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Meeting: Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 06 October 2010
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Chair: Raphael
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Regrets: Erik, Silvia
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Matroska (MKV)
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scribe: jackjansen
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chair: raphael
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Raphael: minutes accepted
09:20:17 [jackjansen]
Raphael: keep 183 open, in progress
09:20:21 [raphael]
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ACTION-185 -- Yves Lafon to book zakim for the 2 days meeting of the group on Mon 1st and Tue 2nd Nov -- due 2010-09-29 -- OPEN
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Raphael: 188 closed, just now reminded Jack
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close ACTION-188
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ACTION-188 Remind Jack and Michael to register asap for TPAC closed
09:28:01 [raphael]
Raphael: summarizing the long thread and discussion about extensibility
09:28:10 [raphael]
... and summarizing the position of philip
09:28:55 [raphael]
Jack: the only thing we should say is: if we partially understand a media fragment, should we accept or ignore ?
09:29:04 [raphael]
... this is one line in the spec
09:29:47 [raphael]
... we should accept what is acceptable
09:30:11 [raphael]
... and in particular if a media fragment URI can have things we don't understand
09:30:21 [raphael]
... and personally I don't care about the gramme
09:30:26 [raphael]
09:31:10 [raphael]
Yves: we should be very caution with extension
09:31:13 [jackjansen]
Yves: we should be careful with extensions
09:31:28 [raphael]
... e.g. the ref redefines an existing dimension
09:36:20 [jackjansen]
Jack: explains we could use an attribute to control strict or loose parsing
09:36:30 [jackjansen]
All: think this is ugly
09:36:34 [Yves]
09:38:17 [jackjansen]
Jack: suggestion: we mandate the chair to decide something
09:42:49 [raphael]
Jack: I have no strong feeling either way
09:44:17 [jackjansen]
Jack: I do think (and so does Davy) that if we recognize the attribute name then the value musrt adhere to our syntax
09:44:26 [jackjansen]
09:44:53 [raphael]
#t=banana ... means parsing stops
09:45:36 [davy]
#t=10&t=20 ... means parsing stops?
09:45:46 [Yves]
well if you always ignore what you don't understand #t=banana&xywh=10,10,20,20 should be xywh=10,10,20,20
09:46:16 [davy]
I disagree
09:46:47 [jackjansen]
That woulnd mean that t=1o&xywh=1,2,3,4 wold pars
09:47:15 [Yves]
this is what is consistent with 'ignorning what you don't understand'
09:48:05 [Yves]
we have t=npt:120, what happens if we have t=<mytimeunit>:120 ?
09:53:04 [Yves]
we can have extensionaxis = extensionname = extensionvalue
09:53:21 [raphael]
Jack: we should not try to encode in a grammar what we will not understand
09:55:26 [Yves]
but jack, encoding extension points is a good thing to do
10:00:50 [jackjansen]
Yves: either we do nothing about extension or do it correct, with extensionaxis in the grammar
10:01:47 [jackjansen]
Yves: we could check what existing implementations do
10:02:01 [jackjansen]
Raphael: they are waiting for us to specify correct behaviour
10:03:25 [jackjansen]
Raphael: time to adjourn
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Attendees were +39.523.0.aaaa, raphael, +20592aabb, Yves, jackjansen, +329331aacc, Davy
10:05:07 [raphael]
Jack: I suggest the chairs put a deadline and take a decision on this issue
10:05:27 [raphael]
Raphael: I agree, I will have a discussion with Erik
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