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13:54:52 <RRSAgent> logging to
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13:55:14 <TinaGheen> Meeting: Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference
13:55:37 <TinaGheen> trackbot-ng, start telcon
13:55:39 <trackbot> RRSAgent, make logs world
13:55:41 <trackbot> Zakim, this will be EGOV_GLD
13:55:42 <Zakim> I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, trackbot
13:55:42 <trackbot> Meeting: Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference
13:55:42 <trackbot> Date: 13 October 2011
13:55:56 <cgueret_work> hi there
13:56:08 <TinaGheen> Zakim, This is T&S_GLDWG()
13:56:08 <Zakim> ok, TinaGheen; that matches T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
13:56:24 <George> zakim, who is present?
13:56:24 <Zakim> I don't understand your question, George.
13:56:33 <TinaGheen> Chair: George
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13:56:43 <TinaGheen> Scribe: TinaGheen
13:56:50 <Zakim> +bhyland
13:56:51 <George> Zakim, who is here?
13:56:51 <Zakim> On the phone I see George, +1.703.292.aaaa, +1.757.604.aabb, ??P14, bhyland
13:56:53 <Zakim> On IRC I see bhyland, cgueret_work, RRSAgent, Zakim, martinAlvarez, Gerald_, George, TinaGheen, MacTed, cygri, trackbot, sandro
13:56:56 <TinaGheen> Agenda:
13:57:09 <Gerald_> 757 is me
13:57:23 <Zakim> +??P21
13:57:26 <Zakim> +[IPcaller]
13:57:30 <TinaGheen> Zakim, aaaa is me
13:57:30 <Zakim> +TinaGheen; got it
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13:58:07 <Gerald_> aabb is me
13:58:18 <BenediktKaempgen> Hi. Benedikt Kaempgen is connected through Skype and cannot tell Zakim who he is.
13:58:22 <Gerald_> zakim, aabb is me
13:58:23 <Zakim> +Gerald_; got it
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13:59:12 <olyerickson> i'm here
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14:00:18 <olyerickson> zakim, who is on the phone?
14:00:18 <Zakim> On the phone I see George, TinaGheen, Gerald_, ??P14, bhyland, ??P21, [IPcaller]
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14:00:35 <boris> zakim, code?
14:00:35 <Zakim> the conference code is 45394 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, boris
14:00:44 <olyerickson> zakim, ??P21 is olyerickson
14:00:45 <Zakim> +olyerickson; got it
14:01:11 <TinaGheen> Topic: Agenda from last week
14:01:24 <Zakim> +boris
14:01:26 <Zakim> + +1.202.566.aacc
14:01:27 <TinaGheen> George: Minutes from last week were generated
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14:02:06 <Zakim> +Cory
14:02:08 <Zakim> +??P45
14:02:14 <bhyland> Go to
14:02:26 <PhilA2> zakim, ??P45 is me
14:02:28 <martinAlvarez> zakim, ??P45 is me
14:02:31 <Zakim> +PhilA2; got it
14:02:33 <Zakim> I already had ??P45 as PhilA2, martinAlvarez
14:02:33 <martinAlvarez> :-)
14:02:45 <PhilA2> zakim, ??P45 is martinAlvarez
14:02:46 <Zakim> I already had ??P45 as PhilA2, PhilA2
14:02:47 <olyerickson> I thought I did tooo
14:03:06 <Zakim> -[IPcaller.a]
14:03:27 <olyerickson> zakim, I am ??P14
14:03:30 <Zakim> +olyerickson; got it
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14:03:34 <TinaGheen> George: minutes are uploaded 
14:03:40 <Zakim> +??P43
14:03:50 <PhilA2> zakim, ??P43 is me
14:03:50 <Zakim> +PhilA2; got it
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14:03:54 <olyerickson> zakim, ??P14 is olyerickson
14:03:54 <Zakim> I already had ??P14 as olyerickson.a, olyerickson
14:04:08 <PhilA2> zakim, who is here?
