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This page details the completeness of the SPARQL 1.1 Protocol test cases. What I did is to look at the protocol specification and see whether the requirements were in the test coverage page. As a summary, the tests cover all the oprations described in the specification but the tests one or more graphs ("named-graph-uri" and "default-graph-uri" (0 or more)).

Protocol Operations

Query Operations

Query via GET

  • Test send query to endpoint: tested in query_get, "query (exactly 1)" tested in bad-multiple-queries
  • Test sent query syntax: tested in bad-query-syntax
  • Test sent query parameters: "exactly one" tested in bad-multiple-queries, graphs to query tested in default-graph-uri, named-graph-uri (are these tested using GET? I have only seen tests in POST)

  • Test responses for wrong queries: all tests contains an expected response.
  • Test responses for correct queries: all tests contain the expected response.
  • Test results encoding: xml and JSON done in all tests, CSV and TSV done in query_content_type_select

Query via POST

  • Test query method: tested in query_post_form (URL-encoded) and query_post_direct (POST direct)
  • Test query message body in POST URL-encoded: missing media type (tested in bad-query-missing-direct-type, bad-query-missing-form-type), tested in bad-query-wrong-media-type, bad-query-missing-form-type
  • Test query query parameters: none
  • Test query encoding: tested in wrong encoding in direct POST tested in bad-query-non-utf8
  • Test query parameters POST directly: specifying default graph (tested in query_dataset_default_graph), zero or more (tested in query_dataset_default_graphs), zero or more named graphs (tested in query_dataset_named_graphs), full dataset (tested in query_dataset_full), multiple datasets (tested in query_multiple_dataset)

  • Test responses for wrong queries: tested in bad-multiple-queries,
  • Test responses for correct queries
  • Test results encoding
  • Test content type: tested in query_content_type_select,query_content_type_ask,query_content_type_describe, query_content_type_construct


Query via wrong HTTP operations

Tested in bad-query-method

UPDATE Operations

  • Test update correctness: tested in bad-multiple-updates, bad-update-wrong-media-type, bad-update-missing-form-type, bad-update-missing-direct-type, bad-update-syntax (tested syntax)
  • Test errors: tested in bad-update-dataset-conflict
  • Test responses: all tests contain expected results and responses

Update via URL encoded POST

  • Test update: tested in update_post_form
  • Test content type: tested in bad-update-non-utf8,

Update via POST Directly

  • Test update: tested in update_post_direct
  • Test using-graph-uri and using-named-graph-uri (0 or more): tested in update_dataset_default_graph, update_dataset_default_graphs, update_dataset_named_graphs, update_dataset_full

Determine base IRI

  • Tested in update_base_uri

Update via wrong HTTP operations

Tested in bad-update-method