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Actions tracking for Post Last Call.

RDF-WG possible impact points

  1. Simple literals: simple literals are xsd:string in the abstract syntax
  2. Plain literals with language tags
  3. Graph identification
  4. Turtle syntax


Necessary before 2LC

Not Andy:

  • Check reformatting and edits in "17.4 Operator and Function Definitions"


  • "Order of evaluation of aggregates" 2011OctDec/0231
  • Make sure it says functions and aggregates generating errors can be overridden (present in SPARQL 1.0 ; unclear in SPARQL 1.1 Query)


  • Prepare for RDF 1.1
    • REGEX, REPLACE to take all string-like forms as first argument (includes literals with language tag).
    • Check for others
    • Datatype(?x) to return rdf:langString on literals with a language tag
    • DATATYPE: Note change from SPARQL 1.0. (mark "at risk")
  • Reformat function prototypes - reenable CSS
  • Remove SHA224
  • Update OWL reference (from comment IH-2)
  • Function SUBSTR says "xsd:integer" : should say including derived types of integer.
  • Grammar fix : ASK with GROUP BY, HAVING ASK now takes solution modifiers.
  • Grammar notes need to have a point about aggregates and location.
  • check CONSTRUCT WHERE short form.
  • Sections 11 and 12: remove algebra. See CommentResponse:IH-1 (Steve)
  • Grammar
    • Update with any escape sequence rules and any ORDER BY agg changes.
    • Consider ORDER BY count(*) (supported in SQL, just need to remove restriction in SPARQL)
      • Change grammar note 13 (which wasn't in 1LC at all)
      • "For each expression E in SELECT and each HAVING(E) in Q" ==> "For each expression E in SELECT and each HAVING(E) and each ORDER BY(E) in Q"
      • Put "Aggregate" in BuiltInCall (HAVING requires unnecessary brackets at the moment)
    • ConstructTemplate == TriplesTemplate
  • "at-risk" text for escaping rules (red box)

Other editorial items

  • Check scope rules and "BGP BIND"
  • See SPARQL_Namespaces : Update page at the namespace URI of SPARQL functions
  • IRIs for all functions (namespace document ?)

Desirable to do (may not happen ; time dependent)

  • Move string literals argument type sections to near defn of simple literal.
  • (unlikely) Query forms CONSTRUCT, ASK



  • remove AT RISK note for COPY, ADD, MOVE

Service Description

  • Edits in CommentResponse:DB-2
  • Update "changes since last publication" section.
  • Remove references to HTTP Protocol PUT operation.
  • Update links to other SPARQL documents to point at /TR/ space.
  • Add clarifying text for sd:propertyFeature (input from Axel and Chime?).
  • Resolve Chime's comment re: "SPARQL Update 'subset'".
  • Resolve Chime's comment re: ambiguity of "discovering" text.

SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol

JSON result format

  • The JSON Note used "typed-literal"; the spec change/fixed that but should explicitly note it.