14:04:08 <Zakim> On the phone I see George, TinaGheen, Gerald_, olyerickson.a, bhyland, olyerickson, [IPcaller], boris, +1.202.566.aacc, Cory, PhilA2, PhilA2.a
14:04:09 <TinaGheen>  PROPOSAL: Accept minutes of last meeting 
14:04:11 <Zakim> On IRC I see luisBermudez, Biplav, Mike, boris, PhilA2, olyerickson, BenediktKaempgen, bhyland, cgueret_work, RRSAgent, Zakim, martinAlvarez, Gerald_, George, TinaGheen, MacTed,
14:04:14 <BenediktKaempgen> +1
14:04:15 <Zakim> ... cygri, trackbot, sandro
14:04:18 <cgueret_work> +1
14:04:22 <boris> +1
14:04:23 <olyerickson> +1 to minutes
14:04:31 <TinaGheen> RESOLUTION: Minutes of last meeting accepted
14:04:33 <martinAlvarez> +1
14:04:34 <Zakim> + +1.267.481.aadd
14:04:36 <Zakim> +[IPcaller.a]
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14:05:02 <TinaGheen> Topic: New Members this week?
14:05:04 <George> q?
14:05:13 <bhyland> zakim, who is speaking
14:05:13 <Zakim> I don't understand 'who is speaking', bhyland
14:05:13 <olyerickson> Thx @bhyland for solving the minutes problem!
14:05:24 <bhyland> zakim, who is speaking now
14:05:24 <Zakim> I don't understand 'who is speaking now', bhyland
14:05:42 <PhilA2> zakim, who is making noise?
14:05:45 <TinaGheen> Topic: Vocabulary Summary
14:05:54 <Zakim> PhilA2, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: George (74%), bhyland (5%), Cory (5%), [IPcaller.a] (5%)
14:06:12 <TinaGheen> George: discussed how GLD can use others work for best practices (DDI folks)
14:06:25 <TinaGheen> ... outlined 5 areas of standard vocab deliverables
14:06:27 <stasinos> stasinos has joined #gld
14:06:34 <TinaGheen> ... any comments?
14:07:00 <TinaGheen> ... any updates on Actions?
14:07:01 <bhyland> q+
14:07:01 <cgueret_work> Action 10 can be closed
14:07:01 <trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - 10
14:07:13 <cgueret_work> don't know how to do it :)
14:07:17 <olyerickson> RE olyerickson's Actions --- nothing to report
14:07:35 <cgueret_work> q+
14:07:40 <TinaGheen> bhyland: updating cookbook
14:07:47 <rreck> rreck has joined #gld
14:07:51 <TinaGheen> ... encourages people to start looking at it
14:07:56 <bhyland>
14:08:01 <Zakim> +??P60
14:08:13 <TinaGheen> ... have 300 accesses
14:08:14 <stasinos> zakim, ??P60 is stasinos
14:08:14 <Zakim> +stasinos; got it
14:08:23 <martinAlvarez> zakim, who is in PhilA2?
14:08:23 <Zakim> PhilA2 has only PhilA2
14:08:40 <martinAlvarez> zakim, martin is in PhilA2
14:08:40 <Zakim> +martin; got it
14:08:47 <TinaGheen> ... is a bit different in style than many W3 recommendations since it is a website with pragmatic advice
14:09:01 <TinaGheen> ... borrowed language off mobile web best practices
14:09:08 <bhyland> STyled after the Mobile Web App Best Practices
14:09:09 <Zakim> +[IPcaller.aa]
14:09:29 <rreck> zakim, IPcaller.aa is me
14:09:29 <Zakim> +rreck; got it
14:09:34 <PhilA2> Mobile Web BP is at for reference
14:09:34 <rreck> zakim, mute me
14:09:34 <Zakim> rreck should now be muted
14:09:40 <George> q?
