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13:53:13 <GeraldSteeman> Meeting: GLD-WG telecon 27 October 2011
13:53:27 <Zakim> +TinaGheen
13:53:41 <GeraldSteeman> Chair: Bernadette Hyland
13:54:05 <GeraldSteeman> Agenda:
13:54:19 <Zakim> +david
13:54:45 <GeraldSteeman> Scribe: Gerald Steeman
13:55:25 <GeraldSteeman> ScribeNick: GeraldSteeman
13:56:43 <bhyland> zakim, who is on the call?
13:56:43 <Zakim> On the phone I see Gerald_, TinaGheen, david
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13:58:04 <GeraldSteeman> Zakim, who is here
13:58:04 <Zakim> GeraldSteeman, you need to end that query with '?'
13:58:18 <GeraldSteeman> Zakim, who is here?
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13:59:38 <boris> zakim, code?
13:59:38 <Zakim> the conference code is 45394 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, boris
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14:03:17 <bhyland> zakim, who is here?
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14:04:08 <bhyland> zakim, aaaa is Dan Gillman
14:04:08 <Zakim> I don't understand 'aaaa is Dan Gillman', bhyland
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14:04:33 <cgueret_home> hi there!
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14:04:47 <GeraldSteeman> zakim, aabb is Mike
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14:04:51 <bhyland> zakim, who is here?
14:04:51 <Zakim> On the phone I see Gerald_, TinaGheen, bhyland, BartvanLeeuwen, boris, PhilA2, cygri, ??P16, Cory, DanGillman, Mike, Yigal, ??P1
14:04:53 <rreck> is there some incantation to have zakim SIP you?
14:04:53 <Zakim> On IRC I see martin, rreck, cgueret_home, simonWall, Yigal, Mike, Cory, cygri, PhilA2, boris, BenediktKaempgen, tinagheen, RRSAgent, GeraldSteeman, MacTed, BartvanLeeuwen, bhyland,
14:04:55 <Zakim> ... danbri, cgueret_work, Zakim, trackbot, sandro
14:05:11 <cygri> zakim, ??P27 is simonWall
14:05:19 <Cory> Aakim, aaa is DanG
14:05:21 <Zakim> I already had ??P27 as Yigal, cygri
14:05:24 <Zakim> +??P3
14:05:35 <Cory> Zakim, aaaa is DanG
14:05:36 <Zakim> sorry, Cory, I do not recognize a party named 'aaaa'
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14:05:56 <martin> zakim, mute me
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14:05:59 <cygri> zakim, DanGillman is DanG
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14:06:22 <PhilA> Hadley is on her way to California for TPAC
14:06:58 <Zakim> +??P32
14:07:24 <GeraldSteeman> TOPIC: Chair is staring meeting
14:07:25 <BenediktKaempgen> BenediktKaempgen is connected through Skype
14:07:34 <cygri> agenda:
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14:08:32 <Zakim> +biplav
14:08:51 <rreck> zakim,  +1.218.296.aacc is me
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14:09:13 <BartvanLeeuwen> q+
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14:09:58 <Cory> Agenda item - update on OMG GovDTF and Information Sharing
14:10:15 <bhyland> Topic: Recap on SEMIC.EU from PhilA
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14:10:44 <GeraldSteeman> PhilA: Vocabs on persons and business.
14:10:55 <bhyland> PhilA: Focusing on business & core persons.  Vocabs already exist, e.g., FOAF.  On address side, INSPIRE Directive is doing interesting work.
14:11:09 <GeraldSteeman> ... not trying to reinvite and will work with existing schemas
14:11:33 <GeraldSteeman> ...T-pack small but successful
14:11:52 <GeraldSteeman> ...hope to get interaction
14:12:11 <bhyland> Topic: TPAC registration for eGov is lower than would have liked.
14:12:11 <GeraldSteeman> Bhyland: MS and Google to be there.
