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Kjetil Kjernsmo said:

> Dear all,
> While chasing a bug in RDF::Query, I found that there was a case the current 
> suite didn't catch, so I created a test case for it. I hope it can be 
> accepted in the test suite. It concerns the "Limit by Resource" case where 
> the query contains an OPTIONAL, and additionally there are triples in the 
> data where there are more than one object for the same subject-predicate 
> pair.
> I have also checked this against ARQ 2.8.7, which behaves as expected. 
> Please find attached a patch to subquery/manifest.ttl as well as 
> sq14.ttl containing test data
> sq14.rq with the query and 
> sq14-out.ttl with the expected output


This test case has been added to the SPARQL 1.1 test suite.

We would be grateful if you would acknowledge that your comments have been answered by sending a reply to this mailing list.

Regards, Gregory Williams, on behalf of the SPARQL WG.