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<sandro> PRESENT: bern, sandro, george, cygri, boris, martin, raphael, fadi, gatemezi, tope
<sandro> guest: Anne Washington, GWU
<sandro> guest: David (DruidSmith) Smith, EPA
<sandro> guest: Ernest (Ernie) Lucier, NITRD
<sandro> guest: Michael Aisenberg, MITRE
<sandro> guest: Mike Pendleton, EPA
<sandro> guest: Rick Murphy, GSA
<sandro> guest: Tina Gheen, NSF/LoC
<sandro> guest: William Brafford, Revelytix
<sandro> guest: Yigal Arens, ISI 
#<sandro> guest: Ansgar Scherp, Koblenz
<sandro> guest: Bart (Simpson) van Leeuwen, Fire Dept Amsterdam
<sandro> guest: Benedikt (bkaempgen) Kämpgen, FZI Karlsruhe
<sandro> guest: Dan (dan) Gilman, BLS
<sandro> guest: Hadley Beeman, LinkedGov
<sandro> guest: Simon Wall, Australian Bureau of Statistics
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13:37:44 <RRSAgent> logging to
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13:37:51 <sandro> zakim, this will be gld
13:37:51 <Zakim> ok, sandro; I see T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM scheduled to start in 23 minutes
13:37:59 <sandro> RRSAgent, make logs public
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13:40:34 <Zakim> T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM has been moved to #gld-wg by gatemezi
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13:51:47 <sandro> sandro has changed the topic to: GLD is here
13:51:55 <sandro> zakim, this is gld
13:51:55 <Zakim> sandro, T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM is already associated with an irc channel; use 'move gld to here' if you mean to reassociate the channel
13:52:01 <sandro> zakim, move gld to here
13:52:02 <Zakim> ok, sandro; that matches T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
13:52:04 <Simpson_2> I was about to ask
13:52:14 <sandro> sandro has changed the topic to: GLD is here, not #gld-wg
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13:52:39 <sandro> sandro has changed the topic to: GLD is here, not #gld-wg  Agenda:
13:52:53 <Zakim> +??P4
13:53:15 <Simpson_2> Zakim, ??p4 is mew
13:53:15 <Zakim> +mew; got it
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13:53:37 <Simpson_2> hi all
13:53:39 <Zakim> +raphael
13:54:10 <Zakim> + +1.202.557.aaaa
13:54:24 <sandro> bhyland, did you catch that?  raphael is willing to scribe today, if you don't have a scribe yet.
13:55:27 <sandro> Indeed, I'm sure others will be clamoring for the honor.  :-)
13:55:54 <bhyland> great, thank you Rafael.  We plan to have alternating chairs, and revolving scribes.  See
13:56:49 <raphael> Chair: Bernadette
#13:56:53 <raphael> Scribe: Raphaem
13:56:58 <raphael> Scribenick: raphael
13:57:03 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate raphael
#13:57:10 <Zakim> +davidwood
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13:57:45 <Simpson_2> Zakim, ??p4 is me
13:57:45 <Zakim> I already had ??P4 as mew, Simpson_2
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#13:57:50 <davidwood> Zakim, davidwood is bhyland
13:57:50 <Zakim> +bhyland; got it
13:57:52 <Zakim> + +1.703.292.aabb
#13:58:00 <raphael> Present: Raphael, Bernardette, DavidWood, HadleyBeeman
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13:58:47 <Zakim> + +25430217aacc
13:58:53 <Zakim> +DruidSmith
13:59:03 <raphael> Chair+ George
13:59:07 <Zakim> +??P15
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13:59:36 <Simpson_2> Zakim, mew is really Simpson_2
13:59:36 <Zakim> +Simpson_2; got it
13:59:37 <raphael> Regrets: Michael
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14:00:28 <raphael> Agenda:
14:00:53 <Zakim> +cygri
14:00:55 <Zakim> + +1.202.566.aadd
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#14:01:10 <raphael> Present+ Richard
14:01:28 <Zakim> +??P27
14:01:52 <Zakim> + +1.704.302.aaee
14:02:12 <Zakim> +??P34
14:02:18 <Zakim> + +1.202.690.aaff
14:02:40 <Zakim> + +1.540.645.aagg
14:02:50 <martin> zakim, ?P34 is me
14:02:54 <Zakim> +??P38
14:03:00 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate raphael
14:03:08 <martin> zakim, ??P34 is me
14:03:13 <Zakim> -??P38
14:03:21 <Zakim> sorry, martin, I do not recognize a party named '?P34'
14:03:27 <raphael> zakim, list conferences
14:03:37 <Zakim> + +49.721.aahh
14:03:41 <Zakim> +martin; got it
14:03:59 <bhyland>
14:04:03 <Zakim> I see Math_IG()10:00AM, SW_(PROV1)8:00AM, WAI_PFWG(AAPI)10:00AM, INC_LLDXG()10:00AM, Team_Global(review)8:00AM, SW_RDFa()10:00AM, T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM, UW_POI(POIWG)10:00AM active
14:04:08 <Zakim> also scheduled at this time are MM_MMI(EMMA)10:00AM, XML_PMWG()10:00AM, WF_TF()9:00AM, IA_WebApps(Widgets)9:00AM
14:04:14 <raphael> zakim, this is T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
14:04:32 <raphael> Topic: Opening
14:04:42 <Zakim> raphael, this was already T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
14:04:44 <Zakim> ok, raphael; that matches T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
14:04:50 <Zakim> +Sandro
14:04:53 <raphael> George Thomas: co-chair of this group
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14:05:53 <bhyland>
14:06:05 <sandro> zakim, who is on the call?
