LEDP2011 list of submissions

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authors title
1 Martynas Jusevicius, Julius Seporaitis and Aleksandras Smirnovas Graphity – A Generic Linked Data Platform
2 Benjamin Heitmann, Richard Cyganiak, Conor Hayes and Stefan Decker Lessons and requirements learned from a decade of deployed Semantic Web applications
3 Steve Harris and Mischa Tuffield Linked Sensitive Data
4 Cornelia Davis Achieving Linked Enterprise Data with RESTful Services and Link Relations
5 John Arwe Coping with Un-Cool URIs in the Web of Linked Data
6 Dominik Tomaszuk Managing a graph store in the Linked Data and REST style
7 Steve Speicher, Martin Nally and Arnaud Le Hors Standardized usage patterns for Linked Data
8 Christopher Matheus, Ivan Bedini, Aidan Boran, Peter Patel-Schneider and Alan Jeffrey Pain Points and Patterns in Linked Enterprise Data
9 Steve Battle, James Leigh and David Wood Extending the Linked Data API with RDFa
10 David Wood and James Leigh Diverted URI Pattern
12 Dominik Tomaszuk Temporary RDF graphs in the Linked Data and REST style
13 Ora Lassila, Ryan Mcdonough and Susan Malaika Identity Crisis in Linked Data
14 Matthew Phillips Federated Linked Library Data
15 Eric Prud'Hommeaux and Helena Deus SPARQL Access Policies
16 David Schaengold Validation of Distributed Enterprise Data is Necessary, and RIF Can Help
17 Lee Feigenbaum Data Segmenting in Anzo