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Dear Jacek,

First of all, apologies that we have overlooked to reply earlier.

As you can check in the SPARQL1.1 Query Language Last Call working draft at the working group will both include COALESCE and IF which should be sufficient to address your use cases, see

As for assignment (LET) this feature will be available as well, but using a slightly different syntax. Your example

LET ?x=expr1, ?y=expr2
   // use ?x, ?y (as literals exclusively of course)

will rather look as follows

{  BIND (expr1 AS ?x) BIND (expr2 AS ?y) 
   // use ?x, ?y

Please refer to for details.

We don't plan to include a CASE statement at this time.

Please respond indicating whether you feel this response has adequately answered your comment.

with best regards, Axel, on behalf of the SPARQL-WG