Scribe Conventions

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Before scribing

  • Invite Zakim and RRSagent
/invite Zakim
/invite RRSagent
  • Set the topic of the meeting to the meeting agenda
/topic <URL of meeting agenda>
  • Set the meeting
Zakim, this will be sparql
  • Set the scribe
ScribeNick: <scribe>
  • Make records public
RRSAgent, make records public

While scribing

This is a subset of all the features supported by Scribe.perl. This should be all about scribing a SPARQL WG scribe needs to know. See also Scribe List and Etiquette.

Scribe Activity IRC syntax Example
Declare who is scribing ScribeNick: <irc nickname of scribe> ScribeNick: LeeF
Recording what someone says <name>: <text of what they said> EricP: I don't think that's a good idea
Shortcut for more from the same speaker ... <additional text> ... because it will never work
Correcting mistakes s/<old text>/<new text>/ s/it will/it would/
Assigning Action Items ACTION: <name> to <what they are supposed to do> ACTION: LeeF to 'borrow' useful information from the OWL WG wiki
Setting Topic (optional) Topic: <title of new topic> Topic: How to Scribe Effectively
Proposals PROPOSED: <proposal text> PROPOSED: The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.
Resolutions (after voting) RESOLVED: <proposal text reiterated> RESOLVED: The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.

After scribing (New Style Minutes)

  • Copy the chat log to the wiki. e-mail about this
    1. Let ?yyyy, ?mm and ?dd be the year, month and date of the teleconf
      • e.g., if the teleconf was on 18 June 2008, then we have ?yyyy=2008, ?mm=06 and ?dd=18
    2. Copy the RSS agent log at:
      to a wiki page at:
    3. Find "Zakim, who is here?" command
      • Let ?names be the list of attendees from the above command
      • The names in this list should be unambiguous with respect to Participants2.
    4. Add these three lines before the copied ones:
      00:00:00 <scribenick> PRESENT: ?names
      • Replace in the 'chatlog' template the variables ?yyyy, ?mm and ?dd by the concrete year, month and day, respectively.
      • After this line names only have to be unambiguous with respect to the "PRESENT:" list
    5. Add this line after the copied ones (i.e., at the end):
  • If someone writes a line of the form "word: text" that is not really a scribe-assist, then insert a space before the word.
  • Optionally add "Subtopic:" and even "Subsubtopic:" entries
  • Optionally use "omit:" to "comment out" lines which you don't want to delete (because you're not sure they should be gone).
  • Optionally add "summary:" lines (one per topic/subtopic) giving a summary of that section
  • Check the agenda for regrets, and add them to the minutes, by adding a line of the form:
    00:00:00 <scribenick> REGRETS: ?names
  • Add the chair:
    00:00:00 <scribenick> CHAIR: ?name
  • Add yourself to the bottom of the Scribe List

After scribing (Old Style Minutes)

The scribe is responsible to clean up the meeting minutes. In the past this has included a number of items

  • Remove Zakim chit chat such as people entering, leaving, q+, acks, who is here, etc.
  • Move scribes own comments (as opposed) into irc syntax
  • Reorder to make discussions more coherent, particularly IRC comments out-of-order
  • Remove extraneous chit-chat, particularly at the beginning of the TC, and Zakim requests like q+
  • Add section headers
  • Adding
    links where the trackbot has failed to do this correctly.
  • Check the agenda for regrets, and add them to the minutes.
  • Add yourself to the bottom of the scribe list