14:12:21 <PhilA> s/T-pack/TPAC
14:13:27 <tinagheen> +1 minutes
14:13:29 <cgueret_home> +1
14:13:33 <BenediktKaempgen> +1
14:13:36 <atemezin> +1 
14:13:50 <GeraldSteeman> Accept minutes:
14:13:58 <GeraldSteeman> Minutes accepted
14:14:10 <bhyland> Review of Tracker, see
14:15:16 <atemezin> is there any open issue? 
14:15:31 <GeraldSteeman> Action-12 closed
14:15:31 <trackbot> ACTION-12 Archer to request member-only list closed
14:15:43 <BartvanLeeuwen> +1
14:15:44 <BenediktKaempgen> +1
14:15:46 <Biplav> Yes
14:15:46 <Yigal> I do
14:15:47 <simonWall> +1
14:15:48 <Mike> +1
14:15:53 <martin> +1
14:16:21 <GeraldSteeman> Bhyland: Data Camp well done
14:16:48 <GeraldSteeman> ...interesting venue for camp
14:17:31 <GeraldSteeman> ...Keynote speakers very high caliber <names?> in Open Gov
14:17:55 <GeraldSteeman> ...centered transparency
14:18:43 <GeraldSteeman> ...will blog on the camp.  Link to come leter
14:19:26 <GeraldSteeman> ...theme of blockers and supporters ran through the camp
14:19:30 <atemezin> do we have some feedbacks after @bhyland presentation?
14:20:39 <bhyland> Ellen Miller from the Sunlight Foundation spoke about the 5 year old, non-profit which is the "grand daddy of the online open government movement."  The foundation takes direction from Justice Louis Brandeis' philosophy that "Sunlight is said to be the best disinfectant."  Open government data dvocates and entrepreneurs included Tom Steinberg who described the power of proving simple information that benefits civic society.  Tom shined some sunlight on wastefu
14:20:41 <GeraldSteeman> bhyland: Open Gov/data to improve lives
14:20:49 <Zakim> +[IPcaller]
14:20:54 <rreck> the US does not explicitly charge for data, we implicitly pay for it (and probably too much). Explicit pay for data might direct it to be better aligned with needs
14:22:18 <tobo> tobo has joined #gld
14:22:30 <GeraldSteeman> bhyland: In US academics and smaller institutions not really present in research; Europe has more funding to those communities.
14:23:08 <GeraldSteeman> ...upshot - lots of smaller contributors.  
14:23:48 <GeraldSteeman> ...would like to see more promotion / help those on the inside of govt.
14:24:11 <PhilA> zakim, who's making noise?
14:24:12 <bhyland> zakim who is speaking?
14:24:21 <Zakim> PhilA, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: bhyland (19%), Cory (5%), [IPcaller] (25%)
14:24:49 <PhilA> zakim, mute IPcaller
14:24:49 <Zakim> [IPcaller] should now be muted
14:25:09 <GeraldSteeman> ...people were not looking to for guidance
14:25:51 <GeraldSteeman> ...would like to show leadership in the community
14:26:17 <bhyland> q?
14:26:20 <GeraldSteeman> ...showed the community directory in two sessions.
14:26:29 <PhilA> ack bar
14:26:38 <BartvanLeeuwen> q-
14:26:52 <bhyland> zakim, who is on the call?
14:26:52 <Zakim> On the phone I see Gerald_, TinaGheen, bhyland, BartvanLeeuwen, boris, PhilA2, cygri, ??P16, Cory, DanG, Mike, Yigal, simonWall, martin (muted), ??P32, rreck, biplav, [IPcaller]
14:26:56 <Zakim> ... (muted)
14:27:06 <GeraldSteeman> Phil: outreach is important.  Egov Interest Group trying it as well.
14:27:12 <Biplav> q+
14:27:17 <GeraldSteeman> ...all comes done to individuals.
14:27:39 <GeraldSteeman> down nor done
14:28:16 <GeraldSteeman> Phil: target market is so scattered and you have to find them
14:28:27 <bhyland> PhilA: There are individuals who serve as catalysts.  YOu have find those key people, some are on the call, some are in the eGov IG.  We have to plug away and be very public. 
