ISSUE-68: QB validation rules miss a potentially common case

QB validation gap

QB validation rules miss a potentially common case

Data Cube Vocabulary
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Dave Reynolds
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An implementation report [] has revealed that the validation rules in the spec are not as complete as we would have liked. They fail to detect a potentially common case.

The DataCube validation rules check that every Observation has a (unique) associated qb:DataSet (ic-1) and that every declared qb:DataSet has a structure definition (ic-2).

However, if the dataset associated with the observation does not have an explicit type declaration then ic-2 is not applied to it.

This is arguably an omission in the closure rules in phase one of the normalization algorithm [].

Should also have:

?ds rdf:type qb:DataSet .
?o qb:dataSet ?ds .

The specification does say that implementations MAY use full RDFS inference which would cover this case. But it is only a MAY.

The hard question is what to do about this process-wise. Both the rules and normalization algorithm having been marked At Risk we can delete them but I don't think we can extend them without a reset to the process.

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Related notes:

Discussed 18-Jul-2-13 at GLD WG call.
Would read better as: "ISSUE-68: QB validation rules miss a potentially common case" (omit work "lack")
DaveReynolds: if someone had validator by the spec, they would have to tweak their validator, but data users would not. And anyone with such a validator would want this change.
Sandro: We should have an implementors report page and notate this & ensure an email goes out about this issue.
DaveReynolds agreed to prepare email & send to public gld list, Sandro to ensure Ralph is OK with proposed approach.

Bernadette Hyland, 18 Jul 2013, 15:01:47

Detailed write up and proposed solution posted to public comments list at:

Dave Reynolds, 18 Jul 2013, 16:04:27

Dave Reynolds posted to mailing list. We didn't think it would affect any implementers & notified as such. Working group agreed with approach.

Bernadette Hyland, 15 Aug 2013, 14:20:17

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