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Toby Inkster said:

> I've been working on a DataWiki recently. This is basically a wiki
> where each page is not a traditional document, but an RDF graph.
> Rather than having a single endpoint for querying, each graph URI is
> its own endpoint. So to query this graph:
> You'd send the query like this:
> Apparently to comply with SD, I'd need to add the SD to every request
> for <>. But as <> is
> the graph URI, I don't want to pollute GET requests to it with SD
> triples.
> Ideally I'd like to only return the SD in return to a request using the
> HTTP "OPTIONS" method, and not "GET".


The working group considered returning a service description for an OPTIONS request, but decided against it primarily due to limited support in existing tools and due to responses not being cacheable. This was discussed in a WG meeting here:

As well as in email threads on the WG mailing list around the same time.

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Regards, Gregory Williams, on behalf of the SPARQL WG.