14:06:05 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, Simpson_2, raphael, +1.202.557.aaaa, bhyland, +1.703.292.aabb, +25430217aacc, DruidSmith, ??P15, cygri, +1.202.566.aadd, ??P27, +1.704.302.aaee
14:06:08 <Zakim> ... (muted), martin, +1.202.690.aaff, +1.540.645.aagg, +49.721.aahh, Sandro
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14:06:21 <raphael> Bern: co-chair of this group
14:06:24 <bkaempgen> zakim, +49.721.aahh has bkaempgen 
14:06:24 <Zakim> +bkaempgen; got it
14:06:46 <raphael> ... both of us new in co-chairing a w3c group, so we're happy to take advice and suggestions from the group
14:07:06 <Zakim> +??P46
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14:07:17 <Zakim> -??P46
14:07:29 <raphael> ... the agenda is sent at least 24 hours in advance
14:07:32 <sandro> zakim, who is on the call?
14:07:32 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, Simpson_2, raphael, +1.202.557.aaaa, bhyland, +1.703.292.aabb, +25430217aacc, DruidSmith, ??P15, cygri, +1.202.566.aadd, ??P27 (muted),
14:07:35 <Zakim> ... +1.704.302.aaee (muted), martin, +1.202.690.aaff, +1.540.645.aagg, +49.721.aahh, Sandro
14:07:38 <Zakim> +49.721.aahh has bkaempgen
14:07:39 <raphael> ... speak up for regrets or possible addition to the agenda
14:07:50 <sandro> q+
14:07:55 <raphael> ... the time we pick was the most convenient for the majority, sorry for the others
14:08:10 <raphael> Topic: Review of F2F1 
14:08:24 <raphael> See
14:08:49 <raphael> ... minutes of the first day:
14:09:01 <raphael> ... minutes of the second day:
14:09:04 <Zakim> T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM has been moved to #gld-wg by gatemezi
14:09:40 <sandro> zakim, move gld to here
14:09:42 <Zakim> ok, sandro; that matches T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
14:09:52 <Zakim> + +1.202.691.aaii
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<sandro> Topic: Introductions
<sandro> Summary: We connected names with callerID phone numbers, and started to learn to recognize voices
14:11:02 <sandro> zakim, aaaa is Rick_Murphy
14:11:11 <Zakim> +Rick_Murphy; got it
14:11:19 <George> zakim, aaff is George
14:11:25 <Zakim> +George; got it
14:11:36 <sandro> zakim, aabb is Ernie
14:11:39 <Zakim> +Ernie; got it
14:11:40 <sandro> zakim, who is on the call?
