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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 04 March 2010
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20:31:32 [shepazu]
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Topic: FXTF
20:32:11 [shepazu]
ed_work: I will send out an agenda for the telcon next thursday
20:32:12 [anthony]
20:32:23 [anthony]
20:32:59 [shepazu]
shepazu: it would be good to have specific issues to discuss, rather than broader topics
20:33:17 [ed]
20:33:51 [shepazu]
ed: other things to discuss?
20:34:00 [shepazu]
shepazu: administrivia?
20:37:23 [shepazu]
shepazu: XSL-FO is interested in many of the same topics that will be covered in FX... gradients, transforms, text wrapping
20:37:38 [shepazu]
... small group, might not have much bandwidth
20:37:51 [shepazu]
... but we should coordinate with them
20:40:50 [shepazu]
ChrisL: both SVG and XSL use XML syntaxes, which should help there
20:41:49 [shepazu]
shepazu: I've request a tracker instance for #fx, and a telcon slot, x3983 (FXTF)
20:46:36 [shepazu]
shepazu: need to clarify in each instance which of Doug, Chris, or Eric will communicate with the CSS WG
20:47:56 [shepazu]
Topic: SVG IG Japan
20:48:37 [shepazu]
shepazu: KDDI is interested in moving to the next stage with their SVG Tiling and Layering Map spec
20:49:02 [shepazu]
s/KDDI/SVG IG Japan/
20:49:26 [shepazu]
ChrisL: an IG can't do Rec-track work
20:49:39 [shepazu]
... which has IPR considerations
20:50:02 [shepazu]
shepazu: one possible problem is that KDDI is no longer a W3C Member
20:50:16 [shepazu]
... but the spec looks interesting to me
20:50:52 [shepazu]
s/an IG can't do Rec-track work/an IG can't do Rec-track work, which means this would have to be a member submission
20:51:42 [ChrisL]
and the non-Member authors would need to fill in RF IPR commitments
20:57:06 [shepazu]
20:58:03 [ChrisL]
20:59:18 [shepazu]
21:00:11 [shepazu]
ChrisL: there is some important functionality this would provide, like Level of Detail
21:00:24 [shepazu]
... and Load on Demand
21:00:37 [ChrisL]
LoD can mean both Level of Detail and Load on Demand. The latter is the way to get the former
21:00:59 [shepazu]
ChrisL: I think there is general interest, and others might join in the work
21:01:14 [shepazu]
shepazu: which would likely mean changes to the spec
21:01:28 [shepazu]
... needs mre review
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21:02:46 [shepazu]
shepazu: is this something browser vendors would be interested in implementing?
21:03:09 [shepazu]
ed: I think at least some of it would be interesting to Opera, would have to see more details
21:05:49 [ed]
there might be some partial overlap with css media queries, which can also be used for some cases of LOD, e.g
21:15:10 [shepazu]
21:15:12 [shepazu]
Topic: Charter
21:15:21 [shepazu]
Chris: charter ending in April
21:15:28 [shepazu]
... need to get an extension
21:15:45 [shepazu]
shepazu: I've got a draft charter, still needs work
21:17:17 [shepazu]
ChrisL: maybe Mapping could be added to the new charter
21:19:26 [shepazu]
draft charter ->
21:29:16 [shepazu]
Topic: F2F
21:29:35 [shepazu]
ed: what's the status with MS as host?
21:29:55 [shepazu]
shepazu: I think the ball is in our court
21:30:04 [ed]
May 24 - 26 and May 31 - June 1 (hosted by Microsoft), with May 31 as an open F2F meeting with Libre Graphics community
21:30:24 [shepazu]
ed: have we confirmed with LGM
21:30:28 [shepazu]
ChrisL: I think so
21:30:35 [shepazu]
shepazu: I will reconfirm
21:32:17 [shepazu]
trackbot, end telcon
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