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Bernadette Hyland

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About me

  • Was an early Web developer in the Web "Bronze Age" ... back when there was vi and 12 HTML tags, 1993.
  • Moved into the Web "Iron Age" as a serial entrepreneur in 1995 from Brisbane Australia.
    • Co-founder & CEO of 3 start-ups using semantic technologies.
    • Tucana Technologies, the first commercial graph database company using the open data exchange standard, RDF.
    • Circa 2004, the US Defense community saw the value of graph databases and they started using the Tucana Technologies software for large scale data analysis.
  • Today, in the "Data Age", I'm working on Government Linked Data Projects through 3 Round Stones, Inc.
    • 3 Round Stones is a leading Linked Data Management product company serving the US Federal Government and several Fortune 500 companies.
    • We run a high availability PURLs service for US GPO used by over 1,200 Federal Depository Libraries in the US.
    • Previously, as CEO of Zepheira, we developed innovative Web based solutions for the US Library of Congress and applications to consolidate clinical trials data and enterprise content.
  • Open Source advocate
    • Together with my colleagues at Tucana, we released Mulgara, an RDF database well ahead of it day. Mulgara is used today for many institutional repositories around the world.
    • At 3 Round Stones, we're actively developing the Callimachus Project, a content management framework for Linked Data.

What I Care About

Sharing data via the Web is potentially the greatest advance in human history. Playing a small part in the Web of data revolution to make it to become part of our everyday life gives me great joy.

A big believer in the moto, "If not me, who? If not now, when?" and for-profit companies with a margin and a mission.

To recharge, I study Aikido, paddle (a kayak), look for dolphins and pelicans whenever possible.


  • Serial entrepreneur who has started & run 3 software companies in Australia & US
  • Experienced project manager for multi-million dollar IT projects with ROI occasionally measured in weeks.
  • Database systems developer for a large product company and app developer for financial services industry.


  • bhyland at 3roundstones dot com
  • I occasionally tweet, see @BernHyland