14:11:43 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, Simpson_2, raphael, Rick_Murphy, bhyland, Ernie, +25430217aacc, DruidSmith, ??P15, cygri, +1.202.566.aadd, SimonWall, +1.704.302.aaee (muted),
14:11:48 <Zakim> ... martin, George, +1.540.645.aagg, +49.721.aahh, Sandro, ??P52, +1.202.691.aaii
14:11:52 <Zakim> +49.721.aahh has bkaempgen
14:11:59 <sandro> zakim, aadd is Mike_Pendleton
14:11:59 <Zakim> +Mike_Pendleton; got it
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14:13:05 <sandro> zakim, aacc is Fadi
14:13:05 <Zakim> +Fadi; got it
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14:13:33 <bkaempgen> bkaempgen is Benedikt Kämpgen
14:14:03 <sandro> zakim, ??P15 is Yigal
14:14:03 <Zakim> +Yigal; got it
14:14:20 <sandro> zakim, aadd is Dave_Smith
14:14:20 <Zakim> sorry, sandro, I do not recognize a party named 'aadd'
14:14:32 <boris> zakim, who is here
14:14:32 <Zakim> boris, you need to end that query with '?'
14:14:34 <boris> ?
14:14:37 <sandro> zakim, who is on the call?
14:14:37 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, Simpson_2, raphael, Rick_Murphy, bhyland, Ernie, Fadi, DruidSmith, Yigal, cygri, Mike_Pendleton, SimonWall, +1.704.302.aaee, martin, George,
14:14:41 <Zakim> ... +1.540.645.aagg, +49.721.aahh, Sandro, ??P52, +1.202.691.aaii
14:14:42 <Zakim> +49.721.aahh has bkaempgen
14:14:42 <Zakim> + +1.202.270.aajj
14:14:56 <annew> that's me, annew 270
14:14:58 <sandro> zakim, aaee is brafford
14:14:58 <Zakim> +brafford; got it
14:15:24 <sandro> zakim, aagg is Tina
14:15:24 <Zakim> +Tina; got it
14:15:28 <boris> zakim, ??P52 is probably me
14:15:28 <Zakim> +boris?; got it
14:15:47 <sandro> zakim, aaii is Dan_Gilman
14:15:47 <Zakim> +Dan_Gilman; got it
14:15:50 <sandro> zakim, who is on the call?
14:15:50 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, Simpson_2, raphael, Rick_Murphy, bhyland, Ernie, Fadi, DruidSmith, Yigal, cygri, Mike_Pendleton, SimonWall, brafford (muted), martin, George, Tina,
14:15:50 <gatemezi> zakim, gatemezi is ghislain
14:15:54 <Zakim> ... +49.721.aahh, Sandro, boris?, Dan_Gilman, +1.202.270.aajj
14:15:56 <Zakim> +49.721.aahh has bkaempgen
14:15:58 <Zakim> sorry, gatemezi, I do not recognize a party named 'gatemezi'
14:16:04 <sandro> zakim, who is on the call?
14:16:04 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, Simpson_2, raphael, Rick_Murphy, bhyland, Ernie, Fadi, DruidSmith, Yigal, cygri, Mike_Pendleton, SimonWall, brafford (muted), martin, George, Tina,
14:16:07 <Zakim> ... +49.721.aahh, Sandro, boris?, Dan_Gilman, +1.202.270.aajj
14:16:09 <Zakim> +49.721.aahh has bkaempgen
14:16:30 <Simpson_2> ;)
14:16:34 <annew> cute
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14:17:49 <sandro> zakim, who is on the call?
14:17:49 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, Simpson_2, raphael, Rick_Murphy, bhyland, Ernie, Fadi, DruidSmith, Yigal, cygri, Mike_Pendleton, SimonWall, brafford (muted), martin, George, Tina,
14:17:52 <Zakim> ... +49.721.aahh, Sandro, boris?, Dan_Gilman, +1.202.270.aajj
14:17:53 <Zakim> +49.721.aahh has bkaempgen
14:18:12 <sandro> zakim, aajj is Anne_Washington
14:18:12 <Zakim> +Anne_Washington; got it
#14:18:26 <user> tobo = Tope Omitola
#14:18:48 <sandro> tobo, use "/nick tobo"
#14:19:20 <user> user has left #gld
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14:20:28 <bkaempgen> zakim, aahh is bkaempgen
14:20:29 <Zakim> +bkaempgen; got it
14:20:30 <sandro> zakim, who is on the call?
14:20:30 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, Simpson_2, raphael, Rick_Murphy, bhyland, Ernie, Fadi, DruidSmith, Yigal, cygri, Mike_Pendleton, SimonWall, brafford (muted), martin, George, Tina,
14:20:33 <Zakim> ... bkaempgen, Sandro, boris?, Dan_Gilman, Anne_Washington
14:20:35 <Zakim> bkaempgen has bkaempgen
14:21:22 <gatemezi> zakim, who is talking?
