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Meeting: eGovernment Interest Group Teleconference
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Date: 12 May 2010
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sorry about my big mistake forgetting Daniel's item :(
13:10:04 [josema]
let's start with this one
13:10:11 [josema]
"Public Meeting Notices and Agendas"
13:10:36 [sandro]
scribe: Cory
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Topic: Public Meeting Notices and Agendas
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chair: josema
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regrets: george
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13:12:54 [cory]
Daniel - Checklist for public meetings and notices
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nope, W3C does not have "approved" process for sites' compliance
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[Daniel goes through slides]
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s/example: -
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13:28:34 [cory]
W3C eGov and others can participate by:using listserv at
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ack me
13:29:25 [cory]
David completes slide presentation, asks for questions
13:29:34 [sandro]
13:29:48 [OwenAmbur]
Good stuff, Daniel.
13:34:43 [cory]
Chris: Has related juristictional metadata
13:35:00 [Chris]
Chris: And agent metadata for organisations
13:35:08 [josema]
s/Daniel -/Daniel:
13:35:24 [cory]
Chris, would appriciate a link to that as well.
13:35:29 [Chris]
one sec
13:35:48 [josema]
13:36:15 [Chris]
@ Cory, @ Daniel Jurisdiction RDF Schema :
13:36:35 [Chris]
13:36:44 [Chris]
(thats to explanatory notes)
13:37:36 [Chris]
Agency descriptions:
13:37:54 [Chris]
(essentially just formal spec of a schema that uses DSCV)
13:37:56 [sandro]
topic: Future of eGov IG
13:38:08 [Zakim]
+ +1.202.731.aagg
13:38:09 [cory]
Topic: Future of the group and our charter
13:38:14 [josema]
current charter:
13:39:12 [sandro]
(only 7 months ago, not a year.)
13:41:26 [josema]
ooops, you're right!
13:41:32 [sandro]
zakim, who is here?
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13:42:48 [josema]
yeah, we certainly talk a lot, and I believe there are tons of good ideas in that talking but unfotunately not enough tangible stuff (i.e. +1 to Kevin)
13:43:18 [Zakim]
+ +03539149aahh
13:43:54 [Rachel]
+1 to Kevin - lots of great talk but we need to produce some concrete, substantive work products to pass along knowledge
13:43:58 [Chris]
13:44:06 [josema]
zakim, [IPCaller] is probably OwenAmbur
13:44:06 [Zakim]
+OwenAmbur?; got it
13:44:51 [josema]
and they don't need to be anything long and complicated at all! short, to the point, should be enough and much appreciated by the community
13:46:17 [josema]
I'm probably biased by our "gov-data" one, like it much, and would love to see its next iteration *soon*
13:47:12 [Zakim]
- +1.202.319.aabb
13:47:15 [josema]
this group was (and still is!) very good in bridging policy and technical layers in gov
13:47:21 [cory]
Chris, we go from very broad and basic issues (best way to publish a PDF) to deep technical issues
13:47:58 [Zakim]
+ +1.202.319.aaii
13:50:47 [josema]
pointer to Daniel's and Rachel's FOSE slides mentioned by Kevin?
13:50:53 [josema]
13:51:27 [cory]
Rachel: "those on the ground making open gov hapen", get the big picture - need help with the practical steps for theory->practice
13:51:53 [josema]
13:52:28 [cory]
SO, you sure you want me as a scribe :)
13:53:27 [cory]
Daniel: Having deliverables moves things forward
13:54:33 [cory]
Daniel: Like mobile publishing and html5
13:55:32 [cory]
A lot of thismaterial is out there, but not specific to gov
13:56:02 [sandro]
kevin: Our sweet spot: people think government is different, so even if this stuff (eg html5 info) is out there, people want it in a govt context
13:57:34 [josema]
+1 to kevin and I may have an example handy... yup...
13:57:34 [cory]
Chris: For LOD, how to set up a sparql endpoint (and what is it), etc.
13:58:30 [josema]
that's html5, but the important thing for gov is not tech, it's that they have a way to show people on iPhone, Android and other mobile phones their training courses in a very easy way, thay don't care if it's html5 or anything else
13:58:39 [Chris]
(Cause I sure as hell don't know how to do it, and trying to explain that to my developers and why they should? Don't get me started lol)
13:59:09 [cory]
Daniel: Sparql enpoint is a technical issue. At the other end, gov has oversight over "time" that need xml/semantic validation
13:59:11 [Zakim]
- +03539149aahh
13:59:46 [cory]
Daniel: Government has more to do with the ontologies
14:00:09 [josema]
before the "how to setup a SPARQL endpoint", we need a "why you should use SPARQL" and also a "what is SPARQL" and "how SPARQL compare to what I already have and I have invested so much money on" ;)
14:00:22 [Chris]
+1 Jose
14:00:26 [Rachel]
sorry I need to leave the call (another mtg) but will stay on IRC
14:00:30 [Chris]
+10 :)
14:00:41 [Zakim]
- +1.509.464.aaee
14:00:42 [josema]
he :)
14:01:10 [sandro]
cory: our sweet spot is helping govts right the requirements to their contractors
14:01:17 [josema]
just using SPARQL as an example, btw
14:01:31 [OwenAmbur]
Had to step away but back now.
