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Comments to RDFa 1.1 documents

  • Key to columns
    • Owner: WG member who is addressing issues and/or drafting response email
    • Response: links to response email and to subsequent acknowledgment from commenter. There is a AnswerToComment_Example page that can be used as, well, an example

Current policy is to write proposed response in the wiki (below), send to WG mailing list, wait 2-3 business days, get some +1s from the WG, then reply.

See all the draft comments on the site

RDFa 1.1 Core and RDFa 1.1. XHTML Last Call Comments

Comment ID and link Date What Commenter Wiki Page for draft comment Owner in the WG Status Response/ack Affected Documents
IH-1 2010-12-01 Define order within @prefix Ivan Herman Pending Core
TI-1 2010-12-02 Case-insensitive term matches Toby Inkster Pending Core
TI-2 2010-12-04 rel=describedby Toby Inkster Pending XHTML host