14:21:33 <Zakim> gatemezi, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Simpson_2 (84%), bhyland (5%), SimonWall (4%), Sandro (9%)
14:21:54 <HadleyBeeman> Is my microphone hard to hear?
14:22:04 <raphael> Hadley:
14:22:39 <HadleyBeeman> Thank you, bhyland!
14:22:55 <raphael> Raphael: assistant professor in EURECOM, multimedia semantics, datalift project in France (
14:23:04 <raphael> Rick: US
14:23:17 <raphael> Bernadette: 3stones, Washington DC
14:23:41 <HadleyBeeman> Raphael: I'm not officially representing, though I'm working closely with them. I'm on the re-use/linking/best practices side; where as they're more on publishing and reference datasets.
14:23:46 <raphael> Fadi: ireland, DERI Galway
14:24:06 <raphael> Simpson_2: in NL
14:24:17 <sandro> s/Raphael:/Raphael,/
14:24:22 <tobo> Tope Omitola University of Southampton
14:24:53 <raphael> Richard: DERI, statistical data in RDF, member of RDF WG and RDB2RDF WG
14:25:18 <raphael> Michael: US Environement Protection Agency in Washington DC with Druid
14:25:23 <raphael>  DruidSmith works for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, manages Facility Registry System - LOD prototype modeling of FRS:
14:26:10 <gatemezi> zakim, who is talking?
14:26:12 <raphael> William: Semantic Web company, colleagues involved in the RDF and Provenance WG
14:26:20 <Zakim> gatemezi, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Simpson_2 (4%), SimonWall (4%), martin (74%)
14:26:27 <sandro> zakim, who is on the call?
14:26:27 <Zakim> On the phone I see HadleyBeeman, Simpson_2, raphael, Rick_Murphy, bhyland, Ernie, Fadi, DruidSmith, Yigal, cygri, Mike_Pendleton, SimonWall, brafford, martin, George, Tina,
14:26:31 <Zakim> ... bkaempgen, Sandro, boris?, Dan_Gilman, Anne_Washington
14:26:33 <Zakim> bkaempgen has bkaempgen
14:26:45 <wbrafford> My company is Revelytix, Inc.
14:26:58 <raphael> Boris: work in UPM (Spain), we have at least 2 projects which are 5 stars compliant, OpenData movement in Spain
14:27:15 <martin> s/Boris/Martin
14:27:22 <raphael> George: the other co-chair of this group, works for in US
14:27:33 <martin> s/UPM/CTIC
14:27:59 <boris> do not worry
14:28:17 <George> George - works for US Dept. of Health and Human Services - works with US PMO
14:28:20 <raphael> Sandro: W3C team contact, worked in SPARQL, Provenance, etc.
14:28:36 <sandro> zakim, Boris? is Boris
14:28:49 <Zakim> +Boris; got it
14:28:53 <raphael> Boris: UPM, developing LinkedData projects for several agencies, currently working in DERI for 2 months
14:29:00 <sandro>     Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
14:29:05 <Zakim> + +1.202.409.aakk
14:29:28 <raphael> s/UPM/Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
14:29:45 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate raphael
14:29:49 <TGheen> Tina Gheen is at the National Science Foundation Library in Arlington, VA on temporary assignment to the Library of Congress. Working on a Law project with linked data potential.
14:30:16 <sandro> ( raphael note that we're using CommonScribe not RRSAgent's minutes. )
14:30:17 <gatemezi> Ghislain, PHD student working in the Datalift project,, at the French government level... 
14:30:35 <gatemezi> My supervisor is Raphaël
14:30:56 <gatemezi> I am now at Eurecom
14:30:57 <sandro> Anne: Going to George Mason Univ.
14:31:07 <sandro> Aisen: I'm at MITRE
14:31:29 <sandro> zakim, aakk is Michael_Aisenberg
14:31:29 <Zakim> +Michael_Aisenberg; got it
14:32:04 <sandro> topic: Announcements
14:32:57 <raphael> Hadley: annoucement of a set of new open datasets from the Prime Minister
14:33:13 <raphael> ... data about transport, crime statistics
14:33:22 <George>
14:35:03 <George> +1
14:35:05 <raphael> Bernadette: should we go for 1 hour or 1,5 hour telecon?
