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Personal Tagging

Use-case 1: LODr

LODr ( is a Web-based application that allows to one to:

  • import his tagged data from various applications (Flickr, Twitter, Delicious, etc.) into a local triple store
  • allows to link this data to Semantic Web resources using MOAT (
  • provides faceted browsing on the top of it

In order to import the data, it translates existing RSS feeds into SIOC items and creates one graph per SIOC item, which is then stored in a personal triple-store

INSERT INTO <$graph> { $this }

When users edit the content to link their tags to URIs, it then simply adds new statements in the original graph using the same INSERT INTO clause

$meaning = "<$tagging> moat:tagMeaning <$uri> ; moat:taggingType $type .";
$this->store->do_query("INSERT INTO <$graph> { $meaning }");

Deleting statements should use similar principles

DELETE FROM <$graph> { $meaning }

NB: LODr is based on ARC2 and then uses SPARQL+ and not SPARUL, i.e. "INSERT INTO <$graph> { $triples }" instead of "INSERT DATA INTO <$graph> { $triples }"