Expression of interest in participating in the Workshop

Kazuyuki Ashimura
W3C Multimodal Interaction/Voice Browser Activity Lead
Katsuhiko Kageyama
Hitachi,Ltd., Consumer Electronics Laboratory

Participant's interest

We are very interested in the topics of the workshop, especially the relationship between Model-based approaches and the existing approaches, e.g., (1) the combination of XML and JavaScript APIs, (2) event-based network communication like the Multimodal Architecture, and (3) semantic annotation methodology like RDF and OWL.

Point of View

1. From Multiomodal Interaction viewpoint - Kazuyuki Ashimura

As I mentioned above, I am involved in the standardization work of the W3C Multimodal Interaction Working Group. Unfortunately, we are not really sure what a concrete Model-based User Interface could be like at the moment. However, I am very interested in how a language/platform independent application model could be defined, because that kind of model should be useful for the Working Group's work, e.g., the Multimodal Architecture and Interfaces as a basic framework for multimodal systems and EMMA as a universal data format.

I think we need to consider semantic information, accessibility and security from the viewpoint of both devices and users in some specific and standardized way, so really would like to see how those kind of information could be handled within a Model-based framework, e.g., the Cameleon Reference Framework.

See also a simple figure on the possible collaboration of the Multimodal approach and the Semantic Web approach, and Use Cases for Possible Future EMMA Features.

2. From Consumer Electronics viewpoint - Katsuhiko Kageyama

We are also interested in the future of user interface design for consumer electronics devices such as digital TVs and mobile phones, because we believe how to improve user interfaces for those devices will be one of the most important topics in the near future. In particular, we are very interested in HTML5 because of its great capability in handling user input/output. Using HTML5, we would like to implement richer user interfaces and stronger connectivities between home networks and the Web. And we think a smarter and more cost-effective UI designing approach will be required for such richer user interfaces. Therefore we would like to see how Model-Based User Interface approach could be applied to actual consumer electronics devices.