14:35:09 <SimonWall> +1
14:35:11 <Simpson_2> +1
14:35:12 <raphael> ... I would vote for 1 hour
14:35:12 <raphael> +1
14:35:16 <boris> +1
14:35:18 <martin> +1 (one hour)
14:35:21 <Yigal> +1
14:35:24 <gatemezi> +1
14:35:31 <raphael> Bernadette: should we meet weekly during the summer ?
14:35:43 <raphael> ... we could 3 telecon in July because we need to start
14:35:48 <raphael> ... and 2 telecon in August
14:35:49 <annew> +1 short summer
14:35:50 <George> George may get called for jury duty next Thu 7/14
14:35:54 <raphael> ... should we skip 14/07 ?
14:36:13 <raphael> Raphael: 14/07 is national day in France :-)
14:36:25 <HadleyBeeman> While we're discussing meetings, is there a face-to-face planned during the TPAC?
14:36:46 <raphael> Sandro: put a wiki page up so people can state their availability
14:37:06 <raphael> Hadley, I think it is too late for TPAC ... all group meetings have been arranged already
14:37:12 <George> q+
14:37:18 <sandro> q-
14:37:21 <raphael> zakim, ack sandro
14:37:21 <Zakim> I see George on the speaker queue
14:37:23 <sandro> q- george
14:37:34 <HadleyBeeman> Thanks, George (and Sandro)
14:37:40 <Mike_Pendleton> Mike_Pendleton has joined #gld
14:37:55 <raphael> TPAC is in Santa Clara in November
14:38:24 <raphael> Sandro: TPAC is a full week where all groups meet (Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri) while Wed is for the AC
14:38:39 <raphael> ... we should wonder soon when will be the next F2F meeting
14:38:41 <Zakim> + +1.703.281.aall
14:39:26 <user> user has left #gld
14:39:33 <raphael> Topic: Community Directory
<sandro> Summary: We discussed possible platforms for the directory (MediaWiki, SemanticMediaWiki, Callimachus) and people expressed interest in working on this
14:39:47 <raphael> Raphael: wonder if there is a tracker set up for this group ?
14:41:56 <tobo> tobo has joined #gld
14:44:12 <raphael> Bernadette: community directory
14:44:33 <raphael> William?
14:44:37 <wbrafford> unmute brafford
14:44:37 <annew> point of order for coming back to issues... we are about 15 minutes before 11am
14:44:45 <sandro> zakim, who is muted?
14:44:45 <Zakim> I see brafford muted
14:45:20 <wbrafford>
14:46:18 <tobo> tobo here  Tope Omitola University of Southampton
14:47:01 <Zakim> +??P0
14:47:08 <gatemezi> I think it is a good base to start. Do we have enough volunteers for that?
14:47:57 <raphael> William: unclear which technology should be used for this community directory
14:48:08 <raphael> ... web site, wiki
14:48:13 <raphael> ... we can have a discussion
14:49:25 <gatemezi> @William: I suppose all the technologies used in all the process of publishing data on the web
14:49:57 <gatemezi> thus, classify by process
14:50:23 <annew> ok just trying to determine what the first step is.
14:50:46 <raphael> Bernadette: we should most likely go for open source tools
14:51:21 <George> I think it'd be interesting to use the public Knoodl site to compose the Vocabs (with an eye toward Standard Vocab dogfood) and then have someone host a Callimachus instance (who?) 
14:51:40 <raphael> ... how to select the tools to mention?
14:51:48 <bkaempgen> +q
14:51:51 <tobo> Apologies, I joined the call late. What directory are you talking about, Bernadette?
14:51:55 <raphael> ... we talk a bit a the F2F meeting
14:52:02 <raphael> ... who is interested in helping for this?
14:52:07 <sandro> tobo, the first deliverable, in the Charter.
14:52:14 <tobo> OK.
14:52:20 <George> @tobo - see
14:52:23 <tobo> Let me check the charter
14:52:24 <raphael> Raphael: there is the SW Use Cases to get inspiration from
14:52:49 <tobo> Do we mean this : Deployments, at every stage of the effort from initial consideration to maturity, with (when available) success stories, lessons learned, and ongoing challenges (concrete use cases) 
14:53:23 <sandro> q+
14:53:24 <DruidSmith_2> DruidSmith_2 has joined #gld
14:53:25 <raphael> ... the Multimedia Semantics XG also tried to do that, e.g.
14:53:26 <sandro> ack bkaempgen 
14:53:46 <sandro> zakim, who is talking?
