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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 29 June 2010
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Topic: Last Call Comments
20:09:40 [anthony_work]
20:09:40 [trackbot]
ISSUE-2331 -- <solidColor> references -- raised
20:09:40 [trackbot]
20:09:47 [anthony_work]
ED: looks pretty easy
20:09:50 [anthony_work]
AG: I can do that one
20:10:32 [anthony_work]
ACTION: Anthony to Fix solidColor wording raised in ISSUE-2331
20:10:33 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2806 - Fix solidColor wording raised in ISSUE-2331 [on Anthony Grasso - due 2010-07-06].
20:10:47 [anthony_work]
20:10:47 [trackbot]
ISSUE-2332 -- Comment regarding Text layout -- raised
20:10:47 [trackbot]
20:11:04 [anthony_work]
ED: That one is more tricky
20:11:19 [anthony_work]
... need more tests on that one
20:11:28 [anthony_work]
... seems like the section in 10.7 is missleading
20:12:27 [ed]
20:12:51 [ed]
20:13:01 [ed]
20:13:06 [ed]
20:13:51 [ed]
20:13:56 [ed]
20:14:02 [ed]
20:14:13 [anthony_work]
ED: There was discussion on the member list as well
20:14:28 [anthony_work]
... I had a look at this awell
20:14:50 [anthony_work]
... I don't think the text-text-06.svg test can pass
20:14:55 [anthony_work]
... according to the section
20:15:09 [anthony_work]
... there are other rules we should test when ligatures are formed
20:15:19 [anthony_work]
... when you have letter space or kerning
20:15:58 [ed]
20:16:25 [anthony_work]
ED: End of that section is the bullet list
20:17:07 [anthony_work]
AG: Do you think it's the bullet points that need fixing
20:17:45 [ed]
"Ligatures only occur when a set of characters which might map to a ligature are all in the same text chunk."
20:18:10 [anthony_work]
ED: The above text put in an email by Alex D
20:18:11 [ed]
"As mentioned above, ligature formation should not be enabled for the glyphs corresponding to characters within different text chunks."
20:18:21 [anthony_work]
... the last bullet point is somewhat similar
20:18:35 [anthony_work]
... we should remove the last one if we remove the first one
20:18:58 [anthony_work]
20:19:34 [anthony_work]
s/h\/ED: The knock on effects of removing those bullet points could be a problem
20:20:40 [anthony_work]
... Do you want me to investigate what other dependencies there are with ligature forming rules
20:21:47 [anthony_work]
... I'll check Tiny if there's any wording
20:21:57 [anthony_work]
... looks the same
20:22:40 [anthony_work]
TB: Do you understand the purpose of the rule?
20:23:09 [anthony_work]
ED: I guess it depends on how the x and y position rules are suppose to work
20:23:20 [anthony_work]
... if it applies to the glyph or the character
20:23:57 [anthony_work]
... I think the x and y are based on characters and not glyphs
20:24:36 [anthony_work]
... so the list of coordinates in x corresponds to the first n characters
20:25:06 [anthony_work]
... do we have any tests for that particular thing?
20:25:21 [anthony_work]
AG: I made complicated one for the rotation values
20:25:31 [anthony_work]
ED: Do you have any ligatures in that one?
20:25:40 [anthony_work]
AG: No just uses a standard font
20:25:58 [anthony_work]
ED: Would be a bit more obvious if we use an Arabic font
20:27:46 [anthony_work]
TB: If you're moving characters around you should not use ligatures which is what the 1st bullet put in the last 3 is saying
20:28:01 [anthony_work]
... but if you read the 3rd bullet point there's an inconsistency
20:28:18 [anthony_work]
ED: That is sort of suggesting that we remove that one as well
20:28:30 [anthony_work]
... One way to move on this is to make some tests
20:28:39 [anthony_work]
... and see what implementations are doing
20:28:59 [anthony_work]
TB: I guess I'm trying to see where this would be used
20:30:29 [anthony_work]
ED: One problem with the test as it is
20:30:39 [anthony_work]
... the fact it requires SVG fonts
20:30:51 [anthony_work]
... because we can't test Firefox
20:31:17 [anthony_work]
... I think I can take an action to come up with a few new tests
20:32:17 [anthony_work]
ACTION: Erik to Create some new tests that relate to the problems in ISSUE-2332
20:32:17 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2807 - Create some new tests that relate to the problems in ISSUE-2332 [on Erik Dahlström - due 2010-07-06].
