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Thank you for your comment on serializing xsd:decimal, xsd:float, xsd:double.

XSD defines the operations for these datatypes including rules for precision. For xsd:decimal, the precision required is:

All ·minimally conforming· processors must support decimal values whose absolute value
can be expressed as i / 10k, where i and k are  nonnegative integers such
that i < 1016 and k ≤ 16 (i.e., those expressible with sixteen total digits).
Note:  All ·minimally conforming· processors ·must· support decimal numbers
with a minimum of 18 decimal digits 

SPARQL uses the work of XQuery/XPath Functions and Operators and the requirements for handling these numeric datatypes derive from that body of work. The SPARQL specification links to each operator required.

RDF defines a literal as a lexical form and a datatype. It does not consider the datatype to modify the behavior of forming the RDF literal.

The working group is not planning to make any changes in this area.

I would be grateful if you reply to this message to confirm that the working group has responded to your comment.

Yours, on behalf of the SPARQL Working Group,