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13:50:48 [kaz]
Meeting: Home Networking Task Force Telconf
13:58:10 [kaz]
zakim, call kazuyuki-617
13:58:10 [Zakim]
ok, kaz; the call is being made
13:58:11 [Zakim]
UW_WebTVIG(Home Net)10:00AM has now started
13:58:13 [Zakim]
13:58:23 [kaz]
zakim, who is here?
13:58:23 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Kazuyuki
13:58:24 [Zakim]
On IRC I see RRSAgent, Zakim, kaz, Clarke, MattH, trackbot
13:58:30 [Zakim]
13:58:41 [kaz]
zakim, ??P6 is MattH
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+MattH; got it
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+ +1.703.234.aaaa
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13:59:38 [kaz]
zakim, aaaa is Jerry
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+Jerry; got it
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zaim, ??P8 is Clarke
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zakim, ??P8 is Clarke
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+Clarke; got it
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+ +1.303.503.aabb
14:02:07 [Zakim]
14:02:17 [kaz]
zakim, aabb is Bob
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+Bob; got it
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14:02:24 [kaz]
zakim, ??P18 is Igarashi
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+Igarashi; got it
14:02:27 [kaz]
zakim, who is here?
14:02:27 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Kazuyuki, MattH, Jerry, Clarke, Bob, Igarashi
14:02:28 [Zakim]
On IRC I see donghyun_kang_, aizu, igarashi, RRSAgent, Zakim, kaz, Clarke, MattH, trackbot
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14:04:11 [aizu]
Zakim, ??P22 is me
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+aizu; got it
14:04:22 [kaz]
14:04:37 [kaz]
14:04:42 [Zakim]
+ +1.503.712.aacc
14:05:15 [kaz]
zakim, aacc is Narm
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+Narm; got it
14:05:28 [kaz]
topic: ISSUE-17
14:05:32 [kaz]
14:05:32 [trackbot]
ISSUE-17 -- Use Case: Home Network Enabled User-Agent -- raised
14:05:32 [trackbot]
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14:06:08 [kaz]
kaz: let's close this
14:06:11 [kaz]
everyone: ok
14:06:16 [kaz]
close issue-17
14:06:17 [trackbot]
ISSUE-17 Use Case: Home Network Enabled User-Agent closed
14:06:31 [kaz]
topic: ISSUE-24
14:06:33 [kaz]
14:06:33 [trackbot]
ISSUE-24 -- Local Link of web applications -- raised
14:06:33 [trackbot]
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14:06:57 [Zakim]
+ +
14:07:23 [kaz]
zakim, aadd is DongHyun
14:07:23 [Zakim]
+DongHyun; got it
14:07:38 [Zakim]
+ +1.408.356.aaee
14:07:52 [kaz]
-> Igarashi's update
14:08:02 [kaz]
igarashi: added description on API types
14:08:12 [kaz]
... issue-24 itself is a generic API
14:09:07 [Zakim]
14:09:15 [kaz]
-> ISSUE-24 description
14:09:37 [kaz]
kaz: is the wiki description also updated?
14:09:40 [kaz]
igarashi: yes
14:10:42 [Zakim]
14:10:50 [kaz]
kaz: do you want to include the information on ISSUE-9 and Opera's API proposal
14:11:06 [kaz]
s/proposal/proposal in the wiki description as well?/
14:11:27 [kaz]
igarashi: no, it's just additional explanation on what "generic API" means
14:11:48 [kaz]
kaz: any opinion?
