> -q
16:05:51 <bhyland> q?
16:06:14 <Yigal> olyerickson: Met with Brazilian colleague behind wikicrimes site.
16:07:06 <olyerickson> I wasn't going to suggest adding him
16:07:09 <Yigal> olyerickson: Heard about crime data. Will look at the page and add to it.
16:07:15 <olyerickson> I was going to suggest pointing him at it
16:07:31 <Yigal> bhyland: Please update scribes page and regrets.
16:07:41 <bhyland>
16:07:57 <Yigal> bhyland: Email announcements to her and she'll add to agenda.
16:08:10 <Yigal> bhyland: Will get back to us soon about one or two f2f locations.
16:08:30 <GeraldSteeman> Thanks to Bernadette for speaking to the CENDI group:
16:08:33 <Zakim> -Cory
16:08:36 <Yigal> bhyland: Adjourned.
16:08:36 <olyerickson> Bye!
16:08:37 <BartvanLeeuwen> okay bye
16:08:37 <bhyland> meeting adjourned.
16:08:38 <Zakim> -PhilA2
16:08:40 <Zakim> -mhausenblas
16:08:41 <Zakim> -tgheen
16:08:42 <Zakim> -HadleyBeeman
16:08:42 <Zakim> -olyerickson
16:08:44 <annew> bye bye
16:08:45 <Zakim> -BenediktKaempgen
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16:08:49 <Zakim> -Sandro
16:08:56 <Zakim> -GeraldSteeman
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16:09:02 <Zakim> -BartvanLeeuwen
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16:10:02 <Yigal> rrsagent, generate minutes
16:10:02 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate Yigal
16:11:07 <bhyland> RRSAgent, set logs world-visible