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NOTE: the Web Events Working Group closed in November 2013 because it completed its technical work with the publication of the 10 October 2013 Touch Events Recommendation. As such, this document is NO longer maintained.

The Web Events WG may have distributed meetings (also known as calls or telcons or voice conferences) at the day and times provided below.


A draft agenda will be sent to the public-webevents mail list at least 24 hours before the meeting starts.

Time and Day of Week

Location Start Time Day
UTC 15:00 Tuesday
Helsinki 18:00 Tuesday
Paris 17:00 Tuesday
Boston 11:00 Tuesday
San Francisco 08:00 Tuesday
Tokyo 00:00 Wednesday

For additional time zone data see TimeZone Converter.

The definitive time for the teleconference will always be listed on the W3C Calendar, so check there if there's some uncertainty about the time (NB search for "RWC_WebEven").

Phone Bridge

Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200; see also Zakim SIP Bridge

PIN = 9231#

IRC Channel

IRC Channel: irc:// channel #webevents

IRC and Meeting Resources

Here are some useful resources regarding IRC (e.g. a short cheat sheet) and meetings:

Web Interface

If you do do not have an IRC client, or have trouble connecting to IRC from behind a firewall, W3C offers a browser-based IRC Web interface (note: you must have a Member or Invited Expert account to use this).


Links to all of the meeting minutes are consolidated in the Minutes Wiki.