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The local part of prefixed names for both Turtle and SPARQL have recently changed to include, by character escapes, a wider range of characters. For example, og:video\:title for a local part "video:title". The two working groups have worked to have the same character escapes for both languages.

A wider range of IRIs can be abbreviated without resorting either to using the base URI and IRI resolution, or needing several prefixes.

The text in 4.1.1 has been updated to reflect this current design.

   Note that SPARQL local names allow leading digits while XML local
   names do not.  SPARQL local names also allow the non-alphanumeric
   characters allowed in IRIs via character escapes (e.g. ns:id\=123).
   SPARQL local names have more syntactic restrictions than CURIEs.

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Andy, on behalf of the SPARQL WG.