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Jeen Broekstra said:

> Test case agg-avg-02 (in 
> contains an error in the expected result. Specifically, it say this in 
> agg-avg-02.srx:
>       <result>
>        <binding name="s">
>          <uri></uri>
>        </binding>
>        <binding name="avg">
>          <literal 
> datatype="">2</literal>
>        </binding>
>      </result>
> The datatype for the expected binding of 'avg' is incorrect: the result 
> of an average computation over literals of type xsd:integer should be 
> xsd:decimal (as it involves a numeric divide, see also 

This results file, along with several others with similar datatype issues, have been fixed to align with the numeric operator definitions.

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Regards, Gregory Williams, on behalf of the SPARQL WG.