14:28:42 <GeraldSteeman> ...keep plugging away and perhaps find smaller events.
14:28:58 <PhilA> GovCamp wiki
14:29:29 <GeraldSteeman> Bhyland: GeoSpatial camp was held in June.  We should share what is going on at local levels.
14:29:40 <simonWall> q+
14:29:56 <bhyland> PhilA: GovCamp Program has the most traction.
14:30:14 <GeraldSteeman> ...guidance and not sales at these events.
14:30:40 <atemezin> we are planning to organise such a local event here in France...
14:30:51 <GeraldSteeman> PhilA: Went to one at MS office; very good.
14:31:23 <bhyland> PhilA: UK Gov't new tech officer showed up to local UK GovCamp event who everyone wanted to know.
14:31:33 <bhyland> q?
14:32:20 <bhyland> Biplav: How is the Asian " movement" going?
14:32:25 <GeraldSteeman> Biplasv: What is the opinion of Asia in Open Gov/Data?
14:33:04 <GeraldSteeman> PhilA: I met a contact for the region.
14:33:42 <PhilA> Somnath Chandra of Department of Information Technology, Government of India is in the eGov IG
14:33:58 <GeraldSteeman> bhyland: Datagov (US) may have contacts with India.
14:34:00 <cygri> q+
14:34:26 <bhyland> ack Biplav
14:34:29 <GeraldSteeman> ...Other sources with Africa.
14:34:47 <atemezin> here at ISWC, they presented us a chinees initiative 
14:35:03 <atemezin> s/chineese/chinees
14:35:18 <bhyland> SimonWall: Australia had its first GovCamp event recently.
14:35:36 <GeraldSteeman> Simon: FirstGov Camp.  Challege getting people aware of event.
14:35:54 <BartvanLeeuwen> +1
14:36:00 <GeraldSteeman> ...agree with individual contacts comments.
14:36:10 <PhilA> q+
14:36:14 <cgueret_home> +1 to publicize the directory 
14:36:44 <PhilA> ack simo
14:36:54 <atemezin> who's speaking?
14:37:02 <bhyland> SimonWall: Open Data movement didn't know the GovCamp event in Canberra was happening… what can we do to improve communication of these events?
14:37:08 <cygri>
14:37:09 <bhyland> cygri is speaking now
14:37:19 <PhilA> ack cy
14:37:33 <cygri> ack me
14:37:39 <GeraldSteeman> Richard: There is a map (linked) may be a good starting point.
14:37:53 <bhyland> q?
14:37:55 <PhilA> ack me
14:38:33 <bhyland> PhilA: Follows local people who are involved in open gov communities using Twitter.
14:38:39 <GeraldSteeman> PhilA: Something that work is Twitter.  I follow local community.  One method.
14:38:51 <Cory> +1 for beer
14:39:00 <cgueret_home> beer evening doesn't work in Netherlands
14:39:01 <simonWall> q+
14:39:02 <cgueret_home> :(
14:39:08 <GeraldSteeman> ... casual events (i.e beer) can work well too.
14:40:16 <BartvanLeeuwen> q+
14:40:20 <GeraldSteeman> bhyland: <name> gave advice on putting on a hackathon.
14:40:42 <BenediktKaempgen> BenediktKaempgen has to run. ISWC closing. 
14:40:53 <Zakim> -??P32
14:40:55 <GeraldSteeman> ...we are 5 months in the WG.  There is a void on getting information / help to those on the inside.
14:41:14 <PhilA> s/<name>/David Eaves/
14:41:43 <GeraldSteeman> ...govt individuals tend to want to get information published and available to public.
14:42:14 <GeraldSteeman> ...we need to expand our community and fill the void.
14:42:21 <PhilA> It's really important
14:42:22 <Zakim> -rreck
14:42:24 <Mike> +1
14:42:29 <PhilA> ack simo
14:42:47 <bhyland> RE: Local organization of events, Check David Eaves wiki on
14:43:58 <GeraldSteeman> byland: Suggest organizing local hackathons.