14:09:40 <TinaGheen> ... please review and comment on it
14:09:55 <PhilA2> ack by
14:10:02 <PhilA2> ack bhyl
14:10:26 <PhilA2> ack cg
14:10:36 <TinaGheen> close action-10
14:10:37 <trackbot> ACTION-10 Talk with Paul about provenance closed
14:11:12 <olyerickson> @bhyland: one way to add comments in wikis is to add in alternate colors (e.g. RED etc)
14:11:32 <TinaGheen> Topic: Vocabulary discussion with Phil Archer from W3 eGov on SEMIC.EU
14:11:47 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: hello everyone
14:12:01 <TinaGheen> ... been around W3C for many years
14:12:05 <olyerickson> @bhyland: for extended comments, adding text in e.g. a box is useful
14:12:10 <TinaGheen> ... work on eGov currently
14:12:19 <TinaGheen> ... and European Commission
14:12:37 <TinaGheen> ... speak to this group as a whole today
14:12:48 <TinaGheen> ... WG member in the future
14:12:51 <PhilA2>
14:13:26 <TinaGheen> ... Bacilio at DERI has taken over SEMIC
14:13:35 <TinaGheen> ... work on core vocabs
14:13:42 <stasinos> Vasilios Peristeras
14:14:22 <stasinos> you're welcome
14:14:28 <PhilA2>
14:14:29 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: practical point is I can help out with vocab develop with GLD
14:14:39 <martinAlvarez> s/Bacilio/Vasilios Peristeras
14:14:45 <George> Phil to work with GLD and liaise with SEMIC ! Great!
14:14:50 <TinaGheen> ... ADMS Effort Description metadata schema
14:14:56 <bhyland> zakim, who is making noise?
14:15:06 <Zakim> bhyland, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: 16 (32%), bhyland (4%), [IPcaller.a] (20%)
14:15:06 <TinaGheen> ... all part of the same project
14:15:29 <bhyland> zakim, who is on the call?
14:15:29 <Zakim> On the phone I see George, TinaGheen, Gerald_, olyerickson.a, bhyland, olyerickson, [IPcaller], boris, +1.202.566.aacc, Cory, PhilA2, PhilA2.a, +1.267.481.aadd, [IPcaller.a],
14:15:33 <Zakim> ... stasinos, rreck (muted)
14:15:33 <Zakim> PhilA2 has martin
14:15:36 <TinaGheen> ... my task is to write a doc that explains how to find vocab, set up working group
14:16:02 <TinaGheen> ... difference from GLD is in the final stage 
14:16:25 <TinaGheen> ... in European context, reps of european union will be endorsing
14:16:43 <TinaGheen> ... member states of European Union will endorse the core vocab
14:16:59 <TinaGheen> ... data will be exchanged between states, these are the terms you should use
14:17:06 <TinaGheen> ... does not mean they are defining new terms
14:17:10 <Gerald_> Mute is 41# correct?
14:17:22 <PhilA2>
14:17:26 <TinaGheen> ... must work on defining core person vocab
14:17:42 <TinaGheen> .... timeline - must be done by Jan
14:18:07 <TinaGheen> ... so help is available to GLD in this respect
14:18:30 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: also have 2 other vocabs to work on
14:18:46 <TinaGheen> ... his WG must decide which two they will work on
14:19:03 <TinaGheen> ... businesses? relationships b/w people? defining a piece of land?
14:19:35 <TinaGheen> ... immediate problem is identifying WG members w/o knowing which vocabs will be developed
14:19:51 <TinaGheen> ... EC is paying them to develop 3 vocabs
14:20:07 <TinaGheen> ... one will describe people, 2 more are unidentified areas at this time
14:20:22 <TinaGheen> ... hope to work with GLD, two way street
14:20:59 <George> q?
14:21:02 <cgueret_work> +q
14:21:29 <olyerickson> Q: Given that much of the LD vocab prior art concerns describing people, wondering what the work of this new group will contribute?
14:21:37 <TinaGheen> cgueret_work: you will redefine or reuse vocabularies?