14:12:05 [kaz]
... if no objection, let's accept this proposal ISSUE-24
14:12:21 [kaz]
14:13:31 [kaz]
zakim, aaee is Richard
14:13:31 [Zakim]
+Richard; got it
14:13:54 [kaz]
topic: MattH's proposals
14:14:15 [kaz]
matt: would like to start with 20
14:14:18 [kaz]
14:14:18 [trackbot]
ISSUE-20 -- TV Querying and Control -- raised
14:14:18 [trackbot]
14:14:39 [kaz]
matt: restructured the issue
14:15:31 [kaz]
... possible interaction scenario is included
14:15:44 [kaz]
... JavaScript level API proposal for discussion as well
14:16:14 [MattH]
14:17:34 [kaz]
s/http/-> http/
14:17:49 [kaz]
s/TVControl/TVControl Wiki description of ISSUE-20/
14:18:02 [kaz]
matt: (describes the detail of the proposal)
14:19:17 [Clarke]
14:19:17 [kaz]
jerry: trying to understan
14:19:22 [kaz]
14:19:35 [kaz]
... target of the application which execute the API
14:19:44 [kaz]
... how to know where to execute APIs?
14:20:00 [kaz]
... home network devices could have a gateway
14:20:48 [kaz]
... server needs to know where to get the content from
14:21:25 [kaz]
matt: the intention is implementing APIs as JavaScript and use from Web browsers
14:21:45 [kaz]
... what content is available where is an issue
14:22:11 [kaz]
... suppose DLNA terminology, media rendering device?
14:22:52 [kaz]
jerry: I think what you're saying is a TV device
14:22:57 [kaz]
matt: could be a TV device
14:23:06 [kaz]
... or a desktop browser
14:24:12 [kaz]
jerry: target of the API is a processing engine that has capability of discovering
14:24:49 [kaz]
... being discovered by the browser
14:25:00 [kaz]
... and capable of executing the APIs
14:25:30 [kaz]
s/of discovering//
14:25:49 [kaz]
... and that can describe what devices are/
14:26:05 [kaz]
igarashi: in this scenario, application is rather a device
14:26:29 [kaz]
... but application is running on devices
14:26:35 [kaz]
matt: will update the text
14:26:40 [Clarke]
14:27:31 [kaz]
igarashi: this service-specific API is supported by the TV as well?
14:27:56 [kaz]
matt: the API could be supported by TV if it can process JavaScript
14:28:00 [kaz]
ack c
14:28:11 [kaz]
clarke: your suggestion is higher level API
14:28:19 [kaz]
... list of functions
14:28:21 [kaz]
... right?
14:28:26 [kaz]
matt: yes
14:28:27 [Clarke]
14:28:47 [kaz]
igarashi: in scenario 1, there are several options
14:29:24 [kaz]
... maybe you should not use sequence number, but should use non-ordered list
14:30:02 [kaz]
... the first step "The application discovers..." should be done first, though
14:30:06 [kaz]
matt: will change
14:30:17 [kaz]
bob: a question
14:30:21 [kaz]
... level of APIs
14:30:39 [kaz]
... high-level APIs is useful
14:30:57 [kaz]
... but what level of APIs should be used?
14:31:24 [kaz]
matt: there is ability for application
14:31:27 [Clarke]
14:32:30 [kaz]
bob: we started a high-level APIs within AT&T, and would like to know how to cover the other implementations
14:32:54 [kaz]
... need more sofisticated kind of APIs?
14:33:15 [kaz]
matt: if you have information to share with me, would be appreciated
14:33:55 [kaz]
bob: agree the trade-off
14:34:24 [kaz]
... but how much task is expected for a User Agent?
14:34:39 [kaz]
14:35:24 [kaz]
... clarke's paper will be soon available
14:35:52 [kaz]
clarke: if we do something Bob suggested, i.e., lower-level APIs implementable
14:36:07 [kaz]
... any preference from W3C viewpoint?
14:37:26 [Clarke]
14:37:30 [kaz]
kaz: both levels would be welcome and useful
14:37:53 [kaz]
... our proposals should go to the other WGs, e.g., DeviceAPIs and WebApps
14:38:40 [kaz]
... if they don't work very well for our proposals, we should create yet another WG :)
14:38:44 [kaz]
14:39:13 [kaz]
action: hammonds to update issue-20
14:39:13 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - hammonds
14:39:21 [kaz]
action: matt to update issue-20
14:39:21 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-56 - Update issue-20 [on Matt Hammond - due 2011-08-02].