14:44:11 <PhilA> ack BartvanLeeuwen
14:44:13 <Cory> q+
14:44:55 <bhyland> BartvanLeeuwen: Netherlands have a group called "Hack the Government" they are the open gov't data people, sponsor many events around open data (not necessarily Linked Data).
14:45:19 <GeraldSteeman> Bart: NL has a group called Hack the Govt.  They work to assist in getting information to public.
14:45:27 <bhyland> Bart: This Netherlands group is no longer allowed to call their events "hack" a thons
14:45:32 <GeraldSteeman> ...getting more min stream.
14:46:11 <cgueret_home> :)
14:46:18 <GeraldSteeman> ...a contro name may be a good way to start.
14:46:30 <bhyland> I met Drs Imke Vrijling, Policy Advisor in Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
14:46:35 <bhyland> in the Netherlands.
14:46:48 <bhyland> Bart: Discussed attending government events & help them.
14:47:04 <GeraldSteeman> ...we should find ways to promote GLD within other groups.
14:47:17 <cgueret_home> +1 for attending hackatons and speak about the group!
14:47:28 <cygri> q+
14:47:50 <simonWall> +1
14:48:07 <bhyland> 26-Nov-2011 Hack-a-thon event in Netherlands.
14:48:10 <cgueret_home> yup I'm here
14:48:12 <GeraldSteeman> Bart: 26 Nov there with be Hack the Govt.  May try to speak there.
14:48:24 <cgueret_home> q+
14:48:43 <PhilA> ack Cory
14:48:55 <atemezin> who is here'
14:49:17 <atemezin> who is speaking?
14:49:36 <bhyland> Cory: with his OMG hat on …  there was a meeting recently. We're engaged in UML profile for NIEM.
14:49:43 <GeraldSteeman> Cory: There was a meeting Information Sharing monday.   Currenty engaged in UML profile.  One ingredient.
14:49:58 <cygri> q-
14:50:08 <cgueret_home> q-
14:50:19 <GeraldSteeman> ...Need standards for info sharing equation
14:51:28 <GeraldSteeman> ...Looking to make this international
14:51:48 <GeraldSteeman> bhyland: Please share background info.
14:52:41 <PhilA> The member mailing list is now active
14:53:14 <bhyland> q?
14:53:19 <cygri> q+
14:53:20 <GeraldSteeman> bhyland: DERI meeting.  Who will be able to make it?  Chime in.
14:53:20 <tinagheen> I won't be able to travel
14:53:22 <Cory> Don't have budget for such travel
14:53:26 <Mike> we will not have travel funding
14:53:31 <BartvanLeeuwen> +1
14:53:33 <GeraldSteeman> likely not
14:53:33 <Yigal> Still haven't decided
14:53:39 <Biplav> q+
14:53:43 <bhyland> Topic: Attendance at F2F in Galway Ireland 
14:53:46 <PhilA> Hard to be sure but I'm hopeful of being there
14:53:48 <martin> I will try to be there
14:53:49 <tobo> 50 / 50 too
14:53:52 <GeraldSteeman> Simon: 50/50
14:54:02 <martin> zakim, unmute me
14:54:02 <Zakim> martin should no longer be muted
14:54:02 <boris> martin alvarez
14:54:08 <cgueret_home> Christophe: say, 70/30
14:54:11 <bhyland> Simon: 50/50%
14:54:15 <martin> thanks, Boris
14:54:33 <GeraldSteeman> Richard: Report on RDF F2F.
14:54:35 <Biplav> What happens if some people do not make it?
14:55:16 <GeraldSteeman> ...End up in Europe or US.  And the attendance is swayed on way or the other.
14:55:36 <bhyland> Cygri: RE: RDF F2F, usually held in Europe or US, tendency to alternate. In the latest F2F held last month, we scheduled it for Boston area but also had common European meeting place in UK.