14:21:42 <George> ack cgueret_work
14:21:43 <stasinos> q+
14:21:46 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: not redefining
14:21:49 <TinaGheen> ... reusing
14:21:55 <olyerickson> +1 to not re-inventing FOAF
14:22:04 <cgueret_work> +1 too :)
14:22:28 <TinaGheen> ?: do you have cadidates for vocabularies you will be using
14:23:05 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: accounts and payments, buildings, energy usage, health care inst, educational inst, contracts, procurement, transport infrastructure, vehicles
14:23:41 <bhyland> q+
14:23:49 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: hopes EC will say use ontologies everyone else has done
14:23:57 <George> ack stasinos
14:24:02 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: lots of good work already there
14:24:10 <TinaGheen> ... does not need to be reinvented
14:24:27 <TinaGheen> bhyland: what is the timing on outcomes and deliverables
14:24:27 <Zakim> +[IBM]
14:24:27 <George> ack bhyland
14:24:55 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: list of possible candidates to do? in an advanced draft stage. Sign off by commission possibly next week
14:25:27 <TinaGheen> bhyland: how do we set up a members only list?
14:25:48 <PhilA2> action PhilA2 to request member-only list
14:25:48 <trackbot> Sorry, couldn't find user - PhilA2
14:26:05 <PhilA2> action Phil Archer to request member-only list
14:26:06 <trackbot> Created ACTION-12 - Archer to request member-only list [on Phil Archer - due 2011-10-20].
14:26:30 <bhyland> @PhilA2, will the list of vocab candidates be something we could fold into this?  see
14:27:04 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: cautions against using member list too often
14:27:16 <TinaGheen> ... keep things public as much as possible
14:27:47 <George> @PhilA2 - and those under consideration for GLD Deliverable 2.3
14:27:50 <TinaGheen> bhyland: want to keep as many people involved as possible, more vibrant dialogue
14:28:52 <olyerickson> +1 to opening up W3G LGD WG discussions; we need more discussions on the list!
14:28:58 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: terms are context neutral, cross domain
14:29:21 <TinaGheen> ... do not want to do into great detail for every aspect of gov
14:29:26 <George> 'core' vocab terms
14:29:32 <George> q?
14:30:08 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: I need to set up a WG soon. Who would you invite?
14:30:26 <TinaGheen> ... would like to complement GLD, not duplicate
14:30:46 <TinaGheen> ... first decision will be which core vocabs will they work on
14:30:54 <TinaGheen> ... invitations will be coming
14:31:05 <George> q+
14:31:05 <TinaGheen> ... want to make sure the invitations go to the right people
14:31:31 <PhilA2> ack ge
14:31:34 <TinaGheen> George: please elaborate on relationship b/w SEMIC and W3C
14:31:49 <cgueret_work> +q
14:31:55 <olyerickson> Hmmmmm
14:32:10 <George> q?
14:32:34 <PhilA2> ack cg
14:32:44 <TinaGheen> cgueret_work: do you have plans to collaborate with
14:33:09 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: don't have definite plans but are aware effect is having
14:34:04 <TinaGheen> cgueret_work: can be potential members of your WG
14:34:35 <George> q?
14:34:57 <Zakim> -[IBM]
14:35:16 <cgueret_work> @olyerickson yep, close enough :)
14:35:36 <olyerickson> ;) 
14:36:13 <Gerald_> nicks I believe
14:37:15 <TinaGheen> George: is there some sort of mandate for using terms or is it recommendations?
14:37:38 <bhyland> q+
14:37:46 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: not legally binding, but this is the way you are meant to do it
14:38:12 <TinaGheen> George: budgets will not be tied to compliance?
14:38:28 <olyerickson> @PhilA2, looking forward to meeting you at TPAC
14:38:29 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: no
14:38:49 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: orgs will get more value from using the terms - that is the benefit
14:39:19 <olyerickson> "Voluntary Consensus Standards..." 
14:39:25 <George> q?