14:39:37 [kaz]
igarashi: comment on scenario 2
14:40:08 [kaz]
... specific program?
14:40:24 [kaz]
matt: question on step 2
14:40:29 [kaz]
14:40:33 [kaz]
igarashi: yes
14:40:47 [kaz]
matt: list of content available could be provided
14:41:07 [kaz]
... and we could ask the TV which program is available now
14:41:21 [kaz]
igarashi: ok
14:41:40 [Zakim]
14:42:00 [kaz]
kaz: igarashi, do you want clarification in scenario 2?
14:42:30 [kaz]
igarashi: "application query" would be easier to understand?
14:42:36 [kaz]
matt: will use the term
14:43:09 [MattH]
14:43:18 [kaz]
topic: ISSUE-19
14:43:21 [kaz]
14:43:21 [trackbot]
ISSUE-19 -- Media Identification -- raised
14:43:21 [trackbot]
14:44:12 [kaz]
matt: content identifier
14:44:50 [kaz]
... hopefully more clear
14:45:00 [kaz]
... related to part of issue-20
14:45:15 [kaz]
14:45:24 [kaz]
14:45:26 [kaz]
14:46:27 [kaz]
kaz: do you think a specific URI could be used?
14:46:37 [kaz]
matt: a URI is a possibility
14:46:51 [kaz]
... BBC would like to include URI style identifier
14:47:37 [kaz]
... some provider might use different kind of identifier on some platform
14:48:00 [kaz]
kaz: can we accept this proposal?
14:48:11 [kaz]
everybody: no objections
14:48:23 [kaz]
RESOLUTION: ISSUE-19 is accepted
14:48:41 [MattH]
14:48:56 [kaz]
topic: ISSUE-21
14:48:58 [kaz]
14:48:58 [trackbot]
ISSUE-21 -- Time synchronisation -- raised
14:48:58 [trackbot]
14:49:14 [kaz]
matt: have no time to update this...
14:49:30 [kaz]
... (explains the proposal)
14:50:08 [kaz]
... similar to issue-19, any high-level APIs could be supported rather than application-specific APIs
14:50:45 [kaz]
kaz: you'll update the description, and we should talk about this next week?
14:50:49 [kaz]
matt: yes
14:51:21 [kaz]
kaz: no more proposals for today?
14:51:23 [kaz]
matt: no
14:51:41 [Zakim]
14:51:47 [Zakim]
14:51:49 [Zakim]
14:51:56 [kaz]
kaz: any other topics?
14:51:56 [Zakim]
14:51:57 [Zakim]
14:51:57 [Zakim]
14:52:01 [kaz]
everybody: no
14:52:03 [Zakim]
14:52:05 [Zakim]
14:52:18 [kaz]
kaz: ok. let's adjourn this call and talk with you all next week
14:52:36 [kaz]
... Giuseppe will be also available next week
14:52:42 [Zakim]
14:52:43 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
14:52:44 [Zakim]
UW_WebTVIG(Home Net)10:00AM has ended
14:52:46 [Zakim]
Attendees were Kazuyuki, MattH, +1.703.234.aaaa, Jerry, Clarke, +1.303.503.aabb, Bob, Igarashi, aizu, +1.503.712.aacc, Narm, +, DongHyun, +1.408.356.aaee, Richard
14:53:23 [kaz]
Present: Kazuyuki, MattH, Jerry, Clarke, Igarashi, aizu, Narm, DongHyun, Richard, Bob
14:54:08 [kaz]
Chair: Kaz
14:54:12 [kaz]
Scribe: Kaz
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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14:57:47 [kaz]
Regrets: Giuseppe, Francois
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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14:59:31 [kaz]
s/MattH's proposals/ISSUE-20/
14:59:34 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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