Expression of interest in participating in the Workshop

Jean-Loup Comeliau
W4-Lyria, France

Participant's interest

As a software editor, W4-Lyria distributes since 2001 LEONARDI, a framework that automates the production of GUIs based on models. LEONARDI is a precursor of MDD applied specifically to GUIs. LEONARDI has been sold successfully since 2001. See for more details on LEONARDI.

We are particularly interested in context adaptative solutions, multi-modality, assistive technologies and web accessibility issues.

Through our products, we keep inegrating the latest web technologies, so that the MBUI approach can translate in real benefits for our customers. As an SME (W4-Lyria is a 60 person company), we have been selling operational solutions for 10 years, that rely on MBUIs. We think we can bring real field-experience to the workshop. We are interested in knowing where the standards are heading to.

Our interest in participating to the workshop is to create synergies around this approach, to promote it as much as possible, sharing ways of doing so with other participants.

In the past, we have been involved in 2 european projects dealing with MBUIs (or Service Front Ends) :

We are now part of the SERENOA STREP FP7 project, soon to start.

Point of View

We are convinced than MBUI are the way to go to provide succesful applications to evolve and adapt with tomorrow's tchnologies.

We are also interested in comparing the different ways of implementing MBUIs. For example, LEONARDI does not generate code, which is a clear differentiator compared to other MDA classical tools. We would like to discuss the pros and cons of this point of view.