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Meeting: HTML Speech Incubator Group Teleconference
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Date: 02 December 2010
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zakim, this will be htmlspeech
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ok, burn, I see INC_(HTMLSPEECH)12:00PM already started
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Chair: Dan Burnett
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um, seems like my network connection is pretty bad today
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zakim, who's on the phone?
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On the phone I see Bjorn_Bringert
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 48657 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.203.318.0479), burn
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Zakim, I am Bjorn_Bringert
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zakim, nick burn is Dan_Burnett
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zakim, aaaa is Raj_Tumuluri
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zakim, who's on the phone?
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On the phone I see Bjorn_Bringert, Dan_Burnett, Olli_Pettay, marc, Raj_Tumuluri, Raj_Tumuluri.a, Milan_Young, Debbie_Dahl
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zakim, nick marc is Marc_Schroeder
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sorry, marc, I do not see a party named 'Marc_Schroeder'
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zakim, aaaa is Anthapu
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sorry, burn, I do not recognize a party named 'aaaa'
17:05:33 [burn]
Scribe: Raj Tumuluri
17:05:41 [burn]
Scribenick: Raj
17:06:07 [burn]
Topic: minutes from last week's call
17:07:32 [marc]
17:07:55 [Raj]
Topic: minutes from last week's call
17:08:25 [Raj]
Minutes Approved
17:08:44 [Raj]
Next Topic: Updated Requirements Document
17:09:05 [Raj]
No objections to the new requirements document
17:09:54 [Raj]
First Topic: R14 (
17:10:23 [Raj]
Bjorn proposed rew-wording..are there any objections?
17:10:29 [Raj]
No Objections from the group
17:10:42 [Raj]
Next Topic: R25 (
17:11:20 [Raj]
There were some recommendation to the wording ....are there any objections?
17:12:04 [Raj]
No objections from the group
17:12:08 [Raj]
Next Topic: R24 (
17:12:40 [Raj]
No objections recorded for the above requirement
17:12:56 [Raj]
Next Topic: R2 (
17:13:33 [Raj]
Proposal to replace R2 with two new requirements sent through emails ( last email on Monday)
17:14:01 [Raj]
1. Recogntion w/o specifying grammars should be possible
17:14:50 [Raj]
mylan: Did we agree to specify language as part of grammar
17:15:52 [Raj]
Bjorn's wording: Should be possible to specify the language completely independently of the grammar
17:16:04 [ddahl]
17:16:25 [burn]
bjorn: we already have a requirement to address this
17:16:28 [smaug_]
17:16:51 [Raj]
Milan : I did not see that requirement in the document
17:17:06 [burn]
milan: does not say "separately from the grammar"
17:17:12 [burn]
bjorn: you're right
17:17:36 [Raj]
Milan: Are we using notes as reference or the formal Requirements as the basis
17:18:04 [Raj]
Burn: You are right..the requirements document to be the basis, and not the notes
17:18:25 [Raj]
Bjorn: Michael suggested that we use the text from the notes to reword the requirements doc
17:18:33 [burn]
milan and bjorn: we need text for the new requirements
17:19:12 [Raj]
2. App. should be able to specify lang for each recognition
17:19:31 [Raj]
Milan: My concern is that we are NOT capturing all our discussions in the Req. Spec
17:20:13 [Raj]
Bjorn: we should not do this on the phone, but, let Michael incorporate the notes into the spec
17:20:22 [burn]
action for michael: add text for each new requirement
17:20:22 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - for
17:20:44 [Raj]
Burn: to send Michael action item to update the spec incorporating the notes from minutes
17:20:46 [marc]
action: Michael to add text for each new requirement
17:20:46 [trackbot]
Sorry, amibiguous username (more than one match) - Michael
17:20:46 [trackbot]
Try using a different identifier, such as family name or username (eg. mbodell2, mjohnsto)
17:21:12 [Raj]
Michael is Michael Bodell
17:21:21 [marc]
action: mbodell2 to add text for each new requirement
17:21:21 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-1 - Add text for each new requirement [on Michael Bodell - due 2010-12-09].
17:22:14 [Raj]
Burn: So, we do have agreement on the 2 new reqs for R2
17:22:33 [Raj]
Next topic: R10 (
17:23:04 [Raj]
Burn: Few more emails came on this topic post my sending the summary earlier today
17:23:34 [Raj]
Burn: Implementations must support SSML
17:23:45 [Raj]
Agreed to drop R10
17:23:51 [Raj]
Next topic: R20 (
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+ +44.207.881.aabb
17:24:21 [burn]
zakim, aabb is Satish_Sampath
17:24:21 [Zakim]
+Satish_Sampath; got it
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17:27:00 [Raj]
Bjorn: Selecting a voice can be done without SSMl
17:27:12 [Raj]
being a requirement
17:27:25 [burn]
s/Next topic:/Topic:/g
17:27:35 [ddahl]
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17:27:58 [Raj]
Topic: R23 (
17:29:06 [Raj]
Marc: Is it possible to indicate preference of voices ( like take female voice from among the available)
17:29:53 [Raj]
Bjorn: But you cannot specify a specific engine from a specific vendor, is that correct?
17:29:56 [ddahl]
s/First Topic:/topic:
17:30:50 [Raj]
Burn: We have a req. to use SSML but not SSML 1.1,
17:31:15 [Raj]
...SSML1.1 has many of the features for selection of language etc.