20:33:19 [anthony_work]
ED: I would suggest waiting for this to see if there are any opinions on this
20:33:56 [anthony_work]
... it would be nice to see some more tests with ligature forming
20:34:05 [anthony_work]
20:34:05 [trackbot]
ISSUE-2333 -- more BackgroundImage/enable-background issues -- raised
20:34:05 [trackbot]
20:35:06 [anthony_work]
ED: There is some suggested wording
20:36:43 [anthony_work]
... I don't think it's more clear to remove that sentence
20:37:23 [anthony_work]
... Instead of removing the text could add to the wording to make it more clear
20:37:38 [ed]
instead of removing "which might require the SVG user agent to allocate
20:37:39 [ed]
buffers as large as the current viewport." we could instead make it say "which might require the SVG user agent to allocate
20:37:39 [ed]
buffers as large as or larger than the current viewport."
20:38:23 [anthony_work]
ED: Depends on what we think is the right thing to do
20:38:53 [anthony_work]
TB: What happens if you create an image outside the viewPort and then use it?
20:39:12 [anthony_work]
... I know Inkscape people will create symbols outside the viewport
20:39:22 [anthony_work]
... then expect to use them with the use inside the viewport
20:39:37 [anthony_work]
ED: I think it makes sense to be able to generate things outside of the viewPort
20:40:20 [anthony_work]
... you have an x,y offset for enable-background=new
20:40:32 [anthony_work]
... so could set negative values for that
20:41:01 [anthony_work]
... doesn't have to be negative just outside the viewPort
20:42:40 [anthony_work]
... I think what the spec is trying to say is if you don't give any values then you end up with an allocation the size of the viewPort
20:43:19 [anthony_work]
... wait it's not exactly like that. You give it the size it needs
20:43:34 [anthony_work]
... in that case I agree we should remove that part of the sentence
20:44:16 [anthony_work]
RESOLUTION: We will remove the last part of the sentence as suggested
20:44:37 [anthony_work]
ACTION: Anthony to Remove the last part of the sentence as suggested in ISSUE-2333
20:44:37 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2808 - Remove the last part of the sentence as suggested in ISSUE-2333 [on Anthony Grasso - due 2010-07-06].
20:45:14 [anthony_work]
20:45:14 [trackbot]
ISSUE-2334 -- filter primitive subregion and feGaussianBlur, feTile and infinite filter input images -- raised
20:45:14 [trackbot]
20:45:47 [anthony_work]
ED: Says it's following a change I made very late to the spec
20:46:14 [ed]
s/ED: Says it's following a change I made very late to the spec//
20:46:47 [anthony_work]
ED: We've discussed this before
20:46:58 [anthony_work]
... it was one of the issues raised by ROC
20:47:43 [anthony_work]
... as Opera implemented it's a hard clipping region
20:48:21 [anthony_work]
... you might not get the edges as you expect, things might extend outside the filter primitive subregion
20:48:45 [anthony_work]
... I think he wants to get rid of the clipping part so graphics will look the way they should
20:50:09 [anthony_work]
AG: I've noticed the same thing with blur filters
20:50:25 [anthony_work]
ED: I dunno if we change the meaning of subregion is that useful
20:50:36 [anthony_work]
... to say that the width and height are ignored
20:50:55 [anthony_work]
... as in analysis the filter change to see what areas are affected
20:52:17 [anthony_work]
AG: Wouldn't you want to keep the max width and height in the filter chain
20:52:27 [anthony_work]
ED: You may want to do the clip though
20:52:37 [anthony_work]
TB: Are there any use cases for this?
20:53:00 [anthony_work]
ED: I have used the subregions for cases where the filters are very expensive to run
20:53:49 [anthony_work]
... essentially for us this is a rectangular clipping region
20:55:12 [anthony_work]
... this is a change I would be more willing to make in the filters module
20:55:39 [anthony_work]
... because it can be useful for very expensive filters
20:56:00 [anthony_work]
TB: Let's take the case of the blur
20:56:07 [anthony_work]
... you have two choices
20:56:13 [anthony_work]
... with the area defined
20:56:27 [anthony_work]
... you use only the stuff within the region to calculate the blur
20:56:42 [anthony_work]
... or that it has a region of interest
20:57:17 [anthony_work]
... if you're restricting the output area then you're not going to have artefacts along the edge
20:57:37 [anthony_work]
... if you're only concerned about the output you wont have any discontinuity
20:57:57 [anthony_work]
... that's what I think this is getting at
20:58:05 [ed]
20:58:59 [anthony_work]
ED: In the cases I've seen, it's not just the subregions clipping things
21:00:16 [anthony_work]
ACTION: Erik to Investigate ISSUE-2334 and report back
21:00:16 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2809 - Investigate ISSUE-2334 and report back [on Erik Dahlström - due 2010-07-06].
21:00:34 [anthony_work]
ED: Potentially it's a bigger change than I feel comfortable doing for this spec
21:00:42 [anthony_work]
TB: I think it's about defining it better
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