14:56:31 <GeraldSteeman> ...RDF had parallel meeting US and UK locations.  It work fairly well to sync up.
14:56:34 <bhyland> Cygri: They had almost two F2F's happening in parallel in two locations, across the Atlantic.  Had video hookup. Acknowledge that it will be hard to get travel for everyone to come to one place.
14:56:58 <bhyland> zakim, who is on call?
14:56:59 <Zakim> I don't understand your question, bhyland.
14:57:09 <bhyland> zakim, who is on the call?
14:57:09 <Zakim> On the phone I see Gerald_, TinaGheen, bhyland, BartvanLeeuwen, boris, PhilA2, cygri, ??P16, Cory, DanG, Mike, Yigal, simonWall, martin, biplav, [IPcaller] (muted)
14:57:35 <GeraldSteeman> ...Perhaps there could be a east coast US 2nd location.
14:58:40 <GeraldSteeman> bhyland: Will send out a poll and get working on logistics.
14:59:43 <simonWall> q+
14:59:53 <GeraldSteeman> Bhyland: time zone are still a challenge.
15:00:09 <cygri> +1 to canberra!
15:00:37 <sandro_testing> sandro_testing has joined #gld
15:00:53 <simonWall> q-
15:00:54 <GeraldSteeman> bhyland: please submit agenda items.
15:00:58 <cygri> ack me
15:01:34 <PhilA> q+ to remind bhyland about time zone issues for next week
15:02:04 <PhilA> ack Biplav
15:02:04 <simonWall> Bernadette is right - no problem for me finding useful meetings in Eruope or US, problem is getting there in the first place
15:02:53 <cygri> q+
15:03:18 <GeraldSteeman> Biplav: Would like to learn more about the F2F.  
15:03:30 <bhyland> Gerald: NASA is involved in organizing seminar around scientific analysis & reporting.  Having their bi-monthly meeting and Bernadette will be speaking on W3C GLD, other speakers will be talking about data sets starting with 1 star Linked Data moving up the data chain.
15:03:57 <bhyland> The talk is on November 3rd so I will not be here next week.
15:04:38 <bhyland> Biplav: Budget will always be a concern. Remote participation to be arranged.
15:04:58 <bhyland> Cygri: Remote participation is OK, not optimal, but better than nothing (Bern paraphrasing).
15:05:03 <GeraldSteeman> cygri: Will be opportunty to dial in.  Not as nice as in person
15:05:11 <bhyland> q?
15:05:32 <bhyland> Announcement: W3C TPAC next week 31-Oct to 4-Nov 2011.
15:05:32 <bhyland> 	•
15:05:32 <bhyland> 	•	Jeanne Holme and Phil Archer will be running sessions on eGov IG 31-Oct to 1-Nov 2011., remote participation by GLD WG members is encouraged.
15:05:54 <GeraldSteeman> Mind daylight savings!
15:06:14 <simonWall> Looking forward to everyone coming off of summer time
15:06:27 <PhilA> Jeanne put the agenda together but I'm there in Sandro's absence
15:06:30 <simonWall> 2am here
15:06:48 <BartvanLeeuwen> bye
15:06:49 <GeraldSteeman> Closing meeting
15:06:49 <Zakim> -PhilA2
15:06:50 <Zakim> -Mike
15:06:50 <Zakim> -DanG
15:06:50 <cgueret_home> bye
15:06:51 <Zakim> -Yigal
15:06:52 <Zakim> -Cory
15:06:52 <bhyland> Meeting adjourned.
15:06:54 <Zakim> -??P16
15:07:00 <Zakim> -boris
15:07:04 <Zakim> -martin
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15:07:07 <Zakim> -cygri
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15:07:17 <Zakim> -[IPcaller]
15:07:43 <bhyland> RRSAgent, set logs world-visible
15:07:47 <Zakim> -TinaGheen
15:07:50 <Zakim> -biplav
15:08:02 <bhyland> RRSAgent, generate minutes
15:08:02 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate bhyland