14:39:28 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: voluntary consensus is correct
14:39:30 <George> ack bhyland
14:40:05 <TinaGheen> bhyland: let's talk about how this became so important in EU
14:40:44 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: Political transparency was important
14:41:00 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: in Britain
14:41:56 <cgueret_work> +1 for pub questions :)
14:42:20 <George> +1 pub questions - and forgotten answers :)
14:42:30 <TinaGheen> bhyland: real projects going on in US, but budgeting for egov initiatives is a problem
14:43:19 <TinaGheen> PhilA2: City of Manchester has seen real financial savings because data is published and they know where to find it
14:43:39 <olyerickson> q+
14:43:39 <cgueret_work> +q
14:45:01 <olyerickson> Zakim, that was me talkin' 
14:45:01 <Zakim> I don't understand 'that was me talkin'', olyerickson
14:45:15 <PhilA2> ack ol
14:45:15 <TinaGheen> olyerickson: evangelists on outside must meet with those inside to make decisions happen
14:45:22 <George> ack olyerickson.a
14:45:28 <cgueret_work>
14:45:32 <bhyland> Peter Mika
14:45:32 <George> ack cgueret_work
14:45:58 <TinaGheen> George; Thank you, Phil
14:46:14 <olyerickson> -1 to comments
14:46:35 <bhyland> @PhilA2, thanks, very interesting & highly relevant.  I hope this can be a fruitful liaison between EU and other countries.
14:47:06 <TinaGheen> Topic: Facebook Open Graph Schemas
14:47:48 <TinaGheen> George: does anyone have any thoughts on list message from Jesse Weaver @ RPI 
14:47:49 <bhyland> agenda+ Community Directory entries due by 17-Oct please!
14:48:16 <TinaGheen> George: is there more interest?
14:48:55 <TinaGheen> bhyland: have Sandro report on meeting in CA
14:49:31 <TinaGheen> Topic: Community Directory
14:49:35 <PhilA2> Just to note that Ivan Herman posted a summary of the event at
14:49:52 <TinaGheen> bhyland: have gone through start up phase
14:50:04 <TinaGheen> bhyland: Comm Dir can help all of us
14:50:26 <TinaGheen> ... can show what is in production
14:51:20 <PhilA2> :-)
14:51:21 <cgueret_work> :)
14:51:23 <olyerickson> doh!
14:51:52 <TinaGheen> bhyland: please access directory, let me know if there are issues
14:52:43 <TinaGheen> ... would like to take screenshot of statistics that show worldwide distribution 
14:53:09 <TinaGheen> ... would like to show in Warsaw
14:53:19 <cgueret_work> deadline to put info there?
14:53:51 <TinaGheen> bhyland: all data will be available in RDF
14:54:17 <TinaGheen> ... please submit info by Tuesday
14:54:20 <PhilA2> q+
14:54:35 <George> ack PhilA2
14:54:49 <George> ack PhilA
14:55:29 <TinaGheen> Topic: Announcements
14:55:40 <TinaGheen> George: any other announcements or agenda items?
14:55:49 <cgueret_work> q+
14:56:10 <olyerickson> -1 to additional agenda items at this time...
14:56:25 <olyerickson> +1 to great scribing
14:56:31 <bhyland> @TinaGheen, thank you, great job scribing :-)
14:57:00 <PhilA2> rrsagent, make logs public
14:58:07 <TinaGheen> George: meeting adjourned
14:58:24 <cgueret_work> bye bye
14:58:28 <Zakim> -Cory
14:58:29 <BenediktKaempgen> bye
14:58:37 <Zakim> -PhilA2
14:58:38 <Zakim> -boris
14:58:38 <Zakim> -bhyland
14:58:39 <Zakim> -[IPcaller]
14:58:39 <Zakim> - +1.202.566.aacc
14:58:41 <Zakim> -olyerickson
14:58:41 <Gerald_> I'll lurk to see the ending.
14:58:49 <martinAlvarez> martinAlvarez has left #gld
14:58:51 <Zakim> -[IPcaller.a]
14:58:52 <Zakim> -stasinos
14:59:18 <TinaGheen> RRSAgent, generate minutes 
14:59:18 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate TinaGheen