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13:53:09 <trackbot> Meeting: RDF Web Applications Working Group Teleconference
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14:04:40 <manu1> Agenda:
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14:05:43 <manu1> Topic: Last Minute Issues and Concerns
14:06:01 <Steven_> Manu: Are there any last minute issues or concerns about the RDFa 1.1 REC?
14:07:14 <Steven_> No last minute concerns or issues.
14:09:04 <manu1> Topic: RDFa 1.1 REC Documents and Publication
14:09:06 <Steven_> Ivan: Hopefully nothing bad will happen between now and next Tuesday
14:09:59 <Steven_> Manu: Status sections, and timing of primer
14:10:34 <Steven_> ... we want to publish the primer as a note, but I want it to have a bit more review
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14:14:21 <Steven_> Manu: Can we update a primer after it's published as a Note?
14:14:24 <Steven_> Steven: Yes
14:15:00 <Steven_> Manu: So planning to publish next Thursday
14:15:19 <Steven_> ... status sections need to be included
14:15:48 <Steven_> Steven: Status sections are Ivan's responsibility
14:15:54 <Steven_> Ivan: Yes, boilerplate is fine
14:16:04 <Steven_> ... I'll check it tomorrow
14:16:09 <ShaneM> it is here: - already done.
14:16:53 <Steven_> Ivan: We have to send an official pub request
14:17:51 <Steven_> ... I have it prepared
14:19:14 <Steven_> ... but I am at Semtech on the day it needs to be sent, so I'd prefer someone else to do it
14:19:58 <Steven_> ... and I would like Manu and Shane to be around to answer questions from the webmaster
14:20:36 <Steven_> Manu: Will do, Shane and I will be on call for the publication. No call next week.
14:20:58 <Steven_> ... but two or more meetings before the group ends in July.
14:25:22 <ivan> q+
14:29:00 <Steven_> [Discussion on which email list to use; decided on]
14:29:15 <Steven_> Shane: No link to errata in lite. OK to add?
14:29:18 <Steven_> Manu: Yes, please do.
14:29:22 <manu1> Topic: RDFa 1.1 Press and Blog Posts
14:30:02 <Steven_> Manu: Press we have lined up is the announcement at Semtech
14:30:18 <Steven_> ... and another article
14:30:28 <Steven_> ... anyone else planning press/posts?
14:31:06 <Steven_> Ivan: There's a panel at Semtech, where it will be mentioned
14:31:34 <Steven_> Manu: Will that be scribed?
14:31:41 <Steven_> Ivan: Dunno
14:32:00 <Steven_> Ivan: And there is the question of a W3C press-release
14:32:43 <Steven_> ... we're reaching out to companies to see if it is possible.
14:35:01 <Steven_> ... it might happen if we get enough company support.
14:35:36 <Steven_> Manu: We can plan something for in a week or so, I'm working on contacts
14:36:06 <Steven_> Manu: and keep announcements coming
14:37:04 <Steven_> Steven: Is the old content on around? The blog and wiki?
14:37:12 <Steven_> Manu: We have an archive, but it's not up
14:37:20 <Steven_> Steven: So old URLs are currently broken
14:37:34 <Steven_> Manu: Yeah, for now
14:39:08 <Steven_> Steven: Are we publishing on
14:39:23 <Steven_> Manu: No, on your own blog, or on news sites.
14:39:59 <Steven_> Shane: Note that the specs use xhtml+rdfa, and it's worth pointing it out
14:40:09 <Steven_> Ivan: And the primer
14:42:19 <Steven_> gkellogg: RDF and SPARQL WGs should use it as well
14:42:24 <Steven_> Shane: Good idea!
14:43:06 <manu1> Topic: RDF API and RDFa API publication
14:43:18 <Steven_> Manu: Publishing as notes
14:43:23 <Steven_> ... just requires time
14:45:53 <Steven_> Ivan: It is a valuable document, and actually already usable
14:46:37 <manu1> Topic: @role attribute
14:46:50 <niklasl> q+
14:46:54 <Steven_> Shane: PFWG owns this, need to decide how @vocab and default prefix apply to them.
14:46:55 <niklasl>
14:46:57 <manu1> ack ivan
14:47:00 <Steven_> ... what should we do?
14:47:24 <Steven_> Niklas: vocab shouldn't apply to role
14:47:32 <manu1> ack niklasl
14:47:44 <ShaneM> q+ to talk about role and vocab
14:48:32 <Steven_> Ivan: The role people have a bunch of values they want to use
14:48:53 <Steven_> ... role should behave as if the vocab is set to xhv
14:48:58 <Steven_> Niklas: Agree
14:49:23 <manu1> ack shanem
14:49:23 <Zakim> ShaneM, you wanted to talk about role and vocab
14:49:56 <Steven_> Shane: the intention was that role would have a collection of reserved words in the xhv space
14:50:09 <Steven_> ... ARIA relies heavily on @role
14:50:13 <Steven_> ... they already use it
14:50:27 <Steven_> ... they want to be able to extend the collection
14:50:41 <Steven_> ... and cite predefined roles without anything special
14:51:00 <Steven_> ... It's fine if vocab doesn't apply, as long as prefix applies
14:51:10 <Steven_> ... and full URIs work
14:51:57 <Steven_> Ivan: This means that RDFa implementations won't look at @role
14:52:00 <niklasl> q+
14:52:28 <Steven_> Shane: I'm ok with that
14:53:29 <ivan> q+
14:53:36 <ivan> ack niklasl 
14:54:02 <Steven_> Niklas: In atom @rel is always set to IANA relations
14:54:18 <Steven_> Manu: That is a parallel issue
14:54:38 <Steven_> ... are you suggesting we use that as a model for how to deal with @role?
14:55:37 <Steven_> Niklas: We need to think about the future and increasing possibilities
14:55:52 <Steven_> Ivan: That is for RDFa2
14:57:05 <manu1> ack ivan
14:57:22 <Steven_> Ivan: With 4 minutes to go, should we try to do RDFa+Atom as a note?
14:57:30 <Steven_> Manu: We need to review it
14:57:46 <Steven_> Ivan: I have implemented it, it is doable
14:59:17 <Steven_> Manu: Should we publish it as a note?
14:59:58 <Steven_> Gregg: Future discussion
15:00:37 <Steven_> Manu: We should pull in Sam Ruby and Toby Inkster
15:00:41 <ShaneM> w.r.t role - I am changing the spec to read:  <li>Each value of <aref>role</aref> is an <em>object</em>, forming an
15:00:41 <ShaneM>     RDF triple with the subject and predicate defined above. An RDFa Processor MUST behave as if there is an in-scope vocabulary of <code></code> for the value(s) of the <aref>role</aref> attribute.</li>
15:00:55 <Steven_> No call next week.
15:01:17 <Steven_> Manu: Thanks all!
15:01:32 <Steven_> [ADJOURN]
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15:01:54 <Zakim> -scor
15:01:55 <ivan> ivan has changed the topic to: no telco planned for the 7th of June
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15:01:59 <Zakim> As of this point the attendees have been scor, Ivan, gkellogg, manu1, MacTed, niklasl, Steven_, ShaneM