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Dear Peter,

The point about SERVICE is to direct a specific part of the SPARQL query to a remote dataset because that dataset most probably will contain the data that the user needs. The dataset description is used to select graphs from a local pool, not from a remote one. In this sense, the use of GRAPH maybe enough to allow the sender to select the graphs of interest. Below you can find an example of this GRAPH ussage.

PREFIX foaf: <>
SELECT ?name 
   GRAPH <>
    { ?person foaf:name ?name ; foaf:mbox ?mbox }

Using GRAPH, the only case missing is a merge of graphs to be the default graph. If an application wants to access a general purpose SPARQL processor, then it uses the SPARQL protocol - not as part of a query because, after all, SERVICE happens inside a local query execution.

I'd appreciate if you could briefly confirm that this addresses your comment,

best regards,