17:31:51 [Raj]
Milan: If there is no addtional burden, then requiring SSML1.1 seems OK
17:32:20 [burn]
17:32:38 [Raj]
Bjorn: If there is no addtional burden, then requiring SSML1.1 seems OK
17:33:29 [Raj]
Burn: So, we can put it into the req. and deal with at the time of priorization
17:34:13 [Raj]
Marc: May be we should delay decision on this..
17:34:36 [marc]
Proposed wording:
17:34:43 [Raj]
...letting author to specify the language..March to type the wording
17:34:54 [marc]
Web application authors should be able to specify the voice with which some text is to be spoken.
17:34:58 [Raj]
17:35:36 [Raj]
burn: That wording is OK by me
17:36:28 [bringert]
Web apps should be able to specify which voice is used for TTS
17:37:32 [Raj]
Burn: Bjorn's text will replace the text for R20
17:37:48 [Raj]
..Team agreed
17:38:01 [Raj]
Topic: R12 (
17:38:16 [Raj]
17:38:29 [Raj]
Topic: R23 (
17:38:42 [burn]
there seemed to be consensus to add "When speech input is used to provide input to a web app, it should be possible for the user to select alternative input methods."
17:39:16 [Raj]
I agree
17:41:34 [Raj]
....there is group agreement on this.
17:41:35 [burn]
for the next piece: Chan's last email was
17:41:43 [Raj]
Burn: Burn: There is a second thread, initiated by Chan...since he is not on the call today, we can defer the detailed discussion on that..
17:42:38 [Raj]
Burn: Chan has multiple threads...on, we can just let this happen through email rather than on the phone
17:42:55 [Raj]
Group has no objection with Dan Burnett's suggestion
17:43:06 [Raj]
Topic: R12 (
17:43:34 [Raj]
...webapp developer should be able to specify name-specific Language Model
17:43:39 [burn]
zakim, who's on the phone?
17:43:39 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Bjorn_Bringert, Dan_Burnett, Olli_Pettay, marc, Raj_Tumuluri, Raj_Tumuluri.a, Milan_Young, Debbie_Dahl, Satish_Sampath
17:44:14 [Raj]
Burn: We can discuss, but check with Robert, as he has some comments on this
17:45:02 [Raj]
Dahl: The comment from Robert came just last night..and afraid many did not have a chance to review it adequately
17:45:56 [ddahl]
actually, the requirement was only sent to the list for discussion last night
17:46:41 [Raj]
Burn: Let's not discuss MUST vs. SHOULD now,.but if there are any other suggestions..we can discuss that..
17:49:15 [Raj]
Burn: There is no standard for that right now..
17:49:37 [Raj]
Bjorn: If the standard becomes available in future, it may be possible to specify this with URI
17:50:25 [Raj]
Burn: It seems that we have agreement on this among the people on the call.....
17:50:46 [Raj]
Burn: We will keep R12 as stated and confirm it on the mailing list
17:52:28 [Raj]
Topic: UA/SS (
17:53:21 [Milan]
Transport layer security (e.g. HTTPS) if requested by the web app.
17:53:36 [Raj]
...Milan to post the 3 requirements under this topic
17:54:29 [Raj]
Bjorn: We agreed on the priority level of req..
17:55:08 [smaug_]
bringert: did you really said that ^^
17:55:16 [Raj]
Burn: There are many reqs.. that may be very relevant...
17:56:29 [Raj]
Bjorn: WebApp API and UA-2-SpeechAPI are two separate reqs.
17:56:30 [Zakim]
17:56:45 [burn]
zakim, I am Dan_Burnett.a
17:56:45 [Zakim]
ok, burn, I now associate you with Dan_Burnett.a
17:58:03 [Raj]
Bjorn: Correction on Bjorns' comment on priority level...Expunge from minutes
17:59:03 [Raj]
Bjorn: Core needed for any speech API and the other for WebApps..
17:59:47 [Zakim]
18:00:01 [Raj]
Burn: Is there anything else that we need to cover today?
18:00:51 [Raj]
Burn: suggest Bjorn correct the statements himself with the appropriate wording..
18:00:54 [bringert]
My position on grouping requirements: We should split the requirements document in two sections: 1. Requirements needed for any HTML Speech API, 2. Requirements only needed for web app specified network speech servies.
18:00:59 [Zakim]
18:01:00 [Zakim]
18:01:01 [Zakim]
18:01:02 [Raj]
End Minutes
18:01:02 [Zakim]
18:01:04 [bringert]
18:01:04 [Zakim]
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18:01:13 [Zakim]
18:02:27 [bringert]
What I said about priorities: There was a discussion of the relative priorities of the core Web app - UA API, and the network speech services API, and we didn't come to a conclusion.
18:03:51 [bringert]
My position (as I've communicated on the mailing list) is that the Web app API should be considered the core API, and the APIs for specifying and communicating with network speech services should be considered extensions of lower priority.
18:04:01 [Zakim]
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disconnecting the lone participant, Dan_Burnett, in INC_(HTMLSPEECH)12:00PM
18:35:03 [Zakim]
INC_(HTMLSPEECH)12:00PM has ended
18:35:06 [Zakim]
Attendees were Bjorn_Bringert, Dan_Burnett, Olli_Pettay, marc, +1.732.507.aaaa, Milan_Young, Debbie_Dahl, Raj_Tumuluri, +44.207.881.aabb, Satish_Sampath, [Microsoft]
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zakim, bye
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