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This page is for the SPARQL WG to record issues to be resolved and tasks to be completed before documents are ready for Last Call.

Overall final editing

Test Suite

How do we change/note the 18. -> 18.0 change in DAWG test suite?


Query editors' draft.

WG issues & needed decisions

  • Freeze grammar

Editorial tasks

WG Process:

Query doc: Must be done before Last Call:


Query doc: After Last Call:

  • IRIs for all functions (namespace document ?)
  • Clean function prototypes
  • (Maybe) Query forms CONSTRUCT, ASK


  • Describe use of RFC2119 language and link to RFC2119 specification or ditch RFC2119 markup. (Andy)
    • Section "11.1 Aggregate Example" (Steve)
  • Comment SC-2
  • Birte's comments
  • 18. => 18.0 (grammar change, publication note needed) (Andy)
  • Fix definition of dataset-merge, or remove it (Andy)
  • ZeroLengthPath: include literals. See Report (Andy)
  • Add defn of "RDF Dataset Merge" (Andy)
  • Revise text in "extending BGPs" (see Birte's email)
  • General editing (Steve)
  • Presentation of property path algebra operators (Andy)
  • Add filter/scope negation example
  • Property paths discussions (Andy)
  • Syntactic constraints (Andy)
  • General editing (Andy)
  • CONSTRUCT WHERE short form (Andy)
  • Library sections on numerics, datetimes and hash functions.(Andy)
  • MIME type registration for application/sparql-query
  • ACTION-209: Steve to Disallow projected variables being reused in HAVING in the spec (Steve)
  • ACTION-328: Steve to Implement the common understanding in ListEval() on unbound treated like errors (Steve)
  • ACTION-331: Andy to Clarify the meaning of "potentially bound" vis a vis what can go on the right hand side of an AS in a SELECT list (Andy) See Variable Scope
  • Incorporate function library test (Axel/string functions) All function text now written (Andy)
  • SERVICE SILENT in grammar (Andy)
  • Add section on BINDING

Pre-LC Reviewers


Update editors' draft.

WG issues & needed decisions

Editorial tasks

Pre-LC Reviewers


Protocol editors' draft.

See summary of protocol open issues and recommendations.


Pre-LC Reviewers

  • Andy
  • Carlos

Service Description

Service description editor's draft.

Reviews received; awaiting editor's response.

WG issues & needed decisions

  • Availability of an unnamed graph
  • Service URI / sd:url issue (is service url the service node, or is the service distinct from the endpoint url?)
  • Conformance text (how much force should it have in dictating what RDF must be in the SD?)
  • Does the SD doc/vocab need more terms for Dataset HTTP Protocol?

Editorial tasks

  • Add example SD in Turtle.
  • Add entailment properties to example SDs.
  • Address NicoM/Birte's comments regarding the naming and use of entailment properties.
  • Align links and text with protocol document (Greg, Lee) - note dependency on protocol here
  • Add link to discussion on empty graphs in the Update document (when such a section exists)
  • Add feature URI for basic federated queries

Pre-LC Reviewers

  • Lee (ACTION-355)
  • Nico (ACTION-356)

Graph Store HTTP Protocol

SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol editor's draft.

Outstanding (post LC) issues:

  • We still lack consensus on how the URL of the Graph Store is captured in an SD document retrieved from the Dataset protocol instance. It is not clear how the SD document and the protocol work together (see: 1, 2, and 3)
  • There are some questions about whether or not the Dataset protocol should provide more comprehensive management of a Graph Store beyond just being able to POST to it (see 3).<s>

Pre-LC Reviewers

  • Andy -- Review
  • SteveH (ACTION-381)
  • NickH <s>(ACTION-382) review
  • Greg (time-permitting)


Entailment editors' draft.

WG issues & needed decisions

Editorial tasks

  • Add section about interplay between property path & entailment regimes
  • Revise D-Entailment according to the decision about canonicalisation, fixed datatype map

Pre-LC Reviewers

Federated Query

Federated query editor's draft.

WG issues & needed decisions

Editorial tasks

Pre-LC Reviewers

Reviewers are asked to comment specifically on the two approaches of presenting the semantics within the document.

JSON Results


WG issues & needed decisions

Editorial tasks

Pre-LC Reviewers

Comments related to original Note:

CSV-TSV Results Format


See also: PostLastCall2

  • Rework examples
  • Fix up references (needs ReSpec DB to be updated - that needs links not 404'ing - depends on JSON results)
  • Make CSV header mandatory (unless overridden?)
  • Sort out CSS
  • ASK format
  • Explain that variable order results sets does not matter. Only header/row correlation matters and it has no relationship or significance to the encoded result set.

Overview document