14:53:48 <bkaempgen>
14:53:56 <Zakim> sandro, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: ??P0 (53%), raphael (100%), martin (4%)
14:54:30 <lucier> lucier has joined #gld
14:54:35 <raphael> Raphael: main SW wiki is at
14:55:00 <annew> +1 on wiki templates from sandro
14:55:09 <raphael> SWEO use cases at
14:55:57 <tobo> I think we're talking about this: Action Item: Support of 2.1.1 - 2.1.4 - Community Directory - Deployments, Vendors, Contractors, Applications - Volunteer: William Bradford  ?
14:56:11 <Simpson_2> there is a lot of background noice :(
14:56:20 <sandro> zakim, who is talking?
14:56:31 <Zakim> sandro, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: ??P0 (50%), raphael (5%), bhyland (100%)
14:56:39 <sandro> zakim, mute ??P0
14:56:39 <Zakim> ??P0 should now be muted
14:56:57 <raphael> Raphael: I would suggest to create a new wiki template, similar to the tools one at but for Governement Data
14:57:04 <raphael> ... at the same location
14:57:15 <Simpson_2> sandro, +1 to just start
14:57:27 <bkaempgen> +q
14:57:36 <sandro> ack sandro
14:57:59 <sandro> ack bkaempgen 
14:58:15 <tobo> Bernadette? I'm happy to help William on this task.
14:58:25 <bhyland> @tobo thanks!
14:58:40 <tobo> Very good.
14:59:03 <sandro> bkaempgen: I'm happy to help with Semantic Media Wiki, but I don't want to be the driver.
14:59:42 <George> bkaempgen offers to support the use of SMW
14:59:43 <gatemezi> Could I join  the group in charge of the community Directory?
15:00:33 <DruidSmith> I can attempt to help but don't yet have a great deal of tech familiarity with Callimachus or Semantic Media Wiki
15:00:39 <Zakim> +??P61
15:00:39 <tobo> YES,
15:00:48 <tobo> Tope Omitola
15:00:56 <Yigal> ?p61 is Yigal
15:01:02 <sandro> Atemezing, Ghislain Auguste
15:01:08 <Yigal> zakim, ?p61 is Yigal [08:01] <sandro> Atemezing, Ghis
15:01:41 <Zakim> I don't understand you, Yigal
15:02:00 <Yigal> zakim, ??P61 is Yigal
15:02:20 <Zakim> +Yigal; got it
15:03:01 <rickmurphy> +q
15:03:04 <boris>
15:03:25 <George> Tope, Ghislain and David offered to help with ComDir
15:03:38 <gatemezi> yes, Sandro
15:03:45 <HadleyBeeman> Bernadette, I'll help with the cookbook, legacy data, stability and versioning.
15:04:29 <annew> Yay! Hadley for helping me with stability!
15:04:39 <rickmurphy>
15:04:52 <HadleyBeeman> Looking forward to working with you, Annew. :)
15:04:55 <rickmurphy>
15:05:13 <Simpson_2> +q
15:05:24 <raphael> Raphael: I'm under the impression that all these wiki pages are not linked from the main page, are they?
15:05:43 <sandro> q?
15:05:54 <sandro> ack rickmurphy 
15:06:02 <gatemezi> I can contribute in the vocabulary selection also... 
15:06:17 <gatemezi> under the Cookbook if possible
15:06:58 <cygri> i can contribute to the Versioning and Legacy Data chapters
15:07:38 <wbrafford> The hyperlinks Rick is talking about are here:
15:07:38 <Michael> I'd like to help with the ComDir
15:07:52 <annew> +q we need a central place for all these wiki links
15:08:20 <boris> we can contribute on vocabulary selection
15:08:24 <fadmaa> I'd like to help with the cookbook
15:08:26 <tobo> Community Discovery: William, Tope, and Ghislain.
15:08:46 <cygri> q+
15:09:20 <fadmaa> I can contribute to Legacy Data chapter as well
<sandro> Topic: Vocabs
15:09:34 <sandro> gilman: I'm chairing US Gov Open Vocabs interest group
15:10:04 <Michael> On BPs, I'd like to support 3. Guidance in explaining the value proposition for LOD to stakeholders, managers and executives. 
