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Feature: SPARQLX

An XML Schema/toolchain friendly syntax for SPARQL queries so that SPARQL queries can be manipulated in "normal" XML ways and be used appropriately in WSDL.

Feature description

SPARQL's SQL-esque syntax is quite writable and readable. However, it is largely "invisible" to the XML toolchain, i.e., schema aware editors, XSTL, XQuery, data binding, Schematron, etc. This is a very powerful and widespread toolchain. SPARQLX would allow SPARQL queries to be manipulated by that toolchain effectively.

It is important that SPARQLX produce a sensible DOM and, indeed, a sensible PSVI. For this reason, an RDF/XML serialization -- or even a TriX based serialization -- will not meet the desiderata.


This example uses the SPARQLX syntax proposed by Kendall Clark in the last working group.

SELECT ?v WHERE { ?x ?p "cat" }
<rdf-query xmlns="">
       <variable name="v"></variable>
               <variable name="x"></variable>
               <variable name="p"></variable>

Existing Implementation(s)


Existing Specification / Documentation


Query engines would have to be modified to accept (natively) SPARQLX queries. However, since SPARQLX shall be (I hope) a transliteration of SPARQL, this is not a large burden and can easily be handled by external tools (e.g., an XSLT). I expect only tools that want to make use of SPARQLX directly need be changed.

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Bijan Parsia, University of Manchester

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From comments/2009Mar/0010