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Zakim, this will be GA_SVGWG
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I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, trackbot
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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
19:54:16 [trackbot]
Date: 22 June 2010
19:54:30 [ChrisL]
zakim, room for 8?
19:54:31 [Zakim]
ok, ChrisL; conference Team_(svg)19:54Z scheduled with code 26631 (CONF1) for 60 minutes until 2054Z
19:54:52 [ChrisL]
zakim, this will be 26631
19:54:52 [Zakim]
ok, ChrisL; I see Team_(svg)19:54Z scheduled to start now
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ChrisL has changed the topic to: code today is 26631
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Team_(svg)19:54Z has now started
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19:58:35 [ed]
Zakim, [IP is me
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+ed; got it
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19:59:33 [Zakim]
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zakim, +[IPcaller] is anthony
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sorry, ChrisL, I do not recognize a party named '+[IPcaller]'
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20:07:12 [ChrisL]
20:08:02 [ed]
20:08:08 [Tav]
I actually am on vacation this week so I won't be calling in.
20:08:54 [ChrisL]
20:09:53 [anthony]
Scribe: anthony
20:10:07 [anthony]
Topic: Tracking comments
20:10:32 [anthony]
CL: Whatever we use it should be easy to use
20:10:45 [anthony]
AG: I thought we used Tracker for Tiny 1.2
20:11:08 [anthony]
CL: Can pull information from Tracker using DisCo
20:11:15 [ChrisL]
20:12:03 [anthony]
CL: I guess that is ok. As long as people put the issue number in the email
20:12:10 [anthony]
... we should get a complete list of all the comments
20:12:33 [anthony]
AG: I think Doug said that in an email when we went to LC for Tiny 1.2
20:12:51 [anthony]
ED: Ok, I guess what we'll know what we're doing in July
20:13:02 [anthony]
... we have to address all of the last call comments before taking the next step
20:13:19 [anthony]
... what's the likely hood of that taking place before SVG Open
20:13:34 [anthony]
CL: Should be ok. We can't add new features and if the comments are too complicated
20:13:46 [anthony]
... we probably can consider them for SVG 2.0
20:14:13 [anthony]
ED: Sounds like we have the issue tracking thing solved - using Tracker
20:14:29 [anthony]
... we should make a product for 1.1 Full 2nd last call
20:14:36 [anthony]
CL: Ok I'll do that now
20:15:38 [ChrisL]
20:16:15 [ChrisL]
test suite for 1.1 F2
20:16:20 [anthony]
ED: Would be good to have that for PR. Want to have a bit more than what we have for SVG Open
20:16:33 [anthony]
... depending on everyone schedule
20:16:42 [anthony]
CL: The useful thing is we have it published
20:16:46 [anthony]
... so there's something to show people
20:17:16 [anthony]
ED: That was the reason I put in the announcement we are looking for feedback on the test suite
20:17:27 [anthony]
... I added those PNG tests
20:17:34 [anthony]
... and ran them through Batik
20:17:43 [anthony]
... they didn't produce anything that looked correct
20:17:47 [anthony]
... I wasn't sure
20:17:52 [anthony]
... I checked in the reference images
20:17:55 [ChrisL]
20:17:58 [ChrisL]
20:17:58 [trackbot]
ACTION-2799 -- Erik Dahlström to review the png tests and generate reference images -- due 2010-06-24 -- OPEN
20:17:58 [trackbot]
20:18:02 [anthony]
... I don't know what to do
20:18:11 [anthony]
CL: I tried them in Opera and FF they were fine there
20:18:20 [anthony]
ED: Could be the way Batik handles the PNGs
20:18:34 [ed]
20:19:32 [anthony]
CL: I see what the bug is
20:19:44 [ChrisL]
all the 16 bit per component images are wrong in batik
20:20:34 [anthony]
CL: Probably got the high and low bytes wrong. I'll raise a bug on it
20:20:51 [anthony]
ED: I didn't want to mark it as properly reviewed yet
20:21:02 [anthony]
... and you said you'll change some of the passCriteria wording
20:21:10 [anthony]
... what I did do is update the harness
20:22:24 [eseidel]
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20:22:43 [anthony]
AG: I had an action to convert the harness to XHTML
20:23:21 [anthony]
... there are still tests to be done?