15:10:21 <annew> +1 Raphael's point that we need a central place that links to all these new wiki pages
15:11:49 <gatemezi> +1 to Raphael idea
15:12:10 <Zakim> -Anne_Washington
15:12:15 <George> @Dan - the OGV metadata recommendations and an analysis of it's relationship to other posited vocabs is of interest to this WG
15:12:26 <sandro> raphael, see   (and I'll be on IRC)
15:13:33 <Zakim> -Yigal
15:13:50 <George> @Dan - ( realize Dan isn't on this IRC channel ) - the aforementioned OGV whitepaper makes no direct contribution to this WG deliverables other than recommending the use of SemWeb technologies and Linked Data
15:15:52 <bhyland> Wiki page,
15:17:14 <wbrafford> +q
15:17:19 <cygri> q-
15:18:16 <Simpson_2> q-
15:18:34 <Simpson_2> okay I would like to help on use case / best practices part
15:18:45 <Simpson_2> I have full control over the work for the Fire Department Amsterdam
15:19:13 <bkaempgen> I would like to help on Statistical "Cube" Data.
15:20:26 <wbrafford> q-
15:21:14 <wbrafford> New wiki pages should be listed under "Ongoing Work" at
15:21:19 <HadleyBeeman> Thanks, bhyland and George! Useful telecon.
15:21:22 <Simpson_2> thank !
15:21:22 <Zakim> -Dan_Gilman
15:21:24 <Zakim> -Mike_Pendleton
15:21:24 <DruidSmith> Thanks all
15:21:25 <martin> Thanks, bye
15:21:25 <Zakim> - +1.703.281.aall
15:21:27 <Zakim> -Ernie
15:21:28 <Zakim> -Sandro
15:21:29 <Zakim> -Yigal.a
15:21:29 <Zakim> -Fadi
15:21:30 <Zakim> -raphael
15:21:31 <Zakim> -SimonWall
15:21:33 <Zakim> -bhyland
15:21:35 <Zakim> -martin
15:21:36 <bkaempgen> Thanks
15:21:37 <Zakim> -Simpson_2
15:21:40 <Zakim> -DruidSmith
15:21:41 <cygri> thanks bhyland, george, sandro! great first meeting :-)
15:21:41 <martin> martin has left #gld
15:21:44 <Zakim> -bkaempgen
15:21:47 <Zakim> -brafford
15:21:48 <bhyland> thanks all.
15:21:48 <Zakim> -HadleyBeeman
15:21:50 <Zakim> -Michael_Aisenberg
15:21:52 <Zakim> -Tina
15:21:54 <Zakim> -cygri
15:22:03 <Zakim> -George
15:22:05 <Yigal> Yigal has left #gld
15:22:05 <Simpson_2> Simpson_2 has left #gld
15:24:10 <Zakim> -??P0
15:27:04 <Zakim> -Rick_Murphy
15:30:00 <gatemezi> rrsagent, please create the minutes
15:30:00 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate gatemezi
15:31:55 <sandro> gatemezi,  we're not ussing RRSAgent minutes for this group.
15:32:26 <gatemezi> @Sandro ok. thanks!!
15:35:01 <Zakim> disconnecting the lone participant, Boris, in T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM
15:35:04 <Zakim> T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM has ended
15:35:05 <Zakim> Attendees were HadleyBeeman, raphael, +1.202.557.aaaa, bhyland, +1.703.292.aabb, +25430217aacc, DruidSmith, Simpson_2, cygri, +1.202.566.aadd, +1.704.302.aaee, +1.202.690.aaff,
15:35:09 <Zakim> ... +1.540.645.aagg, martin, Sandro, bkaempgen, +1.202.691.aaii, SimonWall, Rick_Murphy, George, Ernie, Mike_Pendleton, Fadi, Yigal, +1.202.270.aajj, brafford, Tina, Dan_Gilman,
15:35:11 <Zakim> ... Anne_Washington, Boris, +1.202.409.aakk, Michael_Aisenberg, +1.703.281.aall
15:38:23 <sandro> raphael, any luck with CommonScribe?  Want any help?
15:41:45 <tobo> tobo has left #gld
15:42:33 <sandro> Did you try the CommonScribe panel?
15:51:28 <raphael> The minutes are awful:
15:51:37 <raphael> sorry, I'm used to RRS Agent, I can't help her
15:52:26 <sandro> The problem here is that we have a lot of guests who need to be declared.  I'll do that.   Hold on 5 minutes.
16:06:53 <sandro> okay, raphael, I think I've added the necessary GUEST and PRESENT lines, and nicknames into tracker.    Now the "scribe errors" are legit scribe errors.  :-)