ISSUE-59: DataQuery support for other query languages

DataQuery is limited

DataQuery support for other query languages

RDFa 1.1 API
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Nathan Rixham
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Currently the API documentation for DataQuery opens with the following statement:

"The DataQuery interface provides a means to query a DataStore. While this interface provides a simple mechanism for querying a DataStore for RDFa, it is expected that developers will implement other query interfaces that conform to this DataQuery interface for languages like SPARQL or other Domain Specific Language."

However the interface currently does not cater for this:

interface DataQuery {
attribute DataStore store;
Sequence select (in Object? query, in optional Object template);

Typically a DataQuery implementation for languages such as SPARQL will require the following interface:

interface DataQuery {
Sequence select (in DOMString query, in DataStore store);

However this is incompatible with the existing DataQuery interface, as query is a string and template is entirely missing.

Libraries implementing the API which required addition properties could either extend DataQuery adding more properties (such as ?template) or expose methods to add these ( setTemplate(template) ) - however if this is a requirement of the RDFa API then we need to address this fully creating an interface that can be used for RDFa API requirements, and which is implementable by libraries providing functionality such as SPARQL.
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Closing the issue after no objections to the latest PROPOSAL to close the issue.

Manu Sporny, 13 Jan 2011, 01:23:42

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