20:23:28 [anthony]
CL: Yes
20:23:57 [anthony]
ED: Waiting for Patrick to get back to me on some of them
20:24:48 [anthony]
ACTION: Erik to Add XHTML validation to the SVG 1.1 Full 2nd Edition test harness
20:24:48 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2803 - Add XHTML validation to the SVG 1.1 Full 2nd Edition test harness [on Erik Dahlström - due 2010-06-29].
20:25:35 [anthony]
Topic: Telcon Schedule
20:25:45 [anthony]
ED: I'll be around until the end of the July
20:25:52 [anthony]
... around the 20th I go on holidays
20:25:57 [anthony]
... then I'll be back 3 weeks later
20:26:36 [anthony]
... do we expect to have telcons for that period
20:27:10 [anthony]
CL: Depends. Currently we have low attendance
20:28:12 [anthony]
ED: I guess we'll do part tracking comments and part test suite work
20:28:23 [anthony]
... we have F2F meeting set up for directly after SVG Open
20:28:51 [anthony]
... has anyone spoken to the organising committee?
20:29:02 [anthony]
CL: I can speak to him when I get back from holidays
20:29:11 [anthony]
20:30:09 [anthony]
ED: We can try to have a telcon a week
20:30:23 [anthony]
... then hold off for a block of weeks
20:30:32 [anthony]
CL: We can have telcons for the first 3 weeks of July
20:30:44 [anthony]
... so we cancel from Tue 27th July to SVG Open
20:31:09 [anthony]
ED: I might still be around on IRC or email
20:31:40 [anthony]
ACTION: Erik to Send out telcon reminder for everyone
20:31:40 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2804 - Send out telcon reminder for everyone [on Erik Dahlström - due 2010-06-29].
20:32:15 [anthony]
CL: I think we can move back to one telcon a week
20:32:20 [anthony]
... probably the Tuesday time
20:32:33 [anthony]
ED: Tuesday is a good time for me
20:32:41 [anthony]
AG: I'll be there for that
20:33:14 [anthony]
Topic: Cascading of presentational attributes
20:33:27 [anthony]
CL: Fantasi proposed wording for 2.1 and SVG
20:33:34 [anthony]
... it is good for both, but a bit short for SVG
20:33:46 [anthony]
... and she's proposed wording for 2.1
20:34:04 [anthony]
... but we can't use 2.1 because but we reference 2.0
20:34:22 [anthony]
ED: We should probably reiterate the specificity
20:34:36 [anthony]
CL: Can you email back and say you like the wording
20:35:59 [anthony]
ED: Can we accept her wording as a comment?
20:36:06 [anthony]
... can we take her wording?
20:36:13 [anthony]
CL: The essential part has not changed
20:36:42 [anthony]
... we test it in a selectors test
20:36:56 [anthony]
ED: Even if we reference 2.0 it doesn't change anything?
20:37:15 [anthony]
CL: There a few places were we have a direct link to a spec
20:37:31 [anthony]
... I think we can work out some wording for it
20:38:25 [anthony]
ACTION: Erik to Respond and put Fantasi's comment into Tracker
20:38:26 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2805 - Respond and put Fantasi's comment into Tracker [on Erik Dahlström - due 2010-06-29].
20:39:12 [anthony]
ED: No other agenda requests
20:39:40 [Zakim]
20:39:42 [Zakim]
20:39:44 [Zakim]
20:39:45 [Zakim]
Team_(svg)19:54Z has ended
20:39:46 [Zakim]
Attendees were [IPcaller], ed, ChrisL, anthony
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rrsagent, make minutes
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21:47:24 [shepazu]
ed_work, ed, anthony, when was the telcon?
21:47:42 [anthony]
about 1:45 ago
21:47:55 [anthony]
1 hour 45 mins
21:48:58 [shepazu]
ah, ok
21:49:17 [shepazu]
was the telcon time changed? I must have missed that...
22:06:50 [anthony]
yes, to Tuesday 20:00 UTC
22:07:00 [anthony]
but the other telcon time is the same
22:07:23 [anthony]
although, as of this week, I think we're moving to one telcon a week for now while people are away
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