14:01:38 [cory]
Government will focus on requiremnts (for contractors), not the "hot to" at a technical level
14:01:48 [sandro]
Daniel: our sweet spot is govts setting the standard ontologies, eg time
14:03:15 [josema]
14:03:36 [Chris] <-- Still in Draft, yet cited extensively. Example of how products like this are well received.
14:04:09 [josema]
+1 to Chris
14:04:53 [josema]
reminds me of *very* early IG discussions
14:07:08 [Chris]
14:07:34 [Chris]
14:08:36 [josema]
yup, another good example of great ideas in there
14:09:44 [josema]
FYI, "gov-data" was formerly nicknamed "* memo"
14:11:10 [sandro]
(top ten list --- is that a FAQ?)
14:12:33 [sandro]
wow, nice, Chris.
14:12:38 [Chris]
@Ed - I'd make it heirarchical - start with e-Government. Then split to (for instance) service delivery and information publication. Then split it down further. Should cascase out logically.
14:12:53 [Chris]
14:13:28 [Chris]
@sandro ?
14:13:48 [edsu]
sorry all, i have to leave for another mtg -- will look for follow up on the discussion list :-)
14:13:56 [Zakim]
14:18:34 [sandro]
chris: quick brainstorm -- what does govt do online?
14:18:51 [sandro]
cory: govt services on the web -- from library books to grants
14:18:55 [sandro]
cory: social networking
14:19:12 [sandro]
chris: yeah, collaboration/egnagement
14:19:16 [sandro]
cory: web applications
14:19:23 [sandro]
kevin: what are the pain points?
14:19:50 [OwenAmbur]
See the open gov plans at
14:19:56 [sandro]
cory: not my area really, but "policy"
14:20:29 [sandro]
chris: How you should engage online? Who should engage online? Archiving? How to make social media part of govt record. Security, Pricavy, Trust, Provenance
14:21:46 [josema]
zakim, who's here?
14:21:46 [Zakim]
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14:22:45 [sandro]
daniel: social media is currently like the early days of e-mail, when people used it without knowing what it is. people might think tweets are inherently archived.
14:26:39 [cory]
Sandro or Jose - how is maintained?
14:27:00 [Rachel]
basics that would be helpful for govt - if we could explain: 1) what it is, 2) why you should care about it it, 3) HOW to implement
14:27:23 [josema]
rachel, example:
14:27:25 [Rachel]
social media is a whole separate area - believe it is most helpful at this point to focus on "basics"
14:27:26 [cory]
So Rache, a set of "basics" pages?
14:28:33 [Rachel]
yes Josema - good example - if we can develop some docs like that, would be terrific!
14:28:53 [Chris]
(I have one very quick agenda item by the way before we finish)
14:29:43 [Chris]
Ed and I will make the initial page during the next fortnight!
14:29:52 [Rachel]
let's come up w/a list of topics on which we should develop 2-pg "basics" - such as "how to publish pdfs"
14:30:08 [Chris]
@Rachel - yup - thats what the page will be :)
14:30:33 [josema]
I think we all agree
14:30:34 [Rachel]
GREAT! Thanks!!!
14:31:31 [sandro]
action: chris make a wiki page of 2 pagers
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14:31:43 [sandro]
action: cbeer make a wiki page of 2 pagers
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14:32:08 [sandro]
14:32:08 [OwenAmbur]
How about a 2-pager expanding upon the definition of "open formats" in the eGov Directive?
14:32:34 [sandro]
action: cbeer to make a wiki page of 2 pagers
14:32:34 [trackbot]
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14:34:05 [cory]
In addition to the "2 pagers", I would suggest a glossary
14:34:25 [Daniel_Bennett]
+1 cory
14:34:44 [Chris]
@Rachel - will send you details via email tomorrow since you can't hear this bit btw
14:34:59 [Daniel_Bennett]
thanks Chris for those links
14:36:13 [Zakim]
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14:36:21 [josema]
14:36:21 [Zakim]
14:36:23 [Zakim]
14:36:24 [Zakim]
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T&S_EGOV()9:00AM has ended
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14:36:29 [Zakim]
... OwenAmbur?, +1.202.319.aaii
14:37:36 [Chris]
@Daniel - happy to expand on those links or assist with them if you need to - they are part of a whole Government based metadata standard. UK prob has similar - John S. or David Pullinger should be able to assist there.
14:37:42 [Chris]
Night all!
14:38:12 [Daniel_Bennett]
thanks. please send them along.
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