Testimonials for XProc Recommendation

These testimonials are in support of the W3C Press Release "New W3C Standard Defines Way to Organize and Share XML Workflows."

EMC Corporation

EMC is excited to see XProc: An XML Pipeline Language becoming a W3C recommendation. XProc is strategic to EMC since it finally standardizes XML processing; XProc will be the super glue for many XML technologies. EMC participated in the working group and already implemented the XProc standard in its XProc Engine and its XProc Designer (see: http://developer.emc.com/xmltech). More and more EMC products will integrate the XProc Engine to standardize XML processing in enterprise applications.

— Jeroen van Rotterdam, Director Software Engineering XML Solutions, EMC Corporation

Innovimax (English)

Innovimax welcomes the approval of XProc as a W3C Recommendation. We believe that W3C XProc will take an important role in realizing Innovimax's vision of open XML standards for one heterogeneous web of devices ranging from cell phones and PDAs to modern desktops. XProc is an enabling technology for replacing many scripting based work-flows with open, web-service based technology than enable the use of state of the art stack of XML technologies. To continue Innovimax's strategy of empowering customers through open standards, future versions of Innovimax softwares and products aim to support XProc. Innovimax will also support XProc through trainings.

— Mohamed ZERGAOUI, CTO, Innovimax

Innovimax (French)

Innovimax soutient l'approbation de XProc au statut de W3C Recommendation. Nous sommes persuadés que W3C XProc va prendre une importance capitale dans la réalisation de la vision de standards ouverts pour un unique Internet interconnectant des appareils hétérogènes communicants (du mobile au PC en passant par le PDA) que prône Innovimax. XProc est une technologie prometteuse permettant de remplacer des workflows basés sur des scripts, par une technologies basé sur les services web et permettant l'utilisation des technologies XML les plus pointues. Pour prolonger la stratégie d'Innovimax de générations de valeurs ajoutées pour nos clients/partenaires à travers des standards ouverts, les futures versions de logiciels et de produits d'Innovimax supporteront XProc. Innovimax supportera aussi XProc à travers de sessions de formations.

— Mohamed ZERGAOUI, Directeur, Innovimax

Mark Logic Corporation

As the provider of the industry's leading XML server with a long-standing interest in XML technologies at the W3C, Mark Logic is very pleased that the W3C has added XProc to the XML family. We designed MarkLogic Server to query, manipulate, and render XML content, which enables our customers to unlock the value of their information. The addition of a pipeline standard will create even more opportunities for improving the way our customers find and utilize content.

— Dave Kellogg, CEO